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  1. I'm not doubting you for a second but can you back this up with a source or who you heard it from?
  2. Thats not strictly true, the following forces are all appear to be recruiting transferees at the minute... Avon and Somerset Bedfordshire (Open to applications, no specific recruitment) Cheshire City of London Dorset GMP (Doesn't specifically state its recruiting but promotes downloading of transferee form) Gwent (Detectives Only) Hertfordshire Kent (Open to applications, no specific recruitment) Northamptonshire (Open to applications, no specific recruitment) ....and i got bored at that point, the issue is that plenty of police forces are recruiting for transferees specifically or are happy to receive speculative applications. there are even a few that appear to be recruiting new officers or have just closed to new applications. Now I don't know enough about AWE or MDP as a whole to say if this will result in a larger number of officers transferring instead of relocating but police recruitment isn't exactly all closed up as people keep maintaining. Even if MDP have to reduce numbers across the force they still need to maintain specified strength at stations where its paid for by a third party and if not enough people relocate to those areas then the only way to fill is with new officers. Im not very expectant of a good result by April but there is a chance that a course will be run and thats the hope we are all hanging on to.
  3. Thats from recruiting themselves yes. I would go if i were you mate, you never know how things may change in the future months and if you sack it now youre definately out of the race. The key point is that other than the binning of Jan and May nothing else is decided - its all speculation and rumour even for recruitment who have been told little.
  4. Here's the situation currently in MDP - No January course. No May Course Review in May to possibly have a Sept course. No guarantee that those with A/C tickets that expire before Sept will have their application extended as the decision is out of the hands of recruitment. May be more info to come in the next few weeks but recruiting dept are as much in the dark at the minute. In short - not great.
  5. Well it's confirmed, January has been binned, no word on when the next course will be.
  6. Not at the same time, for those wondering....
  7. Dougal, I think the bit referring to September is a typo left in from the letters sent out to the September lot and should read 'January'! I managed to get 76% (up from 72% last time). RRD - 81% Oral Comms - 100% (As everyone gets i think?!) Written Comms - 78% 16 x A 21 x B 3 x C 1 x D I wonder who else on our A/C we will be seeing again?
  8. See Dougal, told you not to worry! Don't you owe someone a pint now?! I passed (again!) but I won't know my score until I get home. Well done everyone else who passed, those who didn't, don't worry and keep trying!
  9. That would be telling! Im sure with a little police officer ingenuity you could figure it out! I can't say if you will pass or fail because I wasn't privvy to what you said/did in all of the exercises but as I say, you were more switched on than some of the lads and definately switched on enough to have a good chance at passing. Hopefully you scored enough points in other areas to make up for the points you feel you lost in that one interview question.
  10. Dougal mate, you seemed switched on, provided you didn't get a D in RRD for interview (ie: said something inappropriate) you can make up marks elsewhere. You forgot to mention annhilating the push/pull machine you beast!
  11. I think you need to read it again, it refers to the MPGS not MDP and their numbers will increase TO 4000.