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  1. eu licence

    Yes and nothing.
  2. Whiplash

    Like with any job, you don't go to work to get injured, and just like any other job there are avenues open to you if you do get injured. There are 20 on my team every shift. I put this to them last night and every one said claim, without a seconds hesitation. So......... from my somewhat limited research, the general feeling is CLAIM!! In relation to the advice given re doctors, get an appointment soonest. If you still ache get some physio. As RM says above, you never know what the long term damage will be, so anything you can do now, to minimise that damage will be better for you in the long term.
  3. Police Complaints

    Sounds like about a hundred jobs i've dealt with in my time to be honest. As with Morek54, refuse to sign.
  4. New Ranks

    Stand by to be looked at like you've just grown an extra head then! I've been in the police for over 20 years and the only times i've saluted is as the coffin of a dead colleague has passed me on its way into the cathedral.
  5. Positive Experiences of The Job.

    Just ever so slightly to the left Off til the new year now so i'm a happy chap
  6. Positive Experiences of The Job.

    Ewwwww :tongue:
  7. Positive Experiences of The Job.

    Personally I've had some amazing times, as will most officers with 20+ years in. I've arrested some of the countries most wanted people I've found vulnerable missing children and prevented further harm coming to them, I've saved lives both directly and indirectly. But the job is now a shadow of its former self and I cannot wait to retire from it. I could leave, but that would be financial suicide at my length of service. I have no skills worth mentioning other than police specific skills, so now I simply look at the job as a mortgage and bills payer. Simon, I truly hope you are happy with your entire police career. As you are in IT, you will know how very quickly you can become de-skilled. The longer you are in the police, the less likely your current qualifications and skills will be relevent to that industry. The government of the day, whichever one it may be, WILL change the terms of service you join up with, they WILL change your pension, and you WILL whinge about it and argue your case when people simply come and say to you, well if you don't like it, leave.
  8. Speed camera van location

    In short , no. Pay up
  9. New Ranks

    Me too
  10. What's the weather like where you are!.

    In the arrse end of Yorkshire its drizzling just like it was yesterday ....... and the day before that
  11. Res ipsa loquitur. Let the facts speak for themselves.
  12. MGDD/A Medical Conditions

    Many moons ago when I was on traffic I had a fair few who would come up with asthma as a reason not to provide breath. So as not to create an out for the DP I'd always go to the MGDD/B. I was fortunate that I worked in busy area and there was almost always a medical professional in the cell area at the time so there was less of a delay. That's not to say the job is lost though. I just found it closed all avenues of escape for the driver. As for aspergers, I can't see that having any bearing on the job at all.
  13. New tax disc rules - new minefield

    No vehicle excise duty does not invalidate motor insurance. The rest, i agree with. I cannot understand why, other than as a money maker / scam, the duty paid for the month in which the vehicle is sold cannot be transfered. I understand that refunds have always been whole months but up until now (October), VED has always been transfered with the vehicle in most circumstances.
  14. That's pretty much the million dollar question. The thing with car enthusiasts meetings, unless it is a specific type of vehicle such as the Ford Escort Mexico owners club or Land rover defenders club (I've no idea if these exist, they are just examples), they will always attract cretins and lots of them. To say that the cars still bombing about an hour after the event has finished is nothing to do with the event is naïve at best. The event attracts them, they are there purely because of the event and as a result the organisers will get a tough time from local residents. Along time ago now, when I was a rat, we facilitated like events but tried to get them out of town and away from residential streets as best we could. We also impressed upon the organisers that we would operate zero tolerance policies on RT offences. In the main they were glad of this as they knew their members and genuine enthusiasts vehicles were spot on and driven sensibly. It was done to target the hangers on. As for getting involved in an off duty capacity, this is fraught with danger because, as you well know, events of this type attract dickheads and therefore attract the Police. My advice would be to not involve yourself in the facilitation of these events, leave that up to the local Police and organisers.
  15. I would suggest that your trainer is misinterpreting the word 'custody'. If it meant the cell area then it would say that in the legislation. Being in custody doesn't mean being in the custody area.