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  2. Transferring To Surrey

    Generally yea. They will tell you it it got snapped up by someone before you but you usually will. I believe level 2 does transfer over but having never been level 2 trained, I have no idea. Something to speak to recruitment about.
  3. Transferring To Surrey

    Sounds good, can you generally get the shifts you want to work on the APT list or is it a bit hit and miss? On another note, if you're Level 2 in the Met is this something that is transferrable to Surrey?
  4. Transferring To Surrey

    They send out a list of overtime available for APT shifts (response team) fairly regularly. You can do these across the whole force.....except Eastern division (Reigate and Banstead, Tandridge etc) who tend to keep OT for Eastern officers only. Bonus is that 99% of the time, you don't keep any of the work you generate on OT as those skippers normally reallocate them to their team. Northern and Western always have OT shifts available. Depending on area, you can usually do some here and there. I can occasionally come in on a rest day or stay after shifts to do paperwork or case files etc and put it through. Our borough Inspector is pretty good like that as long as you can show something for the OT you're putting through. I can't speak for all areas though but I'm sure it's more or less the same. There are also a few texts and emails that go out requesting officers for PSU (level 2) or Search (if youre a search officer) for overtime...or just for general things like constant obs. In custody or Large scale house to house enquiries for high harm jobs. For lack of a better term, you can more or less write your own long as you aren't taking the mick with it and being productive. It is something that PSD do look at and don't take too kindly to and with good reason.
  5. Application form sent

    Just to give a quick update on my application, got an email yesterday telling me I had past the paper sift and I've now been invited for my initial fitness on the 18th of January and the SET on the 30th of January. Exciting times ahead :)
  6. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’m a fair bit behind some of you, but I received confirmation that I have passed the initial paper sift and will be invited in due course to sit the SETs.
  7. Bleep Test

    I have mine tomorrow and im nervous too! I think its only natural....i know i have the fitness to pass it, but all sorts of scenarios are going through my head! Good luck!
  8. Bleep Test

    Honestly even if you are struggling you will find on the day adrenaline takes over and you will run to a level much higher than you first done. I was running 9.2 to practice and felt done in. I got 11.5 on my initial and 11.8 on my final. You'l be fine don't worry about it. Since its went to 5.4 I've never seen anyone even close to fail it. Realistically your 3 warnings mean it's only 5.1 you need to reach which is unbelievably easy. All the best.
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  10. You can use anything as long as it answers the question.
  11. Standard Entrance Test

    I passed my SET in 2012 also and got a n invite straight to Interview.
  12. Bleep Test

    Honestly, if you found 1.5 miles easy this will be unbelievably easy. I’ve seen 50 year olds pass the test. I’d say if anyone failed it you’d really need to consider if the Police is for you. Go to your local sports centre and ask to do a bleep Test to rest your mind.
  13. Bleep Test

    I play a lot of football and I can say from my experience the 1.5mile run is much easier than attaining 5.4 on the bleep test. Practically anyone who has some sort of fitness will pass it. I wouldn’t really be worried about it unless you’re injured and can’t run. Pace yourself out, start off hot sprinting, keep in line, it’s not a race, everyone can practically pass if you keep up. Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Standard Entrance Test

    The letter I have received inviting me to do the fitness test says - Should you pass the initial fitness test there are 4 possibilities: 1. If you have not previously sat the Standard Entrance Test or sat it before April 2013 you will be required to attend to sit the SET on N/A 2. If you have previously sat and passed the SET you will receive an invite to your Initial Interview. 3. If you have previously sat and failed the SET after April 2013 you will receive an invite to re-sit the papers failed. N/A 4. If you have previously attended the Assessment Centre, please read the letter attached carefully and bring all documentation required. N/A I previously passed the SET in 2012 so according to the above I will need to sit it again (see point 1). As you can see, however, all points say N/A except point 2 and it is in bold. I thought that anyone reapplying did not need to sit the SET if previously passed. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks
  15. Bleep Test

    Help I'm starting to panic. I have my fitness test very soon and I'm starting to doubt I'll pass. I thought I was doing really well but now realise my measurements have been a bit short and even though it's just a few steps it makes a big difference. Everyone says it's easy but I don't agree. I've been told me you can practically walk the start but I find i'm sprinting straight away, I only have wee legs . I've never been a great runner but I'm defo more distance than speed. Should point out that I've passed the fitness before when it was the 1 1/2 mile and found it so much easier. Can anyone offer any advice? You'll make me feel so much better if you tell me it's not quite 15 meters (fingers crossed). Thanks so much.
  16. Just wondering if there are any probationers on here?

    Cheers folks I'll definitely take those tips on board so I will thank you. I wrote an answer for Personal Awareness however it's not about work it's more about volunteering would that be acceptable?
  17. Transferring To Surrey

    How does overtime work in Surrey? Can you just go as and when you like or do they request volunteers for certain shifts? It's quite important to know how often I'll be able to get overtime due to the drop in earning from London weighting :-)
  18. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yup, it seems that vetting just quietly goes on in the background and you'd only be notified if something had caused you to fail it. Since you've been given a date for Final Fitness, it would suggest your vetting is all good. I haven't had my official FF invite yet, but have been told I should be having one at the start of Feb
  19. Police Scotland Recruitment

    So, you don't get told if you've passed Vetting? I've been given a date for a final fitness so I'm just assuming I've passed until I hear anything...
  20. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done lad! I have my interview in January as well best of luck!
  21. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just got an email - passed and invited to interview in January! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Police Scotland Recruitment

    @Wightman84 You don't hear back unless there is something negative. I was at Fettes on Monday for a forms meeting and happened to see on the piece of paper that my vetting has been passed (but i never got contacted about the result)
  23. Just wondering if there are any probationers on here?

    I would echo Aero2's answer. Having multiple examples which are flexible. Read the "About us" page on the police Scotland website. It's probably the only page I didn't find/read on the website. Lo and behold, it was the area of the website they asked about.
  24. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm surprised you didn't find out straight away? When I did mine last month at Aberdeen they told us after about 10 minutes if we had passed or failed. Those that failed one got to re-sit that paper on the day and those who passed all went and did Initial fitness on the same day.
  25. Police Scotland Recruitment

    So did my SETs yesterday at Jackton and haven't heard back yet. Found a bit of the language paper a bit mind boggling so doubtful of passing. How long does it take to hear back from everybody else's experience? Got advised either late yesterday or this morning before 12 at latest but still no sign. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. I'm not a probationer but my top tip for the interview would be don't learn your answers off by heart because the questions they ask are so varied hat your answer might not fit the question. What I would do is thinking back through all of your jobs and see what examples you might be able to use, it's more important to let the competency points because these are what you get marked on. Always use ME AND I not WE and OUR, be selfish about your involvement. Learn as much as you can from the Police Scotland website including the probationer timetable, Police Scotland priorities, equality and diversity strands, different units amongst the Police. Make sure you answer the question and you don't need to tell superhero stories the stories don't matter that much as long as they answer the question.
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  28. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Haha! It's an emotional rollercoaster!
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