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  1. Sussex Police

    hmmmm, the waiting is the worst part. I take it none of you have heard anything yet. My friend done his application in jan and has only just got a date for the assessment centre! The website says there has been an overwhelming amount of applications and the recruitment line won't be open again for quite a while, so bet they have lots of paper sifting to do. Anyway, good luck everyone who is waiting to hear back. Sarah
  2. Money, money, money!

    Hello, Some of the deductions will depend on you as well. I joined Sussex in January and have joined the federation and a few other things as well, plus the pension takes quite a bit off too but is really worth it. I take home just over what Lax has stated after all the extra's are taken off. In Sussex the training period is 43 weeks, not sure if that has or will change though. Best check it out with someone from the force you are applying to. Sarah
  3. Sussex starting monday (6th April)?

    Hello everyone. I started on 5th January at Eastbourne Campus and love it, so I know you will all love it too. Eastbourne get the same treatment as you guys at bognor, no expense spared when it comes to the PG tips and chocolate digestives!! The first few weeks are a lot of fun and getting to know eachother and the tutors who are all very very nice and make you feel so comfortable. Some of Cohort 12 will be floating around somewhere on Eastbourne campus on Monday no doubt. Hope you all enjoy the course as much as we are. Any questions? just ask and I will do my best to help anyone out. Might see some of you next week. Sarah
  4. Sussex Police chat thread

    Well done Kris, I did love listening in on my airwave that day, you crack me up!!! Unlucky about the bike............ what are the chances??! See ya tomorrow.
  5. Passed the assesment centre...

    Yeah I thought it was a bit quick! Not much time to recover from stuffing my face over christmas.
  6. Passed the assesment centre...

    congrats on passing the ac. I passed mine in dec too, got my fitness on monday. sarah
  7. Woohoo!!! I passed the assessment centre

    Well done to all of you that have passed the assessment centre, Anyone else feel they shouldn't have had that extra bit of christmas cake? lol
  8. Woohoo!!! I passed the assessment centre

    Hi, well done on the assessment centre. You are in Sussex too, are you going to Lewes @ 8.30am? Sounds like we are going to the same fitness. Sarah
  9. Medical and Security Checks

    I was given the impression that the security checks are done before the assessment centre as shown here sarah

    Found one here, HTH. Sarah
  11. Got a letter in the post friday telling me I have passed the assessment day. I was convinced I hadn't done well as I thought of lots of things I could have said but didn't in the role plays and interview after leaving the centre. I am going to have a brilliant christmas after getting that news. Got my Fitness on 7th January 2008. Sarah
  12. failed.

    Sorry to hear that, Hopefully they will send your feedback so you can see what you need to add to your next app. I found my feedback from my app really useful. I got a D on one of the sections and when I read the feedback I found I hadn't given enough info in my answer, it was then so easy to correct it. Good luck with your next app. Sarah
  13. Got my assessment day tomorrow!

    Oh miles away, I am applying to Sussex.
  14. Got my assessment day tomorrow!

    Well I have done it! it was not as bad as I had imagined, felt much better once I got there and spoke to all the other candidates who where feeling just as I was. Thanks for all your advice, I had a relaxing bath before bed and it sent me straight to sleep. I just done my best and if I haven't got through this time it was a great learning experience for next time. Sarah
  15. Got my assessment day tomorrow!

    Thanks Adam, I am gonna have five minutes with a cup of tea now as I have been doing prepartions all afternoon. Good luck with your application. What force are you applying to?