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  1. Hey, Anyone here play poker online? Or poker RL? If so what stakes do you play? Personally I play mostly online at PKR and 888 generally £0.10/0.25 to £1/2. Always no limit. Do you think the cards at an online table vs RL have a programed propensity for drama and bad beats? Seriously some uncanny hand's experienced both in my favor and not in my favor online with an absurd frequency.. I think there should definitely be more regulation of online poker rooms.
  2. Hello, I just had a question regarding the employer reference check, It's got me quite paranoid. I assume they ask if any disciplinary's have been made and basically I had a disciplinary in my work - It wasn't anything "bad" it was just a paperwork issue. I'm a community care worker and I had arrived quite late to a morning call due to unforeseen events in a previous morning call and by the time I finished his morning call it was coming up to this particular clients lunch call so he asked me to do his lunch call then too. However as they are two separate calls, I wrote them down as two separate calls with a half hour gap in between but there was no real gap between them. This is mainly for insurance reasons, there was nothing wrong with what I did, I just didn't document it properly. The action taken against me was just a warning - but I just worry.. Otherwise I have incurred no further disciplinary actions. Will this be an issue?
  3. Hey, I've been here since 2006 but rarely posted. My name's Stephen and I'm 20. Hoping to join the Police eventually, currently have an assessment date for the Specials. I've previously had my work experience with the Police and been a Police Cadet between age 16-18. I'm likely to be more active here now so I figured I'd say Hi .
  4. Wanna swap places pawn?
  5. I'm already aware of all this, the shifts are fine, I'm an eccentric sleeper anyway and I like irregularity. Beauracracy is something to pander to, if I can't pander to beauracracy then how can I pander to the procedure overall? The hate and criticism from some is something I scoff at and would lighten my day, as they'll call for assistance the moment they need it.
  6. Hi, I don't think it get's said enough in a Public sphere, but from a (mostly) outsider - thankyou for the work you all do on a daily basis, and despite the **** you get from people in both your work and personal lives - the work you all do is worthwhile, necessary and very much appriciated. I think you all deserve the recongition enjoyed by other emergency services and the Armed Forces. Despite the socital disposition, know that you are appreciated by anyone worth being appreciated by and I hope the decision to cut your resources is soon curtailed, more; your resource increased - and you can continue to provide the excellent service to the public you all do. You are as much heroes as the firefighter or frontline infrantry. Many thanks to you all.
  7. Don't worry, diversity monitoring won't bat an eyelid.
  8. I know mate, that's why I got this job in care and as I said might get a job in the Army (Particulary RMP). I have no intention of applying for the police just now (Not that you are recruiting) because I wouldn't take a 19 year old police officer too seriously, and I look about 15 anyway. I need life experience, but what I am saying is - do I need to go through the beauracracy that is a degree, right now at least? I won't be applying until at least age 25 regardless of anything.
  9. Planning to fail is failing to plan - I am determined to succeed in this.
  10. I understand the whole "having a degree to fall back on if it's not for you thing", but (And I do know that life as a Police Officer is a huge personal sacrifice) I want to be a Police Officer, that's all I want to be because I know I will love the job and everything it practically is and stands for. The worst form of misery is boredom and lack of variety, and I won't have any of that in this job (Besides paperwork, but nothing's perfect! :shhh: )
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a 19 year old guy. It has been my aspiration to join the Police Force since before I can remember. I had my work experience with Merseyside Police (1 week) and the Liverpool Magistrates Court Mental Health Liaison service (1 week) at age 15, and I was also a Police Cadet age 16 - 18. I finished my A-Levels last September though I chose not to go to University due to the fact that I've an aversion to an academic style of learning as I have a more practical intelligence, I'd rather have a job gaining relevant experience then move into the Police rather than jump through generic hoops at University. I also volunteer for 2 Scout Groups. When I left sixthform, I immediately got a job in bar work whilst looking for a better job, this lasted for 5 months before I got a job as a Support Care Worker which I am currently doing - I see it as a rewarding experience and an excellent citation on a CV if I want to go into policing due to the community and social aspects attached to it? I'm thinking of starting an application for the Military Police or indeed any part of the Army until you all start recruiting. My question is - and I am aware the Police force does not say you need a degree by default - but in practical terms of competition for even an interview, Do I need a degree to get into the Police as I know how competitive it truly is or am I at least partly right in going with the "Experience" route? When and if I hit the glass ceiling of "Degree Needed" I would get an Open University one so I could continue to progress If I needed to. Policing is all I really want to do.
  12. Really? I thought the Armed Forces pretty much had a generic intake for each element of it each year? Honestly for a young person trying to find worthwhile work this really does get you down to hear things like this, all the time. I might as well join frontline and hope I don't get blown up if that's what it takes.
  13. OP: Police have a duty of service to the public and would be completely irrelevent if they could pick and choose the risks they take. Surely you were aware of the potential risks to your personal safety before you even considered the job?
  14. Yeah, I've been trying for work but the honest truth is there really is very little going right now in civvy street. I've been considering the MP discreetly for a while now, either that or the Navy because I think it'll give me an opportunity to develop skills and abilities hard pressed for commonly and give me the right scale of perspective for a job in Policing.
  15. I'm not a Police Officer (yet) but I know I would relish the opportunity to bring this man to justice - not run away from it.