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  1. Is the fault with both discs? You can arrange to get the master unsealed
  2. Level 3 officers are operational officers who are not public order trained, but who are given an awareness of cordens etc. Normal beat duty uniform will be required.
  3. Done
  4. Hi all, I am debating whether to take the plunge and try and get my part one under my belt. To be honest the amount of ways you can study is almost overwhelming and I have finally narrowed it down to two providers. Blackstones - as they write the questions. I was looking at their books and multiple choice questions. Police Pass as they have video lectures, crammer books and multiple choice questions. I am leaning more towards Police Pass as I feel I will learn more from video lectures and I was wondering if anyone here has ever used them and what there opinions were? Cheers, Paul
  5. Hi all, I currently work as a neighbourhood beat officer and have been given the choice of staying put or switching to a response shift. What sort of team would you lot rather work on and why? - I am well aware the grass isn't always greener on the other side but it can't harm to gain opinions. Paul
  6. Hi all, I curious as to which offences other officers conduct a PNB interview for. I recently decided to do one for a public order offence as I had a feeling that the suspect was going to try and use a mitigating reason for his actions that I wanted to document so that the prosecution were aware of it. This divided some of the folks I work with, some thought it was extra work that had no bearing on the case and others thought it was good practice to box off every eventuality. Thoughts?
  7. Just a quick update. It would appear that the department of my force that deals with recovery of vehicles work to the rule that a warning lasts 12 months on the person and no on the vehicle. I spoke to a member of our traffic unit who also confirmed this. The downside is that the bike has now been released to the owner and we are awaiting the next nuisance motorcycle job so we can go stop it again.
  8. ha ha, yes we have google, flat caps and whippets. I have looked at the actual legislation on the PNLD and home office websites, however both only seem to make reference to 12 months in relation to warnings against the person and not the vehicle.
  9. Is my interpretation correct?
  10. Hi all, I am under the impression that a sec 59 notice on a vehicle lasts for 12 months. I am being advised by a colleague that this is not the case and it is only applicable to the vehicle if the use is repeated on the same occasion (same day). I always thought you needed careless-inconsiderate / off road riding and likely to cause harrasment, alarm and distress. Then the warning was for 12 months to rider and vehicle. Any thoughts? Paul
  11. Hi, I was in the exact same situation as you - having not studied for some time. I learnt a few definitions beforehand such as theft and common law - however I found that everything is fed to you at an easy to manage level. The method I used to enhance my learning was to make flash cards with the definitions on and test myself. Paul
  12. I don't understand the confusion. The Police service is made up of lots of roles - PC, CSO, Front office staff - all which are part of 'The Police'. Another example is the British army, which comprises The regular army and the territorial army. Everyone brings there own contribution to the overall functioning of the organision. This thread very much reminds me of 'NO...I'M SPARTACUS'
  13. Were you copying? :whistle2:
  14. Well done mate
  15. Just noticed that the anticipated start date is June 2009