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    Hi there, just wondering if there is anyone out there due to start at tulliallan on the 25th sept? Would be great to get to know some of you before heading up in September! I've read there has been a few WhatsApp group chats for other intakes and I'm wondering if there are any for the sept intake?
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    I'd suggest going to your trainers. They will know whether its faulty or if it's just new and needs wearing in a bit.
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    You get issued with it to then get trained how to use it. Same way you need a car to learn how to drive but before you've passed your test.
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    I'm in Cheshire and the only pro forma statement I am willing to use is the CCTV collection one. I can understand using a pro forma statement for a burglary if it's going nowhere - go through the motions kind of thing but why would you bother taking a pro forma if say you have a named suspect? You need as much detail as you can possibly get from the victim and a pro forma just doesn't cut the mustard. Forgive me but to me that seems like lazy policing and not even trying to get a positive outcome.
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    Given the reduction in the number of police officers and the reduction of police budgets etc. I don't think we should be too surprised by this news.
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    Yes, usually they would travel in the ambulance - either one or two officers Yes, the arrested person will have to have a police 'guard' whilst they are in hospital, until they are discharged. Our guidelines are at least 2 officers per person. Usually it is the responsibility of the division where the incident/arrest took place to guard them - although divisions can negotiate. Victims are a different matter, there will be no need to stay with them, but they may elect to do so in order to get a first account, seize clothing, see what the injuries are, safeguard them.
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    Hi all, I know this subject has been much discussed on this forum and caused some upset but from what I can see it has been given the wrong impression by some of the visitors from the freemen sites, I feel I should try to explain the basis etc behind Lawful Rebellion and being a freeman. I hope you can read this in the spirit in which it is written, the last thing I want to do is upset or annoy anyone, I just want to try to help everyone who is interested in the subject to understand what the majority of us are doing and our reasons behind it. I totally understand a policemans job is not easy, and that your experience of humanity (and other peoples lack of it) must have a great effect on many of you, but please try not to tar all of us with the same brush, there are decent people out there trying to do the right things in life. Firstly, I’m in my mid 40s and I have worked all my life, paid my taxes, and obeyed the law (legal and lawful). I spent 3 of my younger years in the armed forces (so I took an oath to the queen) I’ve had some great well paid jobs and I have paid quite a lot tax wise in the past, my house is now fully paid for (yes a house, not a Yurt or cardboard box! lol), for the last few years I have been self employed earning enough to get by. What I am trying to say here is I am not a hippy, or freeloader, and don’t claim any benefits, I have always paid my way. I don’t smoke cannabis, or take drugs, I don’t even drink, just the odd one at special occasions. My friends say I am truthful, honest, and fair, I hate injustice in all its forms, which is why I am involved with lawful rebellion, I see it as all there is I can do, it’s a last resort. Unlike some which give the movement a bad name and make it look silly, I am not looking for an excuse to do whatever I feel like, I am trying to help our country and its people. So, what is lawful rebellion? (or being a freemen on the land) I’ll try to give a little basic background to it. (Please note its not comprehensive its just a rough guide) In the year 1215 the first of our constitutional rights were set down on paper, it was called the Magna Carta, this was basically an oath from the crown (King or Queen) to uphold the rights of the people set down in it and to look after the peoples best interests, in return for the crowns promise to the people they agreed to be ruled by the crown, so it was a contract between crown and people basically, and it became the law. The crown had to uphold the rights and common law as did the people, not to cause death, harm, or loss to another, or be fraudulent in your contracts (in other words be honest and true). In 1689 the bill of rights was set down on paper, this basically sealed all the rights given in the Magna Carta plus a few more, both documents contain our UK common law written down and formed our law. These two documents are the main fundamental parts of our UK constitution, yes we do actually have one, many claim that the UK has no written constitution, this is not true. We have the most respected constitution in the world, it is the basis of the constitutions of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. Rather than being one written document we have several that make up the UK constitution, the primary of which is the Magna Carta and the 1689 bill of rights. (the freeman movement in Canada seems to be gaining respect from some Canadian policemen) Part of both the Magna Carta and the 1689 bill of rights states that they cannot be repealed because they are such well made laws and rights! “â€Lord Justice Laws on 18th February 2002: "The special status of constitutional statutes follows the special status of constitutional rights. Examples are the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights 1689…Ordinary statutes may be impliedly repealed. Constitutional statutes may not…." “ Now our ancestors were not daft, they knew there could be a problem one day if the crown became unjust, or turned into some sort of dictatorship, or parliament was acting against the people, or was full of corruption, or was not allowing the crown to keep its oath. So in article 61 of the Magna Carta it was written that if this ever happened you could petition the crown to sort out the crowns problem (or parliaments if it was them), the crown had 40 days to fix it or dissolve parliament. If in the 40 days nothing was fixed the petitioner could go into rebellion against the crown and parliament lawfully until the problem was resolved. Because this was lawful and the petitioner had a right to do it he would go into “lawful rebellionâ€, he would no longer have allegiance to the crown or parliament because they had become corrupt etc, he would be a hindrance and a rebel, and fight to end the corruption or injustice within the system, it was law that he could do this, and he was actually obeying the law by doing it, because it is the peoples duty to fight corruption and uphold the law. So that’s the basics of it. Because our constitution cannot be repealed it is still valid law. Now, to do this today you first send an affidavit (a sworn oath of truth, the most powerful lawful and legal document you can get) to our Queen, stating that the crown or in this case our government acting for the crown and its MPs are breaking the constitutional contract (and they really are breaking it), and ask for it to be fixed within 40 days, this is witnessed and counter signed and sealed by a credible witness (I used a solicitor). I did not make my oath lightly, I took an oath to defend the crown when I joined the army, I was now withdrawing my oath of allegiance, it may sound strange to some but I had a lump in my throat doing it, it was made in good faith. It is then sent to the queen, then if in 40 days the problem is not fixed a second affidavit is then sent to the Queen, this time saying that the problem is not fixed and therefore the crown or government acting for the crown has broken the contract with the people, and you are therefore no longer going to obey or be ruled by a corrupt crown or government, you are now in lawful rebellion. Now contrary to what any government officials may tell you this is lawful, and it is a binding oath sworn before God (and the witness), it is my right, your right, everyone’s right to do this, but only if there is a genuine breach of the contract. The powers that be want you to believe that we have no constitution and anything we do have has been repealed, or 90% of it anyway, its in their interests to have you believe this so they can get away with anything they want without the people stopping them. As you can see from the statement by Lord justice Laws it is our constitution and cannot just be scrapped by parliament or our self serving MPs and politicians, it is still valid law no mater what our politicians say, they have never ever had the right to repeal any of it. Some of the breaches we are using for entering lawful rebellion are, corruption in parliament and our government, we all know this is happening, Its not just one party its them all. Our past and present government has allowed and is allowing foreign powers (the EU) to rule over us. The European Union, this is a hugely corrupt system and its not working in anyone’s best interests except the EU politicians and their powerful business associates, the EU is a dictatorship, run by un elected leaders, look into it and you will see this is true. When our government handed over our sovereignty to the EU they committed treason! This is 100% true, they really have committed treason, take a look at the Ukip website for some very interesting facts and figures etc, it is beyond belief what the EU gets up to (I’m just using Ukip as they have collected a lot of info, not because they are the exception to any other party). The EU is our peoples greatest enemy, second to that is our own government and most of the mainstream partys, I know that the police are supposed to be non political but you all have freedom of thought and I am sure you must realise what a corrupt bunch of leaders we have (done worry I’m not looking for comments on this! lol) When our government does something wrong they just pretend they haven’t done it, if it gets to hot a subject they stick a gagging order on it (D notice I think is the correct term?). Lawful and Legal? There’s lots of talk on the freeman sites (and other sites) about being Lawful and legal and the difference between the two, but theres not much in the way of a basic guide so it ends up confusing, some will know the difference but for those who don’t here we go Basically anything in our constitution including common law is lawful (true law). Any acts that parliament have passed are legal, these will be in the form of acts or statute laws, these “legal†acts should not contradict common law or what’s in our constitution, some of them do but we wont go into that. We had a system in place that could not be changed (common law and our constitution), so if parliament wanted to pass new legal acts etc it had to find a way of doing it and making it enforceable. The Royal navy already used a legal system called Admiral law to keep its sailors in check and make sure its members obeyed officers and the navy rules, all navy members had to swear an oath to obey it etc it became a legal contract and so it was enforceable. It was only used on ships and within the navy but it worked and was ready made so parliament adopted it (or a version of it), now parliament had a system to use to make new “legal†laws. For it to work people had to think it was lawful, we did not know any different so we just took it as being right and obeyed, but none of us have ever sworn an oath to parliament or the crown to be in the navy and obey admiralty law (unless you have been in the navy I guess), so there is no binding contract between legal acts or statutes and the people, we have been getting duped into obeying them. A statute law or act is in legal terms is defined as “ an act given the force of law by the consent of the governedâ€, note it says consent, so if you don’t consent to it and there is no contract between yourself and the other party it is not law. So now you see why freemen (and those claiming to be freemen) will say I do not consent, and there is no contract between us, I have broken no law when you are going to arrest them or make them obey an act or statute legislation. I have served my lawful affidavits to the crown and I am not in the Navy or under admiralty law, so I am a freeman on the land. When the queen made her coronation oath it was to uphold the peoples rights and common law and do her duty for our country and its people. When you made your oaths to the queen it was to her so she could uphold her oaths and the law. When I swore my oath I did it lawfully and honourably in good faith, and for the right reasons, so please don’t write us all off as nutters, I urge you all to please give us the benefit of the doubt when dealing with freemen. If the person you are dealing with has filed their affidavits and is genuinely in lawful rebellion under article 61 of the Magna Carta (they should be able to show you proof), I urge you to please follow common law when dealing with them, they are truly under the jurisdiction of common law only, not acts of parliament or statue law. By trying to hold a genuine freemen on anything other than a breach of common law you would truly be breaking common law yourself, and your oaths were to uphold our queen and common law. I genuinely hope this has given you a little better understanding of what we are doing and why. All I hope is you at least give it some thought and try to see we are not all wasters and freeloaders, there are only a few of them really, its just they make a lot of noise! Lol. I probably wont be posting on your site any more for fear I cause offence or what I write is taken the wrong way, and I don’t want to end up doing that, I truly believe we are on the same side, I hope one day you will see its true. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I know its gone on a bit, its pretty complex stuff and I hope I have got it right and the general idea across . Best wishes to you all. Honest chap.
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    Hi folks, I was at Tulli in April last year, passed out in early September. Been on the street for around 10 months now and it is absolutely fantastic! First things first...you will have no doubt heard the term 'play the game'...that's exactly what it is really, a game. If you play it, you will have no issues i.e get your head down, work hard in class, stick in with the fitness and always be polite/respectful. Having said that, you will meet some fantastic people. I am still in regular touch with the folk I joined Lothian and Borders with and couldn't ask for a better group of people. Now, fitness...at the end of the day, you will never find fitness at Tulli easy no matter how fit you are. The PEIs there are awesome and they will go through you if you are not putting the work in. As long as you are giving 100%, you will be absolutely fine. When I was there the sergeants and staff came out to join in or cheer/spur you on, it was a great atmosphere. Bloody knackering though! I can only echo previous comments and tell you that any moaning will draw attention to you. Keep it for home or somewhere far away from the job. At the end of the day, this is a disciplined job you have joined so be prepared to be told what to do and get on with and never ever question it. The main thing I would encourage you to take away from your time at Tulli is the legislation. Practicals there are very limited for various reasons and don't really give you the greatest 'real life' experience. What I would say is use these opportunities to make an arse of yourself (not on purpose of course) and don't be embarrased about it. Its a training enviroment and that is the time to make mistakes. When you hit the street there isn't a great deal of room for error, but you will be guided by your tutor cop. So, life after Tulliallan! It really is brilliant! When you find out what station you are going to, arrange to meet you sergeant and team. I've no doubt they will be a friendly bunch who will look after you (and take the piss a wee bit too!). Same rules apply here to an extent, always be polite and respectful, have a sense of humour, make the tea for the shift (joke), dont be afraid to get stuck in and above all make sure you listen to your tutor. They will be your best mate for a long time and your key to how it all works. I don't think I will ever forget my first blue light call, resist arrest, foot chase, sudden death, cooked breakfast with the team, drugs raid etc etc. You really have joined the best job in the world! I'm sure you will enjoy Tulli, but you will enjoy the job a million times more. Best of luck to you all. Kenny.