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    Was there any need, really? I am sure this is a forum fpr general advice. Bmi is clearly.part of the medical process amd as for.doimg my research I did!!!! And I am sure anybody getting this far has aswell! My bmi has always been over 30 but managed Marathons etc.... Sorry if my concern is a problem to yourelf!
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    Doesn't matter, jeans is fine.
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    Passed! Good luck when yours comes around! xx
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    Honestly even if you are struggling you will find on the day adrenaline takes over and you will run to a level much higher than you first done. I was running 9.2 to practice and felt done in. I got 11.5 on my initial and 11.8 on my final. You'l be fine don't worry about it. Since its went to 5.4 I've never seen anyone even close to fail it. Realistically your 3 warnings mean it's only 5.1 you need to reach which is unbelievably easy. All the best.
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    Honestly, if you found 1.5 miles easy this will be unbelievably easy. I’ve seen 50 year olds pass the test. I’d say if anyone failed it you’d really need to consider if the Police is for you. Go to your local sports centre and ask to do a bleep Test to rest your mind.
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    I play a lot of football and I can say from my experience the 1.5mile run is much easier than attaining 5.4 on the bleep test. Practically anyone who has some sort of fitness will pass it. I wouldn’t really be worried about it unless you’re injured and can’t run. Pace yourself out, start off hot sprinting, keep in line, it’s not a race, everyone can practically pass if you keep up. Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anybody down for March intake heard anything back from Vetting? I'm still waiting to hear, been nearly 11 weeks.
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    I've been watching it. Quite an interesting show. Really showing the history of the force and how it eventually became the force we know it as today. Worth a watch
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    All held at Brentwood for me. Assessment day. Local to me.
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    Hi. Completed mine at Brentwood both times. On the original assessment day and then recently as it had expired as over 6 months old.
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    When I did my SET's in Aberdeen it was just sport clothing because you run the beep test straight after passing the tests. It should say in an email that you have received inviting you to the SETS
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    I am currently going through the recruitment process as a re-joiner and I am looking to have a chat with anyone else who has re-joined. Thanks :-)
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    I just got an email about the final fitness, its the start of February for a March intake. Anyone else had this email?
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    Are you for real? Of course people were aware of it but surely a bit of common sense from doctors could be useful here that's all they are asking. Sorry for being such a inconvenience. Can you send me a list in PM of the questions i am allowed to ask? Thanks in Advance #alsojustsayin
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    Evening all, just wondered if anyone had heard anything in regards to when the next intake will be? I know they said February but wasn’t sure if that had been confirmed?
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    You will be asked to give top 3 preferences but no station is guaranteed. Vacancy lists are only agreed prior to each intake so once you are ready you’ll be offered what’s available! Have a read of the website FAQS! Best to direct these questions to the recruitment team :)
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    got my medical on Wednesday.. 25 YO Male currently 96KG and 5ft 10" .. puts my BMI around 30.3. Will let you know how i get on.
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    As a currently employed door supervisor in Scotland I will give you some advice on this from my own experience and research. First off, legally yes you can carry handcuffs, using them is a whole other ball game. You should have attended a training course in their use plus yearly refresher training, if you use them you have to ensure that it is proportionate, reasonable and justifiable. What is your endgame with this member of the public? To handcuff him, walk him off the site (if he even entered) and release him? Handcuff him just for looking into the site as a way of telling him to stay away or to handcuff him to a pole so you can keep an eye on him all night? All of those would be a one way ticket to an assault charge at the minimum. If he assaulted you and you used reasonable force to restrain him while waiting on the police to ensure your own safety, in theory you could use handcuffs but it wouldn't necessarily be justifiable in every situation. If you were rolling about on the floor with him in a rural area where the police could be a while and he was exceptionally violent then absolutely it would be justifiable to use mechanical restraints as it is safer for both you and the person being restrained. As well as training and their appropriate use, you also have to make sure that your company and the client agree to you carrying them, if they say no and you do it anyway it's not a legal issue but it would be a sackable offence. If they say yes then fire in, however that brings me on to this point. Insurance should also be very thoroughly checked, if your public liability insurance doesn't cover the use of handcuffs then should you apply them in the wrong situation, apply them too tightly or even apply pain using speedcuffs and the person is then found not guilty you can bet they'll attempt to take civil action, now while the court couldn't prove them guilty beyond reasonable doubt, the civil suit will be far less lenient and is based on the balance of probability so you could end up in a pretty bad place. Finally the type of cuffs you use is also an issue. Speedcuffs are designed to be used in pain compliance, ultimately that's against the physical intervention training set out by the SIA (as terrible as the training is) and as it's used to cause pain some may say it's an offensive weapon, I will leave that their as I'm sure that'll cause a whole other discussion! Overall while you may wish to carry them, I'd personally say don't bother, having done sites, events, pubs, clubs, and corporate I can only think of 2 occasions in 4 years when using them would have made a huge difference to a situation and that's really not worth it.
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    Literally want to hug you right now. Think positive. Like I said previously my mate is a big lad. He was well over the BMI but they just took measurements and looked at his fitness. He is a fit lad and a strong lad. I think the fact you have been a soldier for years shows you are more than fit for the job. Good luck
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    For those going through A Div. last year I had AC in Nov and medical the week after! I had uniform fitting between xmas and new year. I also received e-mail invite to final fitness & SMT that week (to be held end of January). when I was at FF I got told vetting was clear and just reference required, the final offer came through 8 weeks prior to start date at Tulli. (Which was 27/03/2017). I would imagine timescales are still the same for A Div. so at least if you are past AC stage you have an idea of how it will progress from now
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    The important thing is declaring it at the time... If you omitted it from your application, then realized it could be a problem and contacted them back to fess up, it could be a problem. But if you declared it initially and they were ok with it, all should be good. Honesty is the key.
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    Be prepared for a long wait is all I’ll say, I was 3/4 months to get cleared after I had a complaint made against me when I was arresting someone.
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    That won’t matter, as long as long as you physically fit, you will be fine. Don’t crash diet, you’ll just make yourself ill and probably won’t lose that much weight. I joined with a couple of rugby guys, their BMI was well over 30, but they were able to show they were fit.
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    My BMI is 30ish according to the NHS website. Surely if you pass the rest of the medical and fitness test then BMI shouldnt matter too much?
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    My friend was heavier on his BMI and they took a waste measurement and you could tell he was physically fit. He ran well on the bleep too. Don't make yourself ill over it. If you are really worried I would just ring and ask them.
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    A boy in my AC class failed his vetting last year after he had his fitting and medical so im guessing vetting is still ongoing.
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    Firstly I'll start with Well Done and Congratulations in becoming a PC. It really is a great job, you'll do great things, experience things you never would in civvy St, make lifelong friends and sleep easy knowing you're doing something worthwhile with your life. When you goto Borough (in the case of The Met) you'll probably hear lots that The Job doesn't appreciate you, it's not as good as the old days and you don't get recognised for the work you do. Try to ignore this stuff. If The Job was that bad these people would have left. Things are getting better as numbers start to pick up again and Officers get used to the changes. Don't expect Management to be on their knees for doing your job. There will be times you'll love The Job, other times you'll hate it. Bottom line, is Civvy St any better? Doubtful. The most important thing that new recruits should be when they start is this;- ***BE HUMBLE*** I stress this. I wish you all the best when you leave training and go off to your Boroughs (or Counties) but don't shoot yourself in the foot by thinking you know it all (especially if you come from the MSC and you think you do) - YOU DON'T. Listen to what Officers tell you. Be willing to do everything asked of you. NEVER think you're above doing something. Trust your Senior PCs, remember they have been where you are. Make sure you're the first to volunteer for things. Offer to take that arrest, that crime report, make that cuppa. NEVER say no giving out a Traffic Ticket if you can evidence the Offence sufficiently. Have a NO DISCRETION. Always have a return of work - Every day. Why do I feel the need to emphasise this? Because most Senior PCs would have done this during their probation. I've dealt with Officers on Street Duties who've issued maybe a single Traffic ticket in 5 weeks. Not good enough. I've nicked people with a Probationer beside me because the Probationer stands beside me idly. I've heard probationers say NO to reasonable requests made by colleagues. I've seen Probationers be lazy and just sit around the Office. No. This is not about Senior PCs being lazy (it can be but this is rare), it's about YOU getting these experiences under your belt. It's about YOU earning respect from your colleagues, it's about YOUR development and future. Make sure you're the new Officer who gets stuck in, works hard and is popular and respected by your colleagues. Don't be that lazy know it all Probationer who delegates stuff to other Probationers with a few weeks less service (I've seen it happen) - Your career and your enjoyment of your career will be based on your Reputation. Hit the ground running; not on your face! Good Luck, Enjoy!
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    1. Application submitted (by post): 17th February 2015 2. Email confirming Application Received: 24th February 2015 3. Email advising assing of pre-sift pass and requesting submission of vetting form (by email) within 5 days received:17th March 2015 4. vetting form submitted be email:19th March 2015 5. Notified paper sift passed and invite to AC: 25th March 2015 6. Confirmation of attendance at AC returned: 26th March 2015 7. Assessment centre: 29th April 2015
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    A real question instead of BMI!!! I did, just ask for one when you are getting your GP to do the medical questionnaire. As for folk worrying about BMI, if you had done your "research" you would have known it was 18-30 prior to applying so there really is no excuse to leave it to the last minute to worry about!! #justsayin