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  1. Just had my Training Pack for Hampshire

    Hello to you all I have my start date and it is 19th of november have my uniform fitting on the 15th of october at 1400 let me know how u are all doing and sadly dont know where i am to be stationed yet as they are still sorting it out Just to let u all know hampshire's training is now 18 weks and 9 weeks on job chat to you all soon Andrew
  2. Just had my Training Pack for Hampshire

    i am hoping for either 29th oct or 19 th nov these are the dates i have been given hope i get one of them will see u at netley when ever we both get there Anyone else got any dates
  3. Just had my Training Pack for Hampshire

    hey jan will not be that bad but u have to think aboiut the people how have taken two years to get to where we are now i have only been in the process 5 months snafu
  4. Just had my Training Pack for Hampshire

    I had mine a think about the start of August and had my medical and chat with recruitment just under two weeks ago still have no idea of my start date but will post it as soon as i know i heard back from my final interview within a week might be a good idea to contact recruitment and see what is happening snafu
  5. Just had my Training Pack for Hampshire

    Sadly not no idea yet i reckon i will know more when i get my start date Where about are you based
  6. Hello to you all I have just reciceved my welcome and training pack for Hampshire Still waiting for my start date but hope to know that next week Anyone else out there starting in Hampshire soon Would be great to chat to you all and make friends and share stories before we/I arrive there. Speak to you all soon and anyone either serving or doing training in Hampshire any advice would be grateful snafu
  7. Hampshire Specials - 3rd October?

    Hello to you all First of WELL DONE to you all for becoming specials. I have just had my pack for training arrive for full police constable and i have my collar number Still do not know my start date or where i will be based but i am look forward to meeting you at netley and if not in the training ground in the bars in the area And if we dont meet in training i look forward to wporking with you all on the beat I wish you all the best and make sure you keep your fitness up I know i have a fitness test on the first day in training Have fun and chat soon snafu