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  2. I am 14, and I love swords. When I found that the legal age to buy swords is 18, I wondered what the minimum legal age was to own a sword was. One of my friends (also 14) has a couple of swords, but I don't know if they belong to him or his mum. The sword in question will be either a traditionally forged katana, or a straight bladed hand and a half sword ( also known as a sword). The sword will be blunt and only used for decoration and pretending to be a samurai/Aragorn when no one else is in the house. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Abnormal demand resulted in missed calls for police air support. The National Police Aviation Service has begun the process of requesting extra funding from the Home Office amid public safety concerns following recent events. NPAS strategic board chairman Mark Burns-Williamson and West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Dee Collins, submitted a letter to the Home Secretary in March highlighting concerns around future fleet strategy and financing. Since then the country has suffered three terrorist incidents, the Grenfell Tower disaster on June 14 and disorder in Stratford on June 25 – leading NPAS to face ‘unprecedented’ demand with a need to provide continuous response. Helicopters carried personnel and did reconnaissance for up to 13 hours during the Westminster Bridge and Borough Market attacks. However, they can only fly for two to three hours at a time, so each major incident uses five or six of the UK fleet of 19. This means other calls for police air support go unanswered. Details of how many requests for air support had to be turned down during the London attacks were redacted from the meeting minutes. The Home Office failed to respond to March’s letter nor the follow up sent in June which Mr Burns-Williamson described as “unacceptable.” However, discussions have since taken place between Mr Burns-Williamson, CC Collins and Policing Minister Nick Hurd on the demand for police air support in the future. “With these plans in place, we hope to demonstrate both the clearly defined requirement to sustain current levels of service to UK policing along with the return on investment to both government, local and national policing bodies.” Mr Burns-Williamson said. “Consideration is currently being given to alternative models for the future provision of other areas of specialist capability in UK policing. The lessons learned through nationally delivering a 24/7 police air support service will no doubt usefully inform these processes and future direction going forwards.” The annual spend on helicopters has been slashed from £53.5 million in 2012 to £38.5 million now with eight out of 23 police airfields shut and the service centralised. A request has now been made by the Home Office for NPAS to submit a fully costed treasury plan for a new fleet by April 2018. A spokesman for NPAS who described the response and demand as ‘unprecedented’ added: “We need to start considering fleet and funding, clearly there’s a need there with an aging fleet. It’s a bit like cars, you can keep old cars running and they can pass their MOT, aircraft are a little like that – at what point will they stop passing their MOT?” NPCC Police Aviation Lead and Cambridgeshire Chief Constable, Alec Wood Combs, has sent a questionnaire to chiefs and PCCs asking their requirements for air services in the future and what NPAS needs to do differently. The results from the questionnaire will be used to support NPAS’s treasury plan. CC Collins, QPM and Air Operations Certificate Holder for NPAS said: “The National Police Air Service is groundbreaking and I’m very proud to be leading it. The men and women in our organisation seek to deliver support across the country to the best of their ability and in doing so, successfully deliver a professional service to every police force throughout England and Wales. “We have had some challenges in this but nothing that I would not expect as the first ‘pathfinder’ national policing capability. “We now have an opportunity to work with the Home Office and our partners to develop what the future needs for police aviation are and the resultant cost of achieving it. “What I am absolutely certain of is the service that NPAS provides is key to challenging some of the risks that our communities face." A Home Office spokesman said: “We want a modern and flexible air service, which meets the operational needs of forces and represents the best possible value for money for taxpayers. “It is for the police themselves to determine what air support they need and we will consider their plans once they are brought forward.” View on Police Oracle
  4. I very much doubt if the EU will actualy be in existence in 10 years time, never mind 20. The financial situation affecting many of the members states' banking systems and economies is fragile in the extreme and the appearently unstoppable numbers of immigrants and refugees from Third-World countries create a dire situation. And when it comes down to the wire the EU countries don't act as one when it doesn't suit them as evidenced by the immigrant problem. Some members states openly welcome immigrants while other go the opposite way and erect fences tyo keep them out. What a mess. We shall be well rid of oue EU membershipo when the time comes.
  5. hi, I just had a police officer visit my house. He told me that my ex is accusing me of sending pictures of him and myself to his wife and to his 14 year old son. I was warned to stop this behaviour or else there would be charges brought against me, and my laptop/telephone would be seized for examination. The messages have been sent to myself, my husband, my ex, his wife and his children. I dont know who has been sending them, but it was not me. My email, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn accounts have been compromised (I have the emails to proof this) and so have my husband's. My ex has been threatening to report me to the police for over a month now and because of this I feel extremely anxious and scared. I have not been sending said messages but I cannot prove that I didn't do this. Is my ex's behaviour classed as harassment? Can you just accuse someone of something without any proof and to have police contact me by phone, email and by a house visit? I feel intimidated by the situation and I want it to stop. What can I do?? E.
  6. 23 October 2017 From the section Business Image copyright Getty Images Royal Bank of Scotland has admitted failings in the way it treated some small business customers. The Financial Conduct Authority has published an interim report into the conduct of the bank's Global Restructuring Group. GRG operated from 2005 to 2013 and at its peak handled 16,000 companies. RBS said it had previously acknowledged failings with GRG customers and has again apologised for these mistakes. View the full article
  7. taz

    A report is shared with SS when children are in a house when there is domestic violence.
  8. T-Charge: New London traffic charge comes into force 23 October 2017 From the section London Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The T-Charge aims to cut pollution in the capital Drivers of older, more polluting vehicles will have to pay almost twice as much to drive in central London. Mayor Sadiq Khan's £10 T-Charge, which mainly applies to diesel and petrol vehicles registered before 2006, has come into force. It covers the same area as the existing congestion charge zone, bumping up the cost to £21.50 for those affected. Opponents said the scheme would "disproportionately penalise London's poorest drivers". The measure is the latest attempt by Mr Khan to improve air quality in the capital and according to the mayor's office, will impact 34,000 motorists a month. Old banger vs diesel: Which is more toxic? Reality Check: Does pollution cut short 40,000 lives a year? Pollution warning as London air quality alerts are issued Speaking on the Today programme, Mr Khan said: "We've got a health crisis in London caused by the poor quality air. "Roughly speaking each year more than 9,000 Londoners die prematurely because of the poor quality air - children in our city whose lungs are underdeveloped, with adults who suffer from conditions such as asthma, dementia and strokes directly caused by poor quality air." However, Simon Birkett, from the campaign group Clean Air London, does not believe the move goes far enough. "The Mayor has pledged in his manifesto to restore London's air quality to legal and safe limits and that means he has to do a whole lot more. "We want him to take steps which are bigger, stronger an smarter." Mr Khan has described the introduction of the T-Charges as "part of a package of measures" being undertaken. What is changing? From Monday 23 October, there will be a £10 daily fee for those who drive more polluting vehicles in the congestion charging zone, on top of the existing £11.50 congestion charge. Vehicles which do not comply with the Euro IV exhaust standard must pay the charge. The standard defines emissions limits for cars, vans, buses, coaches and lorries. Most vehicles registered before 2006 are likely to exceed these limits. The zone will operate between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday. The T-Charge is the first of a series of new rates being introduced in London. It is due to be replaced by a stricter Ultra-Low Emission Zone in 2020, although Mr Khan is consulting on bringing this forward to 2019. This will mean diesel cars registered before September 2015 and petrol cars registered before 2006 will face a £12.50 charge. Row over 'pointless' new London congestion charge The Air You Breathe: Analysing the chemicals in the air we exhale T-charge: Is it already changing drivers' behaviour? The mayor hopes to expand the area covered for cars and vans up to the North and South Circular roads in 2021. City authorities in Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton, Derby and Nottingham have also been advised to impose charges for some polluting diesel vehicles by 2020, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said. To tackle air pollution, Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council proposed a ban on petrol and diesel cars from travelling in the city from 2020. Paris, Grenoble and Lyon introduced an emission sticker scheme in January which splits vehicles into six different groups depending on their Euro Emissions standard. Vehicles deemed too polluting - which includes petrol and diesel-powered cars registered before 1997 - are not granted a sticker, banning them from driving in the city during certain times. Image copyright GLA Image caption The mayor has launched a poster campaign to highlight pollution Sue Terpilowski, from the Federation of Small Businesses, said: "The introduction of the T-Charge, comes at a time when small and micro-businesses in London are already facing astonishingly high property, employment and logistics costs. "There is a fear that this will be the final straw that closes businesses and takes jobs." Shaun Bailey, conservative environment spokesman at the London Assembly, said: "As an asthmatic I'm well aware of how critical an issue this is for London but we need policies that actually deliver progress. "By boasting about a policy that so disproportionately penalises London's poorest drivers and puts jobs at risk, the mayor is simply blowing more smoke into the capital's already-polluted atmosphere." Friends of the Earth air pollution campaigner Jenny Bates said: "Clearly the last thing individuals want is a new charge for moving around, but the grim reality is that nearly 10,000 early deaths are caused in London each year by the capital's toxic air, so the Mayor is right to try to dissuade drivers bringing the oldest, dirtiest vehicles into central London. "It's only one small step towards clean air though - we urgently need a programme of meaningful financial assistance to help drivers of the dirtiest vehicles switch to something cleaner, and bold policies to cut traffic over all." The mayor is also seeking new powers to ban wood burning in the most polluted areas of the capital. When asked if wood-burning-stoves would be banned entirely, Mr Khan told the Today programme the problem was with the material that was being burnt and a lack of maintenance rather than the stoves themselves. Get news from the BBC in your inbox, each weekday morning View the full article
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  10. taz

    Will it matter either way?
  11. I was arrested for slapping my husband whilst my children were at home. Will Social Services be contacted?
  12. Gamers

    I'm a big COD fan. Have recently bought watch dogs 2 though and am getting into that! :)
  13. Motorway roadworks speed limit could be increased 21 October 2017 From the section UK Image copyright PA Speed limits for motorway roadworks could be raised in England under plans aimed at reducing congestion. Currently the normal speed for such stretches of road is 50mph (80km/h). But trials carried out by Highways England found drivers' heart rates were lower when they drove at 55mph (88km/h) and 60mph (96km/h) through roadworks. The government-owned company said the new limits could come into effect in some areas this year, but unions warn it would put motorway workers at risk. Learners can drive on motorways from 2018 Highways England recruited 36 participants for two trials and provided them with dash cams, watches with heart rate monitors, and GPS trackers to monitor their reactions to driving through the quicker speed limits. The tests took place at 60mph on the M5 between junction 4A (Bromsgrove) to junction 6 (Worcester), and at 55mph on the M3 in Surrey between junction 3 and 4A. The study found 60% of those who drove in the 60mph trial zone had a decreased average heart rate, while it was lower for only 56% of those on the 55mph journey. Several deaths But trade union Unite, which represents road workers throughout the UK, said the proposed speed increases ignored the safety of those maintaining motorways, who "work in already very dangerous conditions". Image copyright Getty Images A spokesman said: "Sadly, in recent years there have been several deaths of motorway workers and these changes will make their work even more dangerous. "Already motorists frequently drive into coned-off areas. At increased speeds, it will make such potentially lethal accidents even more common." The study suggested that motorists felt more relaxed travelling at higher speeds, partly because they had a greater ability to accelerate past heavy goods vehicles. Tail-gating Edmund King, president of the AA, said that most trucks have a speed limiter set at 56mph: "And sometimes they're pretty reluctant to slow down so you get a lot of tail-gating of trucks driving very close to cars and then the cars are inclined to speed up." While Mr King said increasing the speed limit could help reduce congestion, he said it had to be targeted at the longest stretches of road works where there were no workers. He said: "When work is going on and it's in close proximity to the carriageways we should stick at lower speeds and sometimes it needs to be lower than 50mph, depending on the layout." Image copyright PA Jim O'Sullivan, chief executive of Highways England, told The Times that the 60mph limit was "something that we want to introduce to as many roadworks as possible". But Mr O'Sullivan said that lower speeds were likely to be maintained in areas with narrow lanes, contraflows or where workers are close to the road, due to safety reasons. Highways England has been testing different speed limits since September 2016 as part of a wider initiative to assess the benefits associated with increasing speed limits through roadworks. Those trials on a section of the M1 near Rotherham and on the A1 between Leeming to Barton examined the safety implications of the scheme as well as the journey-time benefits for drivers travelling through roadworks. View the full article
  14. Another update. 'The casefile has been submitted' turns out to mean 'the file of evidence has been sent to the DS at the Dog unit who hasn't yet assessed your dog . The case is not going to the CPS... it will most likely result in a voluntary order (keep the dog muzzled/on lead/ etc) and don't worry, it's very unlikely to go to court and you'll have your little dog back within the next week'. Feeling a lot calmer.
  15. Initial interview

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  16. Sounds like, smells like and looks like one. Not that that's got anything to do with the random and incorrect statement that none of it is legally enforceable. The car finance definitely is as there is a legally binding contract. The student walking off without paying for her drink has made off without payment, so criminally wrong. The EU payments were signed up to and have yet to be tested in court but an agreement is an agreement. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Initial interview

    hi all, ive never used a forum before and dont know if this is the right section but i have my initial interview with police scotland and im looking for any help with the cbi questions? thanks in advance.
  18. BBC: Brexit: UK to be 'educated' about consequences, says Barnier

    That's some serious extrapolation there. However you do sound like a bitter remainer.
  19. I've got my medical tomorrow. Hoping to make January course.

  20. Sounds like the typical Brexiteers view. A. Let's hope everything will be okay; B. If you say it often enough it will become true. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. BBC: Brexit: UK to be 'educated' about consequences, says Barnier

    Except none of it legally enforceable.
  22. A sustained four-month spike in hate crime after this year’s terrorist attacks peaked at a higher level than that following last year’s EU referendum, according to Home Office figures. Source:
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  24. Those things that the UK signed up to that are being paid for in instalments, in effect. It's like agreeing a four year finance deal on a car then deciding after two years that you don't like the car anymore. The Brexiteers want to have a new car and don't see why they have to keep paying for the old one. Another analogy I saw was titled 'brexit for students'. 28 people go into a bar and order their drinks. One then leaves without paying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. I've got my medical this Thursday. Should pass that, then it's just a case of waiting for vetting and references. Hoping to make January course as I've applied for Sellafield. 

    How long did you have to wait for results of medical? 

    1. bodkd


      Hi there. You get told on the day unless they refer you to a panel or head of medical. But it only took week to confirm in email too. Good luck. 

    2. Nirych


      Thanks for your reply. Had my medical and passed everything but for one thing. Doctor had a concern with my right hip rotation (something about it being either 20 degrees or 20%, I can't remember which, restricted inwards). so that's being referred to "the Panel", which to be honest is scaring the life out of me. To get this close is just too painful.

      I wouldn't mind, but I weight lift 5 days a week and have done so for a lot years, and until he mentioned it I would never have known. After spending the last couple of nights researching  this it all points to my body being slightly out of line which is easily corrected in a day. I have booked an appointment for this Tuesday to see my GP in the hope that "the Panel" will contact him to be confirmed that there is nothing wrong.

      It's frustrating when I know that I am fitter than most and there is nothing I can do now to convince them.

      If (and I hope to God this doesn't happen) they reject me, will I have to do the whole process again?

  26. Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    Excellent I will certainly make the request, just because why not? Thanks
  27. Flexible working

    Most shifts are 10 hours anyway so they're 4 day weeks.
  28. That is pretty much the reason I voted to leave.
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