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  1. The new girlfriend could put a disclosure of information request in. It would be vetted to see if it was appropriate to divulge any info to the requestor
  2. Update Reus?
  3. I don't mean to mock, but you can not expect an answer to this when it is quite clear your not giving sufficient facts. One has to ask, how often did you ask her, were you clothed, did you appear within her secure home??????
  4. Not sure I would expect favour for sticking to Bail Conditions, but you can expect no sympathy from court if you breach them. They are a condition of your freedom and should not be taken lightly. In Scotland, breaching them does not necessarily need to be corroborated to see you in hot water again.
  5. Good luck. By big day, you mean interview? Take your time, confirm questions if necessary, use water to pause and have thinking time All the best.
  6. Always keeping my beady eye on you Bart. anyhow, stop derailing other peoples topics! Sorry Reus!
  7. Good luck Reus, take a stage at a time. Loads of friendly helpful advise here, certainly helped me succeed. I take it you are in a position to work wherever your sent in Scotland? Thank god I got in before that rule or I'd be missing out on the interesting career I'd wanted for years.
  8. Have English Forces not got an online official Police educational site like Solus in Scotland?
  9. I don't think you need a bit of plastic to show you are a copper or similar. The way you carry and conduct yourself is often enough to convince guide or calm people if needed (rta for instance)
  10. Depends on the circumstances. Is the someone entitled to be there, is the owner causing fear and alarm by allowing dog to bark at someone? I'm no dog expert but don't think that there is a dog related offence specifically but perhaps more common un sociable/anti-social behavior offences.
  11. Small room that staff enjoy using and probably don't want pretenders cluttering the place. But the resistance machine gym should be sufficient for the majority anyway
  12. Bart, HATO all work in pretty much the same environment with same job role. A HATO on the M25 can use exactly the same kit as one in Cumbria. Police roles and environment vary greatly, which I guess is partly why there is such a variety in kit and source. If I remember rightly, HATO one stop shop was far from good value in many areas.
  13. A **** magnet? Sorry admins. Lol : )
  14. Another help is to recognise the ****** magnet on your team, get out with that person or get advise off them. The magnet on my team is a nightmare, but in a good way , learn tonnes off him.
  15. You misread my post Doc, I'm thriving on the work pace and challenge, think you would too. Consider a change or as Andrew says , get stuck in on your Intel targets and recognise your hotspots. Proactive traffic stops avail to you? Things can change, your just going through a blip.