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  1. Next Intake

    Nothing from HR yet.. I would imagine they are just waiting on the last 1 or 2 references to come through..?
  2. Next Intake

    They called today because one of my referee's forgot to put one of the dates on. She confirmed that I have the all clear now and that they're just waiting on a few other candidate references before she sends all the paperwork out. She said it will more than likely be sent on Monday and Tuesday to all 9 of us
  3. Next Intake

    Has anyone heard since the email asking for references or spoke to them? I haven't had any further details yet.
  4. Next Intake

    I went to Portsmouth uni 2008-2011. Will be moving up to Surrey in February..
  5. Next Intake

    Yep me too pending references!
  6. Next Intake

    hey guys, Been in the pool since August 2012 (this is when my medical was completed). No news yet either, technically it should be march but with internal recruitment and the pcc budget cuts who knows. Fingers crossed I guess.
  7. Intake Details for mount Browne?

    Sorry I meant interview, I also got my pool email in August. Probably in the same group..
  8. Intake Details for mount Browne?

    Mada, firstly congratulations. How long have you been in the pool for? I passed my assessments in July. Judging from other posts I'm fairly concerned I won't even be on the March intake? Very frustrating but I guess patience is the key here.
  9. Question

    Some good advice guys thanks, definitely making me think alot more about what I should/want to do. Currently after college i'm 90% certain i'm going to take a gap year and travel, gain some life experiance, after that who knows. Thanks Again, appreciate the knowledgable advice
  10. Question

    Thanks for the advice guys, anymore is welcome. I have been looking into Special Constable and also the Royal Military Police :)
  11. Question

    Hey all, I'm currently 16 and 9months..thinking about the police once I leave college. Does anyone know any statistics etc for the chances of getting in the force at 18/19? I heard getting in at 18/19 is extremely tuff. I'm not worrying about medical, the exams, fitness etc as i'm farly smart..currently doing A-Levels, and physically fit. Thanks