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  1. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    You need 6/6 with both eyes (can be with glasses) You also need 6/12 with only 1 eye (left OR right and can be with glasses) IF you wear glasses you need 6/36 without them (both eyes together). That's how I understand it and by that you should be fine I'd say.
  2. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure we all hope you're right, however as someone who was awaiting a start date previously only to be told the force could no longer afford us I will wait until day 1 at Ripley before breathing a sigh of relief!
  3. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Not according to the recruiting department...

    How can you possibly know this?! On another police forum someone was saying they were an officer when they weren't...so what eh? Except the guy had gone so far as to convince his family and friends it was true and even said the Met Comissioner was coming to his wedding (set a plcae for him and everything). He was investigated and sent to court - I think he was even given a custodial...

    And I have said many times, prove yourself to the moderators, get the little 'serving officer' badge and I will hold up my hands and say I am sorry for doubting you... The issues surrounding your strange posting style, poor spelling and grammar, incessant question asking etc. are neither here nor there but a possible impersonation offence is serious and you appeared to be avoiding the issue. Once you get the chequered badge I will happily come on and apologise for doubting you. Until then I will continue to compose my message to the MET PSD.

    Sorry Future_officer but by leaving you look even more guilty. As you yourself said, if you are innocent then you have nothing to hide so why the anonymity and refusal to verify yourself with the forum moderators? Leaving the forum isn't going to make this go away, I strongly suspect that you are impersonating a police officer on this and other forums something which we have seen that often comes accompanied with further criminal acts off the internet. As a concerned member of public and a former special myself I feel obliged to inform the MET and have them conduct whatever enquiries they see fit. Sadly you can kiss goodbye to any career with the police if you are found guilty of an impersonation offence. Your posts will have an IP address logged to them, that IP address can be used to trace your ISP who in turn can be compelled to provide your name and address. A quick check to see if you have an application in with BTP should be enough to get the ball rolling on a prosecution. If I am wrong then I will gladly hold up by hands and say ive been a prick, but I think there are many others on here who have the same suspicions as I do. Now to put my suspicions in writing and pass them to the forum mods and the real police... (Oh and there is a difference between picking on someone and challenging possible illegal activity and reporting it to the authorities.)

    You can remain anonymous if you like however I do not believe you are a special, you speak about things in a way that a real special wouldn't. I feel I have a responsibilty to report my concerns to the Met Police which I shall do promptly. If I am wrong, I suggest you contact the forum moderators from your police email address to confirm your identity, they can then post on your behalf to ease my fears.

    Future, you failed to address my post which inferred quite heavily that you are in fact lying about being a Met Special? Obviously if you are lying that would make you guilty of impersonating a police officer and something the Met would definately want to look into. Perhaps you want to try and convince me otherwise before I report my concerns to the Met and forum owners? Tracking you from the IP assigned to your posts is a simple matter after all. Also you should be aware that there's a new user on another forum you use who sounds like you but denies he is you. He also happened to post right before you appeare on here. In short, we know it's you.

    If you have nothing to hide Future_Officer, why not start posting under your real name? That way we could verify if you are actually a Met Special like you claim? I only mention it because you're also on another police forum which offers a facility to verify someone is a member of a police force and gives them a little chequered badge, something you don't have. Seems odd for you to not verify that you are with the police when you are clearly very passionate about it. Maybe I am wrong, maybe you are a Met Special and I am barking up the wrong tree - in which case you could prove me wrong. Or maybe you're not a Met Special which would be very concerning obviously.

    FACEPALM... You are at least right on that point. I have to say it takes a lot of effort to bite one's tongue when reading your posts Future (and even more effort to wade through the strange use of spelling and grammar). I know you claim to be a serving special (something I find hard to believe to be honest) but your whole view of the world and police seems slightly odd. Serving officers do take the mick out of each other, they do call each other nick names which aren't always endearing and PSD are going to tell you to jog on if you go crying to them over someone calling you a 'crazy cat'. I realise you desperately want to pass this process, that is plain to see, but you need to chill out and wait for a letter through the door instead of constantly regurgitating information thats already known before using 'logic' to precisely figure out when the letters were posted, who licked the stamp, which postman will sort it and what time it will land through the door. Have some backbone too, stop desperately seeking validation from everyone else, "Who else agrees?" "who else thinks that?", if you give an opinion thats fine, leave it at that. Also, if you feel someone is 'having a go' then stand up for yourself, put a coherent point forward and stand by your comments. Don't try and wave away criticism or confrontation saying we should 'all get along' and telling people (some of whom are serving regs with more years in the job than you) that they won't do well in the police if they dont all hug on a daily basis and validate each others feelings. What do you do when you are on duty and someone starts calling you names? Do you lock them up? Do you ask them to play nice? Do you call in backup? Like it or not Future_Officer it is the opinion of myself and many others that your posting style and demeanour are a little strange to say the least and perhaps you need to do a little self reflection and see why that is. Are we ALL just bullies who have no chance getting through 30 years in the police without getting aquainted with PSD or is it perhaps you who needs to stop acting so strangely? Oh and I can't resist... WHO ELSE AGREES??

    At first read? I count 5... I have no desire to see you pass or fail, but I have been reading this thread from the start and you seem desperate for the validation of others. As I say, to me this makes you sound immature. Policing as a regular officer is a very tough job and you need to be mentally confident and capable of looking after yourself. You are desperate for people's opinions when they support you and tell you what you want to hear, you crave someone to come on and say 'I applied at the same time as you and I've not heard, don't worry though I'm confident you will pass...' which is why you are always asking who applied when, how tough the AC will be etc. Yet when I give my opinion, which is that from how you present yourself on here would suggest a fail, you want me to keep it to myself. If you can't face criticism the police really isn't the career for you.

    Don't take this too personally future_officer but your posts come across as very immature and somewhat naive and if your application was written in a similar way I would think you would struggle to pass. At one point you asked something along the lines of 'will the assessment be easy or hard?' Honestly what would be the point of having an 'easy' assessment, it's meant to require a high standard to reduce the number of applicants leaving the very best and culling those who found it too tough. Also in a single post above I counted six spelling/gramatical errors, the limit for the entire form is around ten. I can tell you really want to pass and it's eating you up but please don't hang all your hopes on it. Take a break from the forums, forget about waiting for a call and keep your options open. Then, if you do get invited to the assessment, you can come on here and rightly shove it in my face.
  13. MOD Police

    I'm not doubting you for a second but can you back this up with a source or who you heard it from?
  14. MOD Police

    Thats not strictly true, the following forces are all appear to be recruiting transferees at the minute... Avon and Somerset Bedfordshire (Open to applications, no specific recruitment) Cheshire City of London Dorset GMP (Doesn't specifically state its recruiting but promotes downloading of transferee form) Gwent (Detectives Only) Hertfordshire Kent (Open to applications, no specific recruitment) Northamptonshire (Open to applications, no specific recruitment) ....and i got bored at that point, the issue is that plenty of police forces are recruiting for transferees specifically or are happy to receive speculative applications. there are even a few that appear to be recruiting new officers or have just closed to new applications. Now I don't know enough about AWE or MDP as a whole to say if this will result in a larger number of officers transferring instead of relocating but police recruitment isn't exactly all closed up as people keep maintaining. Even if MDP have to reduce numbers across the force they still need to maintain specified strength at stations where its paid for by a third party and if not enough people relocate to those areas then the only way to fill is with new officers. Im not very expectant of a good result by April but there is a chance that a course will be run and thats the hope we are all hanging on to.
  15. MOD Police

    Thats from recruiting themselves yes. I would go if i were you mate, you never know how things may change in the future months and if you sack it now youre definately out of the race. The key point is that other than the binning of Jan and May nothing else is decided - its all speculation and rumour even for recruitment who have been told little.