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  1. What other way do you propose the police enforce traffic legislation, specifically driving licence requirements? Suspicionless stops is the only way, otherwise as long as you didn't commit any other offences you could drive around without a licence all day every day safe that you could never be stopped
  2. From a uniform perspective the only time you see them is when you get a cryptic email saying you're needed for an entry team, vehicle stop team etc, be at this place at this time for details and nothing else. Then you rock up and someone with a baseball cap tells you what is going on
  3. you can get a muvi body worn video camera for £30 on amazon, great quality, decent memory and very useful as evidence. If you call the police to report you have been assaulted they will investigate but it is very hard if not impossible to get a jury or magistrates to convict someone of a criminal offence based on one persons word when they are denying it, especially when the one person giving evidence against them is involved in an ongoing neighbor dispute with them. 30 seconds of video footage would change all of that
  4. In fairness to the officer who can't give his side there does appear to be enough evidence of theft to initially investigate and while the OP might have been in a very bad place that doesn't mean he didn't realise that taking the scrubs was wrong. The law unfortunately only accepts insanity and nothing less as a defence (apart from for murder) so as long as the doctors say you did have you ability to know what was going on at the time it is a tough one. Would it be in the public interest to prosecute? Definitely not unless there is more to the story, but community resolution is a low level, informal, non legally binding method of disposing of a crime, only record is local and has the circumstances on the record of this so perhaps the officer felt it was better for everyone including the OP if instead of dragging this through CPS it was dealt with quickly and without any serious consequence. If your case went before the wrong CPS lawyer with a statement from A&E and a statement from a doctor stating you had the mental capacity to understand your actions then it could be suggested by the wrong lawyer that you actually stole from a hospital and once its before the court with that evidence they might find no other option but to convict, as unpalatable as it sounds. I've seen patients detained under s2 charged with offences of damages the hospital property because the doctor said they had capacity to understand their decisions, so despite being under a MHA section they were convicted. Worth thinking about this from that perspective as having seen this happen I might have been tempted to do the same as this officer to prevent the OP being dragged through the 'justice' system
  5. To say the police don't care about sides of the story is entirely right and a good thing. The police are there to be impartial and not care about each side but to objectively gather facts and evidence and decide if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute (or let the CPS decide). The police aren't there to determine guilt, aren't there to believe or disbelieve only gather evidence. So don't be so shocked, see it as the very definition of impartiality which every wants from the police until they are told their complaint has been investigated impartially and there isn't sufficient evidence to support a prosecution, then people want to be believed. A PIN is information ,as the name suggests. It is just information that the behaviour which is alleged could constitute harassment. Our PINs had wording along the lines of NO JUDGEMENT IS BEING MADE ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE ALLEGATION AT THIS STAGE BUT THIS NOTICE SERVES AS A WARNING THAT SUCH CONDUCT, IF PROVED, COULD AMOUNT TO HARRASSMENT The notice will not change anything on an enhanced DBS, it will show the crime as reported if the disclosure officer considers it relevant, and it will show as no further action regardless of a PIN because a PIN is just information about what could amount to an offence, the same as information is given to scrap metal dealers telling them buying lead from people with no receipts and no business ID and no VAT number who claim to have found it in the loft is likely to be seen as handling stolen goods
  6. I think the 1990s were very different. Some times of crime existed then which don't really now, like joy riding. Some crime exists now which didn't really then like social media crimes. Lots of things were never reported to police, lots of things that were reported to police never made it to everyone's attention via facebook
  7. Katerina I know this is undoubtably a stressful and unpleasant situation, I have been in a similar situation where my neighbour was terribly anti-social, 4am music blasting out before I had to be up at 5am for an early shift, leaving rubbish in our communal areas etc so I do understand your situation. However I also understand how while you want the police to help they are probably not best placed to. Some of what you have reported may well be a criminal offence, such as the damage to the door but there isn't any direct evidence your neighbour did this. No one saw him, the nature of the offence (low value criminal damage means that forensic investigation is unlikely). If you were looking in from the outside and not involved and understandably stressed by this situation you would see that while nobody saw Ian Huntly commit murder there was a considerable body of evidence against him. In this case there is only your assumption, which however logical, is not going to convince the magistrates. Also, it might be worth considering if he is indeed a drug dealer he would have undesirable people coming and going, could someone he owes or owes him money have written DIE on the door, I've certainly seen similar things before. So perhaps it isn't him doing this, just he is the cause of it? Same as your car, was it parked right outside? If people are coming and going when he deals then lots of undesirable people could have done this. The drug use and dealing is also something the police can and will deal with but this is a relatively slow process where intelligence is gathered, worked with and eventually someone is targeted, you might not even know it has happened, for all you know your neighbour was arrested in the street and officers attended with his keys to search his flat while you were out. But that is the end of the police bit. The noise issues are a matter for the council, the environmental health officer has the legal powers needed to investigate whereas the police don't. Finally, arresting someone is complex. If you were arrested for burglary it was probably to enable the officers to interview you and also to search your address for the stolen property. In this case, even if there was evidence he committed the damage there doesn't seem to be a reason to arrest him. He could be interviewed at his address and sent to court without taking him to the police station. Please get in touch with the council and housing association and get them to deal with his antisocial behaviour and continue reporting his drug use and potential dealing to police as it will be useful, although you will never hear what is done with it
  8. I've had to do this form about 5 times, initial application, transferee applications, specialist post applications. I've never paid more than £35 for it! However I have often had to have a long conversation with the medical secretary to get them to realise that all the form requires is verification against the records, not a medical assessment in any way. Keep trying with them and explain this form is normally charged at this sort of rate, they may realise :)
  9. We have just got Niche to. We have had 1/2 days training and now we are being threatened with UPP if we don't do a file perfectly on this new system. 3rd offence in a year is UPP! And this could be for something as trivial as not putting the case file number on the top of the MG11 We also have to do full files for advice even to get a caution or community resoultion. A full file, Mg5,6,9,10,11,12,15 etc just for someone who called a member a f#@king bell#@d and pushed his arm away. Soul destroying isnt the word
  10. This seems to be gathering pace as it was on the BTP intranet today! Chief constables are actively exploring this for ministers, which means it is likely to happen. Sooner or later we will end up with Police England to match Police Scotland, although within Police England will be 65 Divisions (yes somehow more senior officers than before) all lead by officers at commander rank who earn more than the old chief constable. And we will spend an extortionate amount on a new IT system which doesn't work. However all HR, back office etc will be run nationally which might not be a bad thing given how bad BTP are at this :)
  11. Problem is the lack of training. 15 days is nowhere near enough is it? I think specials need a radical reform. 15 days should become 15 weekends, all 2 days with 20+ hours of private study a week. Suddenly that becomes more like 50% of a regulars training rather than the 10% or so it currently is. Proper tests of knowledge to the same standard as a regular but with a narrower focus. If specials covered 1) Theft 2) Assault 3) Public Order 4) Weapons/Blades 5) Basic stop and search Then they would leave training school with a decent knowledge of these bits they would use most days and when ready and able to prove they know these areas could move on to other modules like traffic law, drugs, domestics etc. And any special who doesn't show the ability to pick it up to the required level should be removed. Learning new topics should be compulsory each year or so. And the planning and organization of specials should be more like regulars. No coming in when you like, as and when. You need to commit 2 months in advance to shifts and work them just like regulars. Then planning could actually work out if 16 officers are needed for an event they could use x number of specials who are all trained to a decent standard as well as regulars. Response teams would know if a special is coming in, they would know what they can do and imagine the joy when a special is able to go to a shop lifter, use a decent level or law knowledge, nick them if needed, take a quick statement and hand over to prisoner handling? I've known two specials over the years who would be able to do that all and they were an invaluable asset to the team, but that is two out of very few But the government was uniforms on the street. Rather than have 10 really good specials who probably make up 3 regulars once their limited ours are taken into account the government would rather have 100 specials who make up 3 regulars because it looks like more officers! I was a special briefly before I joined the regulars and as soon as I finished training I got myself on a crime recording course, every team I worked with loved me because I could now take crime reports, they then taught me basic statements and suddenly I was a useful crew mate!
  12. sorry are you discussing specials or probationers? I've noticed exactly the same with probationers. Recently we have had one who keeps taking a response vehicle before any of the response drivers and leaving us with response/pursuit drivers with no vehicles and him out in a car. Supervisors are two scared to do anything about this.
  13. I can see some of this coming in although I think once explored making a national motorway traffic force as part of this will be extremely problematic because it will effectively split traffic between local officers and national officers. I don't think I can ever remember a day where I was a motorway car and wasn't sent to some sort of RTC somewhere else and vice versa, as a non motorway car we frequently ended up on the motorway. If this was completely split and a separate force then would a local chief constable release a traffic car to the motorway (or even pay to train local traffic officers to operate on the motorway). Would the National Infrastructure Chief want his officers attending a fatal RTC in a town centre? Btp are extremely protective of their resources as it is and I can see a similar thing happening with a national infrastructure force which would be to the detriment of all policing.
  14. depends on lots of things. Tyson Fury is currently threatening to knock Wladimir Klitchko out, no offences there, you need to give a lot more context if you want an answer
  15. Perhaps if your friends block this account and don't accept friend requests from people they don't know the problem can be easily solved? Also, by accepting friend requests from unknown people you do invite and accept some form of contact, so unless you block the account (which is easy and stops them being able to interact with you) there is little that can be proved offenses wise, as what has happened so far is one friend has told another friend that a mutual friend is a liar, that in its self is standard every day life. Of course if you received loads of these messages, if the created a new account to continue chasing you etc then that becomes out of the ordinary and potentially an offence. Reasonable Man - you often suggest that any unpleasant interaction is a criminal offence but CPS and the courts are clear that there is a threshold which must be passed to make something criminal, just consider why insulting was removed from s5 public order? To prevent the law imposing penalties on mildly unpleasant, every day situations