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  2. From what I've seen, and from talking to those with a greater length of service, the greater part of the increases in paperwork seems to have come about as a result of the demands made by the defence side. There's no real way that I can see for the police service to be able to reduce that, as it's not in their control.
  3. Yes, you're not getting the personal or organisational effects of Winsor, or the reduction in the numbers of Constables, are you? If you're a response officer, imagine tomorrow that your Relief/Team is cut by 50-65% in numbers, with the same workload - just for example's sake.
  4. I'll be there, having taken the day off.
  5. Road Traffic Law (Blackstone's Practical Policing)Anybody out there got a copy of the above book, and if so, would you recommend it as a resource for somebody interested in roads policing?Is the content largely similar to the Blackstones Police Manual 3 Road Policing as per the Ospre syllabus, or does the book go much beyond that? Would be interested to learn a little more before spending the money.Thanks.
  6. I disagree. That wasn't part of any point I was making.
  7. Police officers have signed up knowing they can't enjoy industrial rights, but that in return for that, they would have a certain amount of protection in other forms. I think the "whinging" is because those protections now look likely to be removed without the quid pro quo of gaining full industrial rights. That's not a condition any current serving police officer accepted when they joined the police.
  8. It reads to me (and from reading other sources) that the aim in this instance is to give the PCSOs a similar range of powers to PCSOs in neighbouring counties.
  9. That doesn't always make such reviews right.
  10. It's set at that level for a reason, as I've previously posted. We've also seen the direct cost of "fitness" tests being set on a "unscientific" basis.
  11. Can we then conclude that Mr Winsor has never watched Road Wars during his research? I'm sure I've seen a few clips on there over the years where a cop has leapt from a helicopter to run across a field and make an arrest - where ground units have been left behind. :biggrin:
  12. Is this a genuine attempt at trolling? Just in case it's not, why seek to drag everybody down, when we should really be trying to improve the lot of others?
  13. An excerpt: The claim about all these overweight officers and staff was culled from information contained in Tom Winsor’s second report into police pay and conditions in which he recommends fitness testing for personnel. In it, he refers to a voluntary health programme offered by the Metropolitan Police Service to help any officer or staff member who was worried about their weight or other aspects of their fitness. Are things becoming clearer? Yes, the 75 per cent of officers branded by the media as being overweight were, in fact, actually 75 per cent of those officers WHO ATTENDED A PROGRAMME FOR, AMONG OTHERS, THE OVERWEIGHT. And who, moreover, voluntarily joined the programme because they were determined to lose weight and get fit
  14. According to an online calculator I found via the Fed website, I stand to be financially better off in the mid-term if these proposals are brought in. However, the vast majority of them (e.g. relating to MikeH's post) seem so bad and poorly thought out, that I'd rather be worse off (stay as I am) and have none of the recommendations. If you want to have any chance of having your voice heard, write to your MP. Write to the MP that covers the area you work in. Tell the Fed how you feel.