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  1. Poor Policing

    My concern is not whether or not the officers were hassling the cyclist but the way they reacted to being filmed. Do you believe the action taken by the officers is acceptable?
  2. Poor Policing

    The Police at no point were "hassling" the person on the bike. This is not what the video is about.
  3. Poor Policing

    Please Watch this video. Poor Policing I would like to hear some of your comments.
  4. Clocks in every room?

    Best of luck!
  5. Centrex 16th November - Anybody Going

    White males seem to be bottom of the list. Maybe that’s me looking for excuses. You’ve herd it all before. Its a shame. It shouldnt matter who you are. Everyone should be equal.
  6. 18yrs old any point in applying

    The same happened to me at 18. Failed the assessment and the feedback I received didn’t make sense. Scored A’s and B’s in nearly everything. But I was rejected on race and diversity, even when scoring A’s and B’s in the section. Now 19 I am in the process of applying again. It is my dream to become a police officer. I was gutted. Just need to keep on trying.
  7. Centrex 16th November - Anybody Going

    Hope it went well. I’m sure you will be fine Alice. The first assessment I went to, I did the same on some of the role plays and scored well. However I did not pass:( due to race and diversity for some reason. Even when I scored A’s and B’s in the section. Where is the Nott’s Assessment held? I am still waiting for my paper sift result. They said it could be Four months! In for a long wait.
  8. Centrex 16th November - Anybody Going

    I actually gave them a call this moring. They said they are still processing the applications, and it may be another month before I hear anything?! Did you apply for the role of Police Officer?