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  1. Hello, Some of the deductions will depend on you as well. I joined Sussex in January and have joined the federation and a few other things as well, plus the pension takes quite a bit off too but is really worth it. I take home just over what Lax has stated after all the extra's are taken off. In Sussex the training period is 43 weeks, not sure if that has or will change though. Best check it out with someone from the force you are applying to. Sarah
  2. Hello everyone. I started on 5th January at Eastbourne Campus and love it, so I know you will all love it too. Eastbourne get the same treatment as you guys at bognor, no expense spared when it comes to the PG tips and chocolate digestives!! The first few weeks are a lot of fun and getting to know eachother and the tutors who are all very very nice and make you feel so comfortable. Some of Cohort 12 will be floating around somewhere on Eastbourne campus on Monday no doubt. Hope you all enjoy the course as much as we are. Any questions? just ask and I will do my best to help anyone out. Might see some of you next week. Sarah
  3. Found one here, HTH. Sarah