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  1. Good morning, Yesterday I found out that I'd failed my A/C for Thames Valley Police by a paltry 3%. I am going to re-apply in six months so I'm going to use this time to improve. My individual marks were not awful but there are two areas that need addressing. My feedback was: Overall: 47% Working with Others: 52% Oral Communication: 100% Written Communication: 78% Automatic fail (D grade in Working with Others): No If I had failed by a clear mile then I'd be questioning myself as to whether this is the job for me. However failing by such a small amount makes me even more determined to succeed next time. I got the most Ds for Professionalism and Service Delivery so these are the areas that need the most attention. Everything else seems to be OK. In the role plays I asked the actor/ess all the usual open ended questions but what could have I asked/said to tick the Professionalism and Service Delivery boxes? What did you all say? Thanks in advance. Mr. Brush
  2. Application form for regs

    Thanks for your replies. My example I gave for investigating the fraud wasn't that recent. I'll explain further: November 2007 - joined local force as PC October 2009 - resigned various reasons (I'll keep it brief as elaborating would be a new post by itself!) November 2011 - joined different local force as SC June 2012 - applied to completely different force as a PC but failed papersift as mentioned in previous post. So in answer to your question Tim in the South, it was four years (2008) since investigating the fraud and using it as an example on my new application. That said, I did not put when it was so it could have been anytime. As for spelling errors and grammatical errors, I checked it through with a fine tooth comb about 20 times. I even got my partner to check it and she is a teacher so I think that part of it was OK. My writing is awful so I tend to write in block capitals - including my application form. I live in Bedfordshire and given that I was rejected from Suffolk Police, would this distance be a factor? I also got another person to read my form. She used to work in recruitment (not police related) so she knows the score and she said it was fine. It is really bugging me not knowing what it was they didn't like. Anway, thanks again. Guybrush
  3. Hello, Six months ago, I failed the paper sift for Suffolk Police however no feedback was given. I’d been a PC and a SC for another force so I had plenty of experience. When it came to the competency based questions I was very careful to hit all the criteria (Respect for Race and Diversity, Team working, Resilience, Honesty and Integrity etc…) I thought my form was really strong…turns out it wasn’t! The only thing I can think of that they didn’t like was even though I based my answers on scenarios that I’d dealt with myself not what I would have done, they were too policeified and not based on general life. I just assumed examples of a police nature would score better than ones that weren’t. For example, for the problem solving question (can't remember the exact wording), I wrote about when I investigated a £10,000 fraud. My question is: Is it better to give examples relating to general day-to-day life than to use Police examples? If you were a SC and were successful in applying to the regs, how did you tackle it? Thanks, Mr. Brush

    This is not the case anymore. They opened recruitment briefly on Monday (12th) and within a few hours all slots had been filled at the recruitment events. You need to have booked a slot to received an application form. No slot = no application form. Recruitment has now therefore closed. https://applyonline....Recruits/100701
  5. Not sure of the dates but... 1. Passed papersift but failed A/C for Beds Police. 2. Failed papersift for Thames Valley Police. 3. Passed papersift, passed A/C and was recruited by Beds Police as a PC 4. Resigned from Beds Police 1 month before 2 year probation as I had a load of problems. 5. Passed papersift, passed A/C and was recruited by Thames Valley Special Constabulary as no forces were recruiting (still there). 6. Failed papersift for Suffolk Police. I am having a rough time but I still want to make it my career. My advice for anyone that is determined to join is not to take "NO" for an answer! I'm about as frustrated as you can get but I'll keep on going until I get back in and pass my probation. Thanks, Mr Brush
  6. Confidence

    Paulie, you maybe looking further into this than you need to. For one thing, you being booked on your response course is proof enough that you're doing OK. Especially only after 10 months! It is an expensive course and your force would not let you take it if they did not think you were worthy of it. When I read your post it was like looking back into the past. I was in exactly the same situation but I let it get out of hand. Without going into boring details, I suffered a massive confidence lack and therefore a lot of people thought I wasn't up to the job. I tied myself up in knots and eventually my assessor wouldn't sign me off and I had to resign 1 month before my 2 years - GUTTED was not the word. I would HATE this to happen to anyone else - as long as you know your powers so that you know what you're talking about then you should be OK. Best of luck, Guybrush
  7. Losing my license within first 2 years

    Jaydee, you are correct. Speeding points are back dated to when the offence took place - not date of conviction. I know someone that was caught speeding in September and he didn't go to court until the following March. So when the points went on his licence, they were only valid for 2 and a half years and not 3. One advantage I suppose! I don't like speculation but on the law of probability, I would suggest that you probably haven't been caught.
  8. Medical and uniform fitting on 22 August, fitness test on 7th Sept and if all well and good an intake date of 18th Nov. Gh0st, don't be too concerned as everything else should just fall into place, passing the A/C is the most important bit I think.
  9. Fed up

    I quite agree with most of the above. In my force, I investigated a large fraud with 3 arrests with 3 charges, stopped someone hanging themselves in custody with a blanket, helped on 3 murders and a rape not one single word of thanks. Not that I expected any but it would have been nice to hear "Well done, excellent job". I just try to remember that I get paid every month and my pay IS my thanks.
  10. Too late to start a decent police career ?

    When I joined at 29, I got nothing but compliments from friends and family. They all said the same thing: "You've got a huge amount of life expeience to bring with you". I was not the oldest either, in fact there was a 37 year old on my intake. Even one of my friends was in his mid 40s when he joined. I'd just go for it! It was quite interesting because on my intake, there were no school levers or people joining on their 18th birthdays. They were all people that had previous jobs/careers. As per above comments - you are at a good age to join. The only thing I found uncomforatble with joining a little bit later on in life was that sometimes I had to take a bollocking from someone much younger than myself. I found it very hard to keep my mouth shut when someone was having a go at me and all I could think of was "you were probably in nappies when I was at school"! Age really should not be an issue but sometimes I could not help it. I would join first and then think about your career path. Try not to judge it too soon as being a seargent or inspector may not be what you think. Anyway I wish you the very best of luck. Guybrush
  11. No more than there are 3 possible intakes - September, October and November.
  12. Actually, ignore this...they've just phoned to say I've passed!
  13. Has anyone got their results back yet? It's been 6 working days now and still nothing...
  14. SC Vetting financial checks.

    Having a balance on a credit card is not necessarily bad. Infact the bank or organisation love it when you have a balance because it's earning them money. Similarly, they hate it when you clear the balance every month becuase they are not earning any interest out of you. They are not going to give you a bad credit rating because you have a balance - it's perfectly normal as per above comments. However, if you start missing payments and defaulting then it WILL start being a problem as it would prove you to be unreliable and uncredit worthy. As long as you always meet the minimum payment every month you will be absolutley fine. Best of luck. Guybrush
  15. Driving

    Sect172, Some very good points - which force are you with? G.