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London police seize large haul of firearms

Apr 20 2014 09:40 AM | devil in Latest News Articles

Assault rifles, sawn-off shotguns and an Uzi sub-machine gun among weapons in one of largest finds ever recorded in London

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Mark Duggan was a gangster not an innocent choi...

Jan 10 2014 10:20 PM | devil in Latest News Articles

ON THE drugs-ravaged streets of our inner cities the gangsters live by the law - the law of the jungle, that is. Kill or be killed, for he who shoots first lives longest.

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PC Ian Dibell posthumously awarded!

Dec 15 2013 11:28 AM | kenworthy in Latest News Articles

PC Ian Dibell posthumously awarded George Medal for gallantry

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Glasgow helicopter crash:

Dec 03 2013 03:57 PM | kenworthy in Latest News Articles

Glasgow helicopter crash: Clutha bar tragedy victims

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Police commission: Neighbourhood policing under...

Nov 24 2013 11:06 AM | devil in Latest News Articles

Neighbourhood policing is under threat in England and Wales as police "retreat to a discredited reactive approach", a report is to say.

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Family pay tribute to police officer killed by car

Sep 24 2013 12:58 PM | kenworthy in Latest News Articles

The family of a police officer killed when he was hit by a car in south London have described how his death has left a huge void in their lives.

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Scotland Yard to 'downgrade' police entry tests

Sep 17 2013 11:30 AM | kenworthy in Latest News Articles

SCOTLAND Yard wants to downgrade the importance of written English tests at police recruitment centres to make it easier for candidates from ethnic minorities to join the Met.

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Police introduce new body cameras

Sep 01 2013 11:02 AM | kenworthy in Latest News Articles

New body cameras

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