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    I'll be starting with Surrey on April 16th, working from Staines... Thanks for all the information on the forum, all helped my decision to move!
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    Hi! I applied 23rd of November - Set/fitness 12th December - initial interview 18th of January - A/C & 2nd interview 26th of January - uniform fitting & medical February 9th. I’ve not heard anything about proposed intake or final fitness etc yet...so now I’m just playing the waiting game!! Steph :-)
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    Thank you 👍....surgery is next week...just need to phone when its done and get booked in for medical again...not as big a deal as i thought
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    Has anyone who passed Day 2 in Nov passed vetting/got training dates yet?
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    Fact - we are only allowed to recruit to maintain complement currently And second fact - between April 17 and Mar 18 (our recruiting year) we recruited 209 people In the 2017 calendar year 227 I know because I recruit them not sure where you get your FACTS from! 🤔
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    The role is becoming more varied with Op Servator etc so you can’t say static guarding is the only function! And lots of new business is being won! Unless you actually know what goes on at HQ you can’t really criticise! Do you have access to exit data? Otherwise your claims are unfounded! The forces exit rate is no different to historical figures! Especially if you’ve left the force!! OSU don’t generally take new recruits - it’s happened recently but not likely to happen much in future! Generally you can apply for assessment after 2 years probation in normal circumstances
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    Hi All, Just thought i'd start a thread for anyone who is looking at a March 2018 start date. See what stage we are all at etc. Would be interested to hear how you are all getting on.
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    Hi Ashley89, there is a chat (a couple below this one called march intake (Dundee) which has a group of us hopefuls. We also have a whatsapp chat on the go, if you pm me your number I can add you to the WA group
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    I never heard anything for 8 weeks but have heard people get responses really quick. The whole process is very much a waiting game and you can go months without an email. Refreshing your emails will become slightly obsessive. Good luck with everything.
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    What is the problem with answering the question truthfully?
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    on a rest day and im bored, this forum popped to mind and i still remembered my details jeez... i remember that long vetting i had and i was hopeless. i've got just under a year service and only 9 or so months on the beat so its nothing really, still learning, obviously. has good days and bad days, just have to weather through it. I do try my best most of the time to serve my community. its alright i guess, im just thankful i have a job etc. all i really want out of this probation is to be able to somewhat deal with basically any kind of incident that i come across, hopefully i get that. and to everyone else, how are you getting on? 12 months or 12 years service, you're welcome to chime in.
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    I joined last year at the sprightly age of 39. Loving every minute of it! Like everything in life there are those whose only input is negative. No other job like it to my mind with so many options for progression and specialization. This job is what you make it and the opportunities are boundless. I understand your responsibilities and the choice is ultimately a personal one but to the rest of you dont be disheartened by the naysayers...
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    Hi, I've attended my Day 2 on 26th June 2017 and I'm still to receive a response.