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  2. Passed vetting and received email today offering CKP place 7th May and training school date 25th June. Have already passed CKP external. Gave them a call just before closing. They are aware of CKP pass, just been missed on something. These things happen. They will come back to me on Monday and may be able to bring my training school dates forward. Thought I would update my post as timelines may help others. Good luck
  3. Transferring To Surrey

    Very true. But the Chief is also a Met transferee so meh haha.
  4. Medical and smt

    Has anyone done a medical in jacton recently and if so what was involved from start to finish
  5. What if

    Hi foxtror123 thanks, yeah my optican has signed me suitable
  6. Transferring To Surrey

    I suppose it’s a good system because people know you’re not entirely new and have a vague idea of policing. The only thing is you’ll be forever known as a transferee for your whole service!
  7. Transferring To Surrey

    I was half hoping for a newbie number so I didn't look incompetent...that didn't work out haha. Get used to being asked where you came from everytime you meet someone new...its the first question I always get asked even now...particularly in custody haha. My knowledge of Staines is zilch I'm afraid. I've only been there 2 or 3 times to deal with prisoners so I'm not the best person to ask!
  8. April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    No doubt it will be. If you fancy it we can get a little WhatsApp group on the go tom too and anyone else interested. Share ideas for renting , kit to bring down etc probably help alot of people . Inbox me let me know
  9. P.E at tulli

    Thanks for the reply. Thats good to know. I enjoy a jog twice a week but I'm predominately a weights person myself. Glad to see there seems to be some variation.
  10. 23 March 2018 "Dangerous and devious" teenager jailed for life for Parsons Green Tube bombing, in which 51 people injured This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version. You can receive Breaking News on a smartphone or tablet via the BBC News App. You can also follow @BBCBreaking on Twitter to get the latest alerts. View the full article
  11. P.E at tulli

    Hi, it's a mix of fitness activities. Some of the sessions are in the gym hall/outside, doing interval based body weight training. There is some running too but it's not for much distances. The most we did was the mile and a half run which was timed.
  12. April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    Hopefully mine is waiting for me when I get home from work. I've been looking at rents and house shares in Baughurst don't look bad and are cheaper than areas closer to Reading.
  13. Considering applying- Advice

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  14. Considering applying- Advice

    Hello, I am considering applying for my local police force. I’ve applied once before and got to the assessment centre and failed. The assessment centre I found difficult however I was younger than I currently am and have more experience. I currently work in HM prison service as a serving Prison officer in a high security jail and have been working there for about 6 months. There are recruitment campaigns for the role of police officer and im wondering whether to apply or not as I’ve only been working where I currently am for 6 months but have always wanted to be a police officer. Will the force look at me and think I’m job switching too much? Shall I apply now or wait a few years first? Thanks
  15. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, Sorry, i just assumed it did!, if it doesn't then great, I'm hopefully farther up the list than i thought!!
  16. Police Scotland Recruitment

  17. April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    Opening my contract as I write this. Finally never thought the day would come
  18. What if

    Your medical would be deferred until you can meet the eye sight standard. When you get your optician report ask them if you meet the standard. If you do then great, If not then I would look into getting laser surgery. If you pass A/C just defer your medical until you can meet the standard.
  19. P.E at tulli

    Hey just wondering if any current/recently left probationary would be able to tell me about the physical education at training. I'm intrigued to know if it is mostly distance running or intervals etc? And if so what distances did u have to cover? I haven't ran more than 5k in a while so just looking to up that.
  20. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey sheebysheebster. I wouldn’t mind a message as well if it wouldn’t be too much trouble? [emoji2]
  21. Transferring To Surrey

    Ahh that’s makes sense. I thought it may be something to do with that. At least I won’t appear brand new then! Do you know if there is officer parking within Staines? Cheers
  22. Last week
  23. April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    SpareRoom is a good site to look at. I won’t be able to go into much detail of what day to day is at AWE on a public forum I’m afraid. All I can say is that there is a lot of gate duties - which is already rather clear on here. Other than that I’d be unable to go into much more detail.
  24. Police Scotland Recruitment

    That seems to be the general consensus from looking over this forum. Get your application form in as soon as you can. Fingers crossed everything works out for you this time round!
  25. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks Sam, I was pretty quick last time round, applied in April and was through to assessment centre in September with 8 weeks wait between my SETs and initial interview. My advice is to be actively involved in all the tasks. I failed the final task for “overseeing” too much. It’s actually a really good day, just make yourself heard, muck in and help anyone who is struggling or who isn’t speaking up.
  26. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Russella, I think it all comes down to what divisions you are applying for and the urgency of officers. I've applied to the West which is pretty slow. I applied in Jan 17 got an email with my fitness in June 17 that got delayed till Sept 17 then had my SET in Jan 18 and my initial interview was last week. You won't have the SET to do again so that will speed things up for you. If you don't mind me asking.... I have my A/C next month are you able to give any pointers/advice as to what you would do differently this time round?
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