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  1. Geocaching

    I've done quite a few. Haven't done any for a while. I got into it to amuse my daughter when out for walks but ended up enjoying more myself

    I've had the jab 3 years in a row now. The last 2 were fine, but this one knocked me a little. Didn't feel 100% for about 24 hours. Didn't put me off my pizza and beer though, so wasn't that bad!!!

    I've had flu twice in my life and never want it again. I pay for the jab each year and I've just paid £7 for it at Asda. For those who have had REAL flu, will understand that £7 a year is nothing to pay for not going through it. There is the argument that officers come into contact with members if the public day in day out and are going into people's houses, so should be given it for free, but people also need to take responsibility for themselves. I wonder how many officers go off sick with flu each year and if it would be more cost effective to vaccinate everyone to reduce the sickness levels? £7 a year. Just do it!
  4. Ospre Crammer books

    Thank you Does anyone know where I can find a study guide. I can't seem to find one this year??
  5. Ospre Crammer books

    Sorry and thanks
  6. Ospre Crammer books

    I've been looking at Crammer books for the next Sgt's exam in 2014. I've found Tom Barron's 13th edition and just wondering if anyone knows if these are the most recent and cover the next exam. Don't want to buy them if they are the last ones.
  7. Post April 2014 Pay Freeze Question

    From what I understand, we stay on the old pay scales and start from where we left off. You will go up a scale on your anniversary after March 2014. So in the past if you went up a scale in December then you will start going up again in December 2014. The new pay scales are for new recruits but the old one will have certain scales phased out over the years. That's how I see it
  8. PSU gloves

    What shoe spray?
  9. PSU gloves

    Bit of a weird one but my PSU gloves are starting to get a bit smelly inside. Does anyone know the best way to clean them without having to exchange them. Thanks
  10. High Blood Pressure

    I have high blood pressure and its never been an issue. I went through all the 24 hour tests and that was before I joined the job. <br />As long as it is under control of medication it should be ok. <br />I have tests done every year by my doctor and try and keep it down myself by exercise/diet etc. Top tip though. Disclose everything. If you don't tell them and you are found out then its the end of the line
  11. Boots

  12. What happens after the current Pay Freeze?

    I'm in the same position. I started in October and stuck on 4 years. Great
  13. What happens after the current Pay Freeze?

    If for example I was frozen at year 4 and start from where I left off. If the new year 4 is less than the old scale, what will happen? I can't see them dropping my pay to match the new level but will I just stay on the same pay until it catches up to me??
  14. New Starters

    I agree Altbergs are by far the best boots. I have a pair of P1's which have lasted me 4 years. I've recently bought the warrior aqua's which are a bit more expensive but worth it. I will still wear my P1's in the summer and expect them to last a while. If you want quality then get Altbergs
  15. New recruit which boots to buy ?

    Altbergs. They are brilliant. Comfortable from day 1. I had peacekeepers for 4 years and never let me down. I now have the warriors which are even better. Expensive but worth it. You get a Police discount as well. Warriers are £165 but I got them for £125.