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  1. Hi mate, you can check my signature to get a rough idea of my time scales. But bear in mind I've not really been affected by the major recruitment cuts of late.
  2. Oh right! I weren't sure what you were implying. Good old fashioned words required in my case, I find it a pain having a msn conversation with my niece at the best of times. In regards to the car park, yes there is one on site. As you approach the barrier just buzz the call button so you have access to the car park.
  3. I didn't get it.
  4. You will be issued a kit bag with the words West Midlands Police on the bag in white. So make sure you have transport to got home and not public transport.
  5. Congratulations mates.
  6. If you've heard PCA on a West Mids thread then chances are it means the Physical Competency Assessment, also known as the fitness test. OCU likewise in West Mids refers to the Operational Command Unit, the areas in the West Mids force area.
  7. I'm going over to the L OCU and training at Windmill House, Smethwick. What about you?
  8. Yup! I'm on the July 20th intake. Had my induction seminar on the Wednesday just gone.
  9. I've applied and have my start date in a months time.
  10. The best thing that you can do is keep in touch with recruitment to get updates. I don't mean calling everyday but possibly contacting them every other week. My vetting took 4 months but my one was fast as I had only been CTC cleared for the specials under a year ago. So they were able to use that clearance.
  11. For the West Mids medical I was in smarts but only as I went straight from work. But you can turn up in jeans if you wish. No one other than the nurse will see you. For the fitness everyone turns up in their joggers and t shirts. After the fitness you can have a shower there and get changed into whatever you wish.
  12. Nope definitely 20kgs.
  13. I can confirm the video on both the West Mids website and You Tube are in fact correct and bang on. The push and pull test is differently to all other forces. You have 20 seconds to push and pull at your maximum effort. Then after 20 seconds the average is worked out. You must achieve over 20kgs to pass. You should have recieved the literature about the fitness test with your initial application. Also full details of the fitness test is available on the West Mids website.
  14. Didn't have my fitness then but have my 2nd shot in a couple of weeks. Was just wondering if you have been given a start date yet?
  15. Hi Gismo, I am so sorry to hear that they've failed you and if it is for the reason you have stated then to be quite frank...that is c**p! Best thing to do is write in and appeal. You need to do it in writing though. Talking them on the phone isn't going to get you anywhere. Send a letter of appeal to Chief Constable. The CC is a sound bloke and hopefully he will look into your appeal and possible overturn this decision. Marz31 - I don't think Gismo has stated she failed due to her ethnicity. In fact she has mentioned time and time again she believes it is due to her father's record. Also as the vetting department are being vague and not providing any information due to data protection, then one can only assume it is 3rd party related. She is allowed to 'whinge' if she wishes. Becoming a Special and joining the WMP was something she really wanted to do and now it is has been snatched away, possible due to something she had no control over. If that was you surely you'd be just as upset. Let her vent frustrations on her, then she can calmly and collectively put together an appeals letter.