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  1. How does the pension work?

    It's a different pension as PCSOs are Police staff and that pension is different. You will start a new pension completely but your previous pension will buy you time off your 35 years, so you can retire earlier. It is far better than an armed forces one as well, and were not getting shot at, well not yet. It's not as good as it used to be, but look around out there, theres nothing like it
  2. How does the pension work?

    There's no point joining the police if your not going to have the pension, it's the whole point to be honest. It's now 35 years to earn a full pension, which is 4 times your final salary lump sum and 50% of final salary per year for waking up in the morning. I worked at Land Rover for 6 years prior and when transferring my pension, I bought 18 months off my 35 years. You can leave earlier than 35 years, but you will use a % of your 4 times final salary to do this.
  3. West Mids don't allow everyone access to send external emails so i cannot email admin here to get access to the student tools and pdu, i have emailed them and they asked if there are any other officers who have had the same problem.
  4. West midlands officers please

    Let me know if you have any luck, where are you based?
  5. Modus operandi help

    In west mids we do and what markalama said is just spot on. analysts search the mo's to find unknown suspects but do not write them as they are not investigators.
  6. Modus operandi help

    Cheers it helps.
  7. West midlands officers please

    Hi are there any west mids current serving officers, who have managed to get resident feed on here? As my email won't let me send external emails i cannot get full access on here, and when i emailed admin, they asked me to ask any west mids officers who have resident status what they did.
  8. Modus operandi help

    Hi to all current serving police officers, i am nearly half way through my tutor phase and my weakest point is my Modus operandi on crime reports, i know its simple, but needs to have points to prove, anyone have some kind of templates for different crimes whilst i get to grips with it. Training didn't help us with all the different crimes we deal with, also any advice on efb would be great!
  9. Hi this for everyone wanting to join West Midlands Police as a constable. I am 4 weeks from finishing now, but i went with the mrs to the NEC at the weekend and WMP were there, they are re-opening the application process again 5th January 2009, just to let you know.
  10. Ratio of work to revision

    West Mids 18 weeks, 4 weeks, week 5, 3 days community placement, week 6 pst training, week 7, 3 days PDU1, week 8-11 Law, week 12 PDU 2, week 13-16, week 17 PDU 3, week 18 finished, week 19-27 tutor phase on shifts, on response team!
  11. Wages

    21k, 24k after basic training.
  12. Finding training difficult

    Feel a bit the same, i'm in week 6, to be honest, experience is something that can't be bought or taught, i think thats all it is.
  13. Baton not locking

    Contact stores, but have you adjusted the tensioner??? Read your instructions.
  14. Chunky Guys in training

    Contact your police HQ and speak to the medical office, west mids nearly didn't let me take my fitness test as my BMI was 29 and 30 is their limit, now for the funny part, being unfit in their eyes, i passed the fitness and got the quickest time, top of my class. The BMI is my sworn enemy!!!! I'm 5' 7'' and 14 stone, but fit and healthy, BMI scale says i'm obese!
  15. West Midlands Police

    HIYA!!!!!! I was in the August intake, see you all on Monday!