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  1. Met Police new uniform?

    If anyone's interested, I found out these shirts are ones issued to police motorcyclists. STC have motorcyclists so I think I've solved it,sadly not new regular bod kit.
  2. I know this may not help, but for new officers joining the met, they are no longer being given the option to opt in to ATOC.
  3. Working with festival security

    At download festival 2012 several security were arrested for drug dealing. Tried selling to plain clothes bods...
  4. Failed PCSO -PC Vetting

    The above is about right. It's an absolute kick I'm the teeth. I know as I had to fight with recruitment for a year to accept me (other reasons) as they rejected my app at first. Keep fighting it. It does seem crazy you are allowed to,work as a PCSO but not a PC as I'm sure you disclosed this when you initially joined. However I guess with few places they can be selective who they want. Similar things occur even as far as training school with people suddenly pulled off for things like sickness the day before ate station. In my opinion I believe they often have set numbers to recruit for certain periods and over recruit in anticipation for people failing along the way. If there's 100 spaces for a period, 120 out of the initial 200 or so applicants pass then its a weeding process. Those who don't have anything and miss out often are placed on hold.
  5. Will I always feel like this?

    Sounds you've had a rough deal. I managed 3 weeks street duties and now 3 month attachment to team before LPM. You really should have a mentor to help guide you though. I know it sounds silly but try and get stuck in. Look on emerald to see who's wanted, trawl crimint for drug addresses /people and target them ie jacking up warrants.
  6. Met Police new uniform?

    First I've heard of it
  7. Met Training / Probation

    Could be a mixed bag. On LPT you will be dealing with your own crimes so there's rarely any handing things over. Will be good investigation experience, but the workload might be rather large at times. On my response team there's 15 other probbies. Near all probbies on team are going, even basic drivers with 6 years experience.
  8. Met Training / Probation

    TP have said new recruits will join LPTs as opposed to team. For those boroughs not on LPTS until September team officers have been given their postings, majority going to lpt or CPU ect. Most of the officers posted to remain on team are advanced drivers and other skills eg tazer. I'm posted to team until September then join LPT.
  9. Traffic offences

    This is exactly what I was after. Thanks for the replies
  10. Traffic offences

    Thanks that really clears it up. When stopping someone for driving on the phone for example would it be advisable to caution before they start with their excuses or replies to the offence when pointed out?
  11. Traffic offences

    Hello, I'm doing my first traffic op tomorrow and wanted to clear up a few things. At Hendon we weren't told to caution when pointing out an offence yet on borough one mentor mentioned to my other new colleague he should have. So would I be right in thinking if I stop a car for routine checks and then suspect he has no insurance, to then caution him before continuing with the enquiries?
  12. Training with CKP

    It's already come in. The first batch of day 1 applications were sent in March for May, the next one is in the summer but you must already be inrolled or completed the course. It doesn't make it any shorter depending how long you do the course. It could be done in a few weeks if dine full time, or several months if a few days a week
  13. specials constable warrant card use

    Yes it will get found out eventually. Many specials on my borough have been asked to resign, we've lost about 40 this year alone
  14. Street Duties

    I know roughly what will be expected. more along tips how to get through it and any Dos/Donts etc Its been fairly smooth so far. I done the PLC course which was more home study work, only actually had 12 lesson tutor days in total on the course. I know its a big step up, and I cannot wait to get started.
  15. Street Duties

    Retail work, 5 years as a PCSO after that. In my last week now.