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  1. Assaulting a police officer
  2. The long term future of policing in the UK

    From what I've seen, and from talking to those with a greater length of service, the greater part of the increases in paperwork seems to have come about as a result of the demands made by the defence side. There's no real way that I can see for the police service to be able to reduce that, as it's not in their control.
  3. But not technically on the road

    "The Act" referred to by The Road Vehicles (DoRM) Regs is the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994; s.62 (definitions) defines keeping in terms keeping a vehicle on a public road when it is not in use there.
  4. But not technically on the road

    If the motorcycle's on a trailer, with both wheels off the road, then it's not being kept on a road.
  5. But not technically on the road

    Some brand-new road-legal motorcycle tyres don't have tread cuts across the centre part of the tyre to start with. It depends on the tyre. If they're on a trailer, they could potentially be SORN'ed and therefore left uninsured too - but still quite legitimately trailered by a seller or buyer, for example.
  6. Driving lights usage

    I drive to work along unlit B- and C- roads for something like 80% of my commuting distance. I've never needed fog lights on in order to illuminate animals and birds, or potholes as head lights have always been sufficient.
  7. Driving lights usage

    I don't really believe they're any use to you under normal driving conditions, regardless of whether they are fog lights or not. If you're having trouble seeing ahead on unlit roads, and there's no traffic ahead of you, then main beam is appropriate. If not, then remain on dipped beam. If you're doing more than 5mph or so, I really can't see any point of having "fog" lights on, as they're not going to illuminate anything in a useful way. IMHO.
  8. "morale at rock bottom" discuss

    Yes, you're not getting the personal or organisational effects of Winsor, or the reduction in the numbers of Constables, are you? If you're a response officer, imagine tomorrow that your Relief/Team is cut by 50-65% in numbers, with the same workload - just for example's sake.
  9. I'll be there, having taken the day off.
  10. Road Traffic Law (Blackstone's Practical Policing)Anybody out there got a copy of the above book, and if so, would you recommend it as a resource for somebody interested in roads policing?Is the content largely similar to the Blackstones Police Manual 3 Road Policing as per the Ospre syllabus, or does the book go much beyond that? Would be interested to learn a little more before spending the money.Thanks.

    There's a substantial volume of published evidence that DRLs can actually increase collision rates, rather than reduce them. (Just as there's a substantial volume of evidence in favour of them.) The nub of the "anti" evidence is that the original Scandinavian studies conducted in the 1970's which have formed the basis for the "pro" lobby were under-evaluated and didn't acknowledge that the significant decrease in collisions (once DRLs were introduced into the equation) came about from a decrease in motor vehicle vs. "large animal" collisions, i.e. elk and similar animals. This decrease supposedly masked small increase in collision rates between motor vehicles and pedestrians/two-wheelers. There's also substantial evidence that relatively small lights can actually act as camouflage, breaking up the outline of large objects such as battleships, tanks and military aircraft. It's controversial, and not as clear a subject as it first appears. You have to remember that much of the "pro" lobby consists of those with a vested interest in the motor industry too - those with an interest in producing cars where they can market the supposed demonstrable safety aspects to potential customers. IME, many of those who are pro DRL often (IMO) misunderstand them slightly too. We don't necessarily need lights on when it's raining, just as we don't necessarily need them on when it's good daylight. People argue for DRLs in order to stop others driving without lights on when visibility is poor (i.e. not normal "daylight.") If that's necessary, why aren't they arguing instead for a more elegant solution like auto-"headlights on" when the car senses that visibility is reduced? That's not a luxury feature, it's been fitted to bottom-of-the-range Renaults for years, for example. Personally, I'd rather have the choice to switch my lights on or off as required.
  12. Strike

    I disagree. That wasn't part of any point I was making.

    I've stopped people for all of the above, and I'm not a traffic/RPU officer. The police can't be everywhere at once.
  14. Strike

    Police officers have signed up knowing they can't enjoy industrial rights, but that in return for that, they would have a certain amount of protection in other forms. I think the "whinging" is because those protections now look likely to be removed without the quid pro quo of gaining full industrial rights. That's not a condition any current serving police officer accepted when they joined the police.