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  1. Im going for it too and its the first Ive heard about it only being two years. West Yorks is definately advertising it as open ended.
  2. North Wales Welsh Test

    Submitted it on the 26th I think, got a letter on the 30th to say they'd gotit and were 'actioning' it, then a interview and exam date in the post the next day, gone so quick and have been told if I pass the interview and exam to expect a medical and fitness date in October!
  3. North Wales Welsh Test

    Thanks! Think I need more than luck but will give it a shot! Stand by!
  4. North Wales Welsh Test

    Thanks! Think I need more than luck but will give it a shot! Stand by!
  5. North Wales Welsh Test

    They wrote to me 11 days ago! Not had long to cram!
  6. North Wales Welsh Test

    Hi all, I know there is lots of repetition on this site but I looking for/requesting any information about the spoken Welsh exam taken by all North Wales recruits. Im currently in the job in West Yorkshire but in the process of transferring to North Wales and have my interview and exam this comming Friday! Theres nothing on my paperwork that tells me anything other than you must attain level two. Im not a Welsh speaker and have tried my best to learn level one and two in the two weeks theyve given me considering I have only been in the process for three weeks! Anything would be appreciated!
  7. avon and somerset assessment

    Hi, glad to hear youve got a date close by too! Mines at the same location just obviously the day before, I got my pack through about 5 weeks agon so their cutting it fine with not sending yours out till just now! Shame were not on the same day! I guess it will be much easier for you aving gone through it all once before! Cant imagine anything will have changed! Have no idea where the school is, i live in Bournemouth so im comming up the night before to get my bearings n get my head down before my early start! Darren
  8. avon and somerset assessment

    Hi all, could anyone please leave me some feed back for the assessment centre as Ive noticed most of you guys are on the July one. Mines the 2nd of August for Avon and Somerset and would really be greatful for any info. Due to work commitments theres no way I can get on a course before the 2nd so im relyin on good old fashion books and plenty of revision! Hope to hear back from you guys soon. Cheers Darren