Take A Walk In My Shoes (Blogs)

This is the dedicated UKPO blogs area, where we host selected guest policing bloggers from all over the internet. Our own members are also encouraged to post blog entries, and to give details of their experiences of policing in this section. Funny, dramatic, frustrating or mundane- This is your chance to give other members an insight into what you do day to day, and to read more about what your colleagues do in other specialisms and across the country. We have a lot of members carrying out a wide range of roles, so we should be able to read some candid insights into the whole spectrum of policing. Think of it as a communal anonymous blog!

STRICT Blog Rules

Guidelines to blogging members: Do not give away any information that could identify yourself/ colleagues/ victims/ suspects or jeopardise any operations or investigations. If necessary, please alter minor identifying details. 


Other than that, just be sensible with the content you post and remember UKPoliceOnline will not be held responsible if you post content which your forces Professional Standards Department would not be happy for you to post.