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  1. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Not daft I had mine in the boot on the first day . But no you won't, a lot of the first week is admin. About week 3/4 you'll probably need it. Most OST is full days so you can just turn up in kit.
  2. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    You can park anywhere on HQ except for those marked out for specific people. The best place is the first left after the entrance barrier. Day one you'll meet at reception which is a short walk from there, but you'll get a massive bag of uniform so it's worth going in that one. You can bring stationery if you want...any pens need to be black.
  3. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Some practical tips for you for the first week. First day make sure you dress smart. There are no catering facilities at force HQ so you can either bring a pack up or go across to Sainsburys/McDonalds/the sandwich van. You'll be in uniform from day two so if you haven't already got some boots, do that this weekend. Other than that pretty much everything else is supplied for you in terms of books, paper etc. We're all nice in the Jan intake and some of us are going to make an effort to pop in and say hello. Enjoy your final weekend of not being (student) police officers!
  4. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Removed... too much info probably.
  5. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    It won't be long until you're there! We're off to court tomorrow to become constables but I won't spoil any more of the surprises :) Do you have a collar number yet?
  6. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    We're still in white shirt and black ties but we tried on the wicking shirts at uniform fitting to get our size, no word on when they will be issued though. Won't be long until they open up the 2013/14 applications...they aren't doing the phone line this year!
  7. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    There is money as they budgeted for the intakes on the old salary. I know there are obviously big implications on a lower starting wage but try not to become despondent because it is still a good career. Training school is great thanks, plenty to learn but good varied days! A lot of us are still looking at ourselves in windows
  8. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    A course finishes the week before the March intake which frees up those trainers so to move it would mean they have some down time. Therefore I doubt they would move the dates as it then knocks the whole recruitment and training process back by a month. That said if they want to save some cash it's an option they may take.
  9. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    We are in training school for 20 weeks with 2 weeks holiday in there somewhere so total of 18 weeks classroom based with time out in public conducting role plays etc. Then yes it is 10 weeks on section with a tutor constable by which point you should be signed off for independent patrol!
  10. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Mogamo what time was your medical you may have seen us in the medical centre getting our jabs? Only 3 days in but it's all good fun so far. We got our uniforms on day one and wore them from day two so get your boots ready! It's mainly been introductions, hellos, policies, Fed this week but the timetable has loads of variation, outings etc. Training school is pretty busy as there are regs and PCSO intakes as well as other training going on.
  11. As far as I understand, no, you wouldn't have to complete the paper sift and form again. However as you've said it is force specific as to whether they will accept transferred assessment centres and a lot of forces are holding in force interviews now, either before or after assessment centre stage.
  12. TVP 2013 Intakes

    Wow 4 years. The whole process for me (Derbyshire) took around 9 months which has seemed like a lifetime! Well done and good luck.
  13. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    No warm up just start running. There was a bit of time waiting for everyone to arrive so you could do a stretch or warm up if you wanted. It'll be over quicker than you think!
  14. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Well done. Not long until your fitness test if I remember correctly! Is your test at Derby? That's when it began to sink in for me as you walk through an operational station...
  15. The only thing I would say is that the competencies (and as such the assessment centre) have changed since the books were written. I think the overall gist of the competencies is the same but the books will differ slightly. I had the same book as Jacko and I thought it was good, I was successful anyway!