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    I’m disrespecting the armed forces? My father is ex-Scots Guards and then Paras. My uncle is an ex-RSM in the Scots Guards, my cousin is ex-Navy. My best mate is currently flying Tornado GR4s, my wife’s Dad is ex-RAF Regiment and I done a couple of years working in RAF bases. I’ve got a friend who is ex-Captain in the RMP. I served 6 years with the Police which I left. I’ve got a very good knowledge of how the Police and the military operate having been to hundreds of bases and done a bit of work with the RAF police and their roles are not the same as civilian Police Officers. I’m no longer going to waste my time with you, good luck with whatever you do.
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    That's awesome man nice one 2 of my friends are at the same stage as you I'd say they're names but open forum an all lol, an my cousins boy friend is waiting on his start date
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    He's been in for a very long time but my wife's Dads always been in and out of prison for aslong as anyone can remember, maybe vetting was different then? My side of the family only has my cousin who is in prison for dealing and being caught in possession of a fire arm, he's also linked to gangs in Merseyside but he's a kid and already been sentenced I've never really taken him seriously and again we don't have any contact, he was mentioned in my vetting forms but I was told it's immediate family they're concerned about? That's why I applied to the MDP really because they have postings as North as Scotland and I could have eliminated the family out of everything, as I type this I'm laughing to myself because in words it sounds terrible he may be my cousin and to allot of people this would make us close but if I seen him today I wouldn't recognise him lol
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    No worries Moopheus, I think I would probably be the same in your shoes. Would definitely take a look at your side of the family then based on what you have said about wife's side and her uncle being a sergeant. Another angle you can look at is how long her uncle has been in the force for, if he had applied and got into the force after the issue on your wife's side then I would look at your side of the family if that makes sense?
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    Hi, I think you've have missed the point of kop1 and aero's posts and your response risks anyone helping you further with how that post comes across. It comes across as you not listening to advice. They have given you an idea on how vetting/police view things in terms of vetting and access to police data and you said yourself that you have already been given an indication from vetting about the 10 year period. I currently work in an operational role as police staff in the control room and the level of info police have access to far surpasses that of what the prison service and the military have access to on a daily basis on individual members of the public, intelligence info within local and national policing and/or on going major incidents. Everyone is sympathetic to your situation believe me but can tell you that the fact they have said/suggested 10 years definitely raises the seriousness of the third party link. For example, you may put the force at risk of you being discredited as a witness or officer for instance if ever you needed to attend court and the defence find out any info/links you may have to criminals! You or the force would not have any control over this regardless of how trust worthy you are and would seriously put a case in jeopardy. The succession of failed vetting applications with forces would also instantly raise questions when you place this on any future future applications and would recommend you may be take a break from applying and then come back and try again after a period of time? Good luck for the future in any case
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    Mate I get your frustration and hurt I really do. I commend your dedication to not giving up; it's a terrific quality. All I can say is that if this is in relation to a third person with whom you have a connection to (regardless how small or distant) then no amount of past or current experience/roles/responsibilities will change that. Vetting within the military is very different to the police force as is the prison service. The PNC data for one if in the wrong hands would be catastrophic. I'm not for one second putting you within that bracket but the police will not do anything else other than consider the worse case scenario every time a candidate is in this position. Prison service employees have access to basic information on an offender which includes details of crimes committed, however, if you dig deep enough you could probably find that kind of info on Google if you searched for them. The PNC is pretty much the DNA of a person and will be treated as such. It's also the job role consideration such as powers of arrest and prevention. I noticed on another post you mentioned that you were advised that you could apply again in 10 years? I have to assume that if you've been given a timescale like that then the connection must be pretty serious. The fact that you are unable to put your finger on what it is must be horrid (I promise you I understand). NSV do perform specific generic vetting data for a whole host of organisations but individual vetting along with connections and affiliates will be conducted directly by each individual force along with information gathered from other forces based on personal details (for instance info from Lancs if that's where you live or have lived). I don't want to be come across as blunt or insensitive but it may be time to try and move on. I've read a lot of your posts and can see that it's clearly eating you alive mate and if it's something out of your control it will continue to do so until you take control again yourself. I'm pretty sure you don't want to wait ten years to apply again only to be told the same. You summed it up quite well yourself at the end when you said "god forbid I got hold of a police database". But unfortunately yes that's exactly what the issue is. Again, I'm not judging you or pointing the finger but if there is the slightest inkling (regardless of level of known or unknown connection), then no force vetting officer in the land will sign it off. I hope you can appreciate what I'm trying to constructively say. Even after reading this I could still understand if you were to persevere as it's clearly a dream. But sometimes we can also fall in to the mindset of focusing on beating the system when the reality of the role is somewhat different. I'm speaking from personal experience here I promise. I wouldn't want this to happen to you. Good luck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Found out today that I passed my medical, so hopefully this thread can give reasssurance to others in a similar position. Just waiting on my vetting now......
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    Sounds like you need to sever your direct links with this man. As I say family law solicitor is your only way to go. Court orders re child access and not to attend your address etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mehtinks the time is speedily appraoching when we should tell the EU what to do with their negotiations and walk away.