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    Walking my Border Collie in the woods, I am teaching him to search and find things, I would love to train him to be a passive DDD as he as a good nose and lots of energy to find it! I love watching working dogs I often go to the Longshaw Sheep Dog trails. Love watching Police Dogs too!<br /><br />Internet, Photography, making Video's, Geocaching, History, English Spiritualism, Driving,
  1. BTP

    Great Scott! is it that long!! Cheers MM!
  2. BTP

    Hi all Does the BTP have Drug Detection Dogs and where do they train them, and can you join up straight away as a Dog Handler?
  3. Martin Clunes: A Man and His Dogs Today 9:00pm ITV 1
  4. Gmp Special Constable in hospital after attack

    In my opinion and for H&S ALL Coppers should be double crewed or have a GPDDog! Local Business could fund it...
  5. Best Childrens TV Program

    Andy Pandy, FlowerPotMen, Four Father Four. Super Car, Fireball XL5, Mr Piper, CrackerJack, Mr Patry, The Banana Splits, Seseme Street, The Simpsons, Lazy Town!
  6. Police officers with braces

    Get a brace with a picture on say a Police Helicoptor or Police Dog Handler... and when you smile at the crooks... they'd be putty in your hands!
  7. Gary glitter.

    I did like him in the 70's but I won't listen to his music ever again...
  8. Brit Cops: Frontline Crime. Bravo at 10:00pm

    I do hope they got some good Police Dogs on...!
  9. 1970's 1980's Policing

    'hauntings' wow I would love that! :)
  10. 6 strands of diversity

    race age gender sexual orientation disability religion or belief R.A.G.S.D.R. 'RAGS DR!'
  11. 1970's 1980's Policing

    In the old days the Police got a free house or allowance and free boots. My uncle also got a free phone too but only for Police Business use ( It would take incoming calls to, and it had a wire cord with a drawer under it any colour so long as it was Black)! My uncle had two helmets too a normal one and night time one and he had two 'Truncheons' too, a week one and weekend, much harder one!
  12. NPT Volunteer!!!

    Well done! Think of the experiance that you can glean thataway...!
  13. Want to be a police officer

    He (is young). I nearly joined the Police cos of 'The Sweeeny'! in 1976!
  14. Fasttrack from special to regular

    That is a good idea. Would that also count as probation period or would another two years have to be served...I reckon the latter.
  15. If the Queen dies....

    no King Charles 111 or C111R