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  1. I'm suprised anyone noticed it was happening, as someone else posted it must happen an awful lot with friends and family upping peoples bids
  2. Thank you, I'm going to get my self signed up with a couple of free day courses at work, they have been really useful according to the recently qualified Sgt's I spoke to
  3. Ist stage notices are on kept on local intelligence systems and these are not included on CRB checks. :)
  4. Ive just downloaded interlecta appp for my blackberry it seems really good, will use it to come up with a few phrases. :)
  5. Got my result on Email yesterday and I passed,so very happy. Jut need to sort out part 2 now
  6. It is going to cost a fortune to keep sending samples off for lab testing until they can come up with a decent field test kit (like NIK or COZART),to make dealing with simple possession a bit quicker and easier. :-)
  7. Very handy, thank you :-)
  8. In the end we all have our own ideas and suggestions but the people making the decisions do so for political reasons and they never listen to common sense or us anyway :-(
  9. The staffs 20mph rule does not apply to 10-9 shouts (officer assitance requests) or to ARV's on route to deployment.
  10. I'm on T-mobile and for £30 a month I get 700mins, unlimited texts and free internet on the phone. I also have a Sony Ericsson C902 and can confirm it is rubbish. It freezes alot, the phone goes black and the camera button lights up. The battery life is rubbish unless you turn the network to GSM only not 3G. The camers although 5MP is not as good as the 3.2MP on my old sony ericsson. Shoparound on the internet, the better deals are hidden on there
  11. Polishes don't normally mix very well and you may not get a shine from them.
  12. I've got it, it also gives you travel insurance it was automatically taken from my wages and have just stuck with it. I'm not sure it gives you sickness cover as we get full sick pay for 6 months anyway, I pay into another fnd (about £3.00 a month), to get full sick pay for 12 months should I need it. If you want in depth info speak to your fed office they can supply you with a copy of the policy.
  13. Dont think Rona had enough skill to hit him lol
  14. Real Ale all the way, possible a nice cold proper cider on a hot summers day (obviously not needed very often) Used to like bottles of RED when I was younger, they tasted of mince pies hmmmmm
  15. Our force has begun to trail PDAs in the north of the county and with ARVs. They seem ok, have a camera, can use as a phone, have email, intel system links, Command and control links for looking at jobs etc. Seem like a handy piece of kit, they will be personal issue, not sure how robust they will be for most bobbies tho