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  1. Reason i ask is, i've already had an application rejected at the vetting stage for the Special Constabulary and i have no idea why. I only have a caution for criminal damage for graffiti when i was 15, back in 1997, so i dont think that'll be the reason why. I did declare this on the application form. I have no contact with my brothers and have only spoke to them on 2 or 3 occasions over the past 10 years and haven't spoke to either of them for over 4 years. One of my sisters has told me that they have been in trouble quite often with the police for mainly fighting and one of them have been to prision for 2 months for theft. I personally think they are the reason why. Both i and my brothers live in gloucestershire and my failed application was to Gloucestershire police. I am now going to try applying as a Special Constable at Gwent police as i hope that with me having no contact with them at all and the fact that im very unlikely to be involved in any incidents they might be accused of due to working in a dfferent county/area, might possibly help me at the vetting stage. When filling in the application for i am 100% trutefull and write down any information i know about them in advance. Apart from personal and family convictions, could someone please tell me any other common reasons for failing the vetting process so i can rule them out? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, im hoping i could get some good information here. Back in 2007 i applied for the special constabulary in gloucestershire and passed the recruitement test, interview, medical and was then given a start date, 2 days later i get another letter saying my application has been rejected at the vetting stage. I thought i'd leave it a while and apply again. I wrote to them 2 weeks ago to ask if i can reapply and today i was told that the origional decision still stands and i am not allowed to apply for any post within gloucestershire constabulary ever again. Now, as you can imaging i was absolutely gutted. I have a caution i recieved when i was 15 (am now 27)for spraying my name on a trainstation shelter and thats the only trouble i have been in with the police. My main concern is my 2 half brothers. I have only spoke to them a couple of times since i left home when i was 17. I have disowned them as they are a complete waste of space and apparantly they are always getting in trouble with the police for mainly fighting. What i would like to know is, because of them, is my chances of becoming a special constable basically absolutely screwed? Im thinking of applying to Gwent Constabulary as a special constable as im hoping that if i apply to a different county to where they live i might be more successfull. I was also planning on attaching a letter to the application form saying about them and that i dont really know them and my caution. It just dont seem fair how 2 half brothers i dont have contact with can basically destroy my career , Or even better, are there any police officers special constables who have been successfull at the vetting stage even though other members of their family have been in trouble with the police? Just wanted to get your opinions before i decided wether to apply or not as im sure that some on you here may seen or heared about this problem. Its quite gutting being told you've been accepted and then being told you've been rejectedso any advice will be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Rejected

    Well i aint giving up. I aint going to let some losers in my family destroy my career. I have wrote to the head of the vetting department 2 weeks ago but he hasn't replied so i wrote another letter on tuesday so if i dont get a reply by tuesday next week then i will write to the chief constable then if they ignore that then i will be writing to my local mp.
  4. Rejected

    I would like to agree with you but i cant. I said my brothers were in trouble for fighting and doing the normal things teenagers do such as getting drunk whilst walking about town. I cant be judged just because of what my brothers have done. U make it sound like my brothers are going to come and preassure me for information on the next drugs bust or something. I have given up my spare time and have booked days of work just so i can make they're appointments, and what do i get in return? A couple of words in a letter saying my application has been cancelled and tuff. I want to give up my spare time to help people in my community, and gain experience at policing, not to help the drug dealers and thieves escape the police. Sorry but i think thats rude. And this comment you made "You say it is 5 years since you have seen them but there is no way of proving it and they would hear about you getting in and could pressure you for information. Its simply not worth the risk thats why you were rejected." I live in a quiet country town and as far as i know they live in wales somewhere 60 miles away. If recruitment we're fair they would of given me the chance to explain. Ur right, how do they know if im telling the truth or not. Obviously not but its just as bad if some applicant had family who have never been in trouble yet associated with people on drugs and thieves. Just because they havent been caught with them it dont mean that they dont associate with them. Sorry but the whole thing is total nonsense. Im being judged on my family and i think its wrong. They're not major addicts as i said earlier just silly kids.
  5. Rejected

    I sent a letter explaining that with my vetting form but obviously hasnt made any difference.
  6. Rejected

    Been waiting for security checks to go through but got a letter today saying" Thank you for pursuing your application to join Gloucestershire Constabulary. Unfortunately, after careful consideration your application has been unsuccessful. Therefore we are unable to progress your application any further. May i take this opportunity to thank you for the interest you have shown in Gloucestershire Special Constabulary." And thats all it said. Im totally gutted. Had my uniform fitting next thursday and was really excited but now thats it. Cant believe i failed the vetting. I have not been in trouble with the police since i was 15 and that was just spraying my name on a trainstation wall which all i got was a caution. As that was 10 years ago i shouldn't think that would make any difference. All i can think of is that its my 2 brothers i should blame as they're always in trouble with the police for fighting. Though i havent seen them for 5 years i spose it still dnt matter. Well thats it between me and my brothers im never gonna forgive them for messing up my career. Totally gutted and dis heartened. :cry:
  7. Im joining gloucestershire constabulary as a special constable and was wondering what the difference is in uniform between a regular officer and a special. I know the pcso uniform has police community support officer wrote on the back of they're jackets and a police officer has police but what does a special have on the back? Also whats the difference between the uniforms, reg and special?
  8. Has anyone here passed vetting and security checks although they're family have been in trouble?
  9. Passed my medical and well pleased!

    thanx m8. ur right, i've done all i can do now so its in they're hands but if i fail then i guess thats it as far as joining the police is concerned. Oh well i just really hope i make it through.
  10. Just passed my medical although i have asthma. So now i only have security checks to go. How long do these usually take? Im a bit worried as my 2 brothers have been in trouble with the police quite a bit for fighting and other things but nothing major but have never been 2 jail. Im trying 2 find out what are my chances of getting through vetting with 2 brothers like them? I havent seen or spoke 2 either of them for about 7 years i just hear about them through friends of the family. So what do you think my chances are? Anyone here got family who have been in trouble with the police and still passed the vetting?? ANy comments will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. 159 mph officer wins high court appeal

    Well serves him right really. What gives a police officer the right to drive at those speeds when not in pursuit of another vehicle? If he was pursuing someone else then fair enough but he wasn't.
  12. Worried About Medical Next Week!

    I have been to hospital reguarding my asthma but only when i have a chest infection. I haven't spent time in hospital for it since i was 11 yrs old. When i get a chest infection, which is probably about 3 times a year i go to my local hospital to go on the nebuliser then im fine after that. I guess i'll just have to see how it goes. Also does anyone know of anyone who has failed they're medical due they're bmi being too high? I think it has too be 30 or under but im 30.1 surely they wnt fail me just for that much over. I would of thought they'd give me a certain time to lose a couple of pounds? Well apart from those 2 problems its only my security chesks imworried about now. My 2 younger brothers which i dnt live with are always in trouble with the police such as fighting and being a nucience mostly but have never beem in jail. Well i must say its not looking very gd for me but all i can do is just try. If i cant get through on this occasion due to thses problems then im never going to get in. I think is terrible that some people cant have a career in the police just because of theyre idiotic family.
  13. Worried About Medical Next Week!

    Im trying for gloucestershire specials. I got abit of a beer belly due to not getting much exercise due to me being a lorry driver. But im going to attempt the bleep test tomorrow to see how i get on. Has anyone here got asthma and passed the medical?
  14. Hi all, i passed my interview last week and have my medical next thursday. Im worried mainly because of 2 things. first of all i have asthmam i dnt hardy suffer from it. The only time i have to use my inhaler is when i have a chest infection which is about 3 times a year, if that. The second thing is my bmi. My bmi is 31, im 6ft and weigh 15st 7 but when dressed i weigh 15st 12. I think i read somewhere that my bmi has to be under 30. What i would like to know is if my bmi is 31, is the doctor fail me for it or will they give me a chance to get it down within a certain amount of time. And also does anyone here have asthma? Thanks.