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  1. Worrying times......

    I believe LDEP stands for Learning Development Evidence Portfolio but don't quote me on it. It basically is very scaled down version of the SOLAP. By the end of it you achieve a level 3 Diploma in Policing.
  2. Worrying times......

    Hey guys! Its been a while since I last posted on here. I just thought I'd give you lot a bit of a heads up. The Student Officer Training Program (SOTP) has had a massive change in terms of the way the lessons are delivered and the way you will be assessed. They have scrapped the SOLAP in favour of the LDEP. The first new revamped course began in April and is due to finish in August. This is why there are new intakes inbetween as they want to iron out any issues they encounter during the first course. Once they have done that then the number of intakes will increase and as will the frequency of the intakes. I know the August intake is definitely happen as one of the training sergeants at Tally Ho told me. So guys hang in there, I have no doubts that you will get start dates very soon. And be grateful you wont have the SOLAP to contend with...
  3. passed medical

    Hi mate, you can check my signature to get a rough idea of my time scales. But bear in mind I've not really been affected by the major recruitment cuts of late.
  4. Passed AC but time ran out

    You maybe lucky in that they will continue on from where you left last time. But to be honest I would not be surprised if they said you would have to start again. They currently have so many people in the process so can afford to be picky. Also recruitment is currently closed so you may have to wait until they re-open again, which I don't believe will be until 2010. Your best bet would be to call them up and to speak to them. You should have kept them informed at the time then maybe they would have given you a bit more time.
  5. I just wanted to congratulate you all on finally getting a start date and have fun at the seminar. Let us know which OCU you guys have been assigned. You'll be informed at the Induction evening, it'll be on the name badge they hand you right at the beginning. Oh and also where you'll be training. We are set to have a new intake start at Windmill House.
  6. Bag for life??

    Oh right! I weren't sure what you were implying. Good old fashioned words required in my case, I find it a pain having a msn conversation with my niece at the best of times. In regards to the car park, yes there is one on site. As you approach the barrier just buzz the call button so you have access to the car park.
  7. Bag for life??

    I didn't get it.
  8. Bag for life??

    You will be issued a kit bag with the words West Midlands Police on the bag in white. So make sure you have transport to got home and not public transport.
  9. Vetting interview

    Hi Tom I had a vetting interview with WMP when I was at the vetting stage. Being invited for one is actually a positive, you are right at the every end of the process and they just have a query about a part of vetting application. They will invite you in and ask you what they need clarification on. They will pretty much tell you then and there if you have passed if not then you can call the following day. I was hinted to then and there that I had passed but was still told to call the following day to get a confirmation. And lo and behold I was given a medical date for a couples weeks afterwards. My vetting interview was with the head of the recruitment department and head of the vetting department. Both of whom were lovely people who do put you in ease. Just be honest when you are in there. The way to see it is, if there is something on your application which does not quite add up they can just fail your vetting outright. But you are being given the chance to come in and explain the matter to them. Thus giving you a chance.
  10. Congratulations mates.
  11. PCA,OCU

    If you've heard PCA on a West Mids thread then chances are it means the Physical Competency Assessment, also known as the fitness test. OCU likewise in West Mids refers to the Operational Command Unit, the areas in the West Mids force area.
  12. Starting date?

    It is really strange that there is sudden slow down at this stage. There is rumour going around at the mo (I do emphasize the word rumour) that WMP are looking to reduce costs dramatically. So if they have halved the numbers per intake then I guess it makes sense. I hope you guys don't have to wait too much longer. It is really painful waiting. I found the build up to the next stage copeable (if thats a word) but the waiting between stages not knowing when the next stage is absolutely unbearable. So I do sympathsize.
  13. July 20th intake

    Oh I know now who you are referring to. I've been sitting next to him for the past 2 days. I did my initial fitness test with him. He was saying that he is going back to the M2.
  14. July 20th intake

    I'm not sure mate. I know that I am joining with 3 other lads and that I am the only female going to the L. But I'm not sure what the other lad's names are.
  15. July 20th intake

    Hey Emma, I'm going to be training at Windmill House too. What is the traffic like around there first thing in the morning? I'm having to travel in from Cov every morning so very early starts!