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  1. Special Constable round two!

    Attest in 5 weeks time!
  2. Special Constable round two!

    So quite a way in to my training now! Still not smoking and still working out almost everyday!
  3. Special Constable round two!

    I start training on Wednesday night!
  4. Special Constable round two!

    I'm trying to take it real slow. I did the cambridge diet a year back and lost about 7 stone and then put 5 back on in 3 months! Thank you! I just want to get started now!
  5. Special Constable round two!

    I've passed medical and fitness and been invited to a drugs test and awareness event which means I've passed vetting. Pretty pleased!
  6. Special Constable round two!

    What an achievement! Nicely done! I'm off to the gym again now, and then it's time for chicken! Thank you!
  7. Special Constable round two!

    That's what I'm going for. I've been using this app called my fitness pal and it's great for showing you the proportion of carbs, protein and fat that is in my diet. I'm going to be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of chickens, turkeys and fish over the next few weeks.
  8. Special Constable round two!

    That's great, thank you for clearing that up! I'd hate to have come this far only to be told "sorry pal, you're a bit too chubby!"
  9. Special Constable round two!

    I'm well aware of that. Hence me joining a gym, eating healthy and stopping smoking (51 days and counting) - The fact I've lost 15lb in a month clearly shows that I'm doing something to combat the problem.
  10. Special Constable round two!

    So I attended my PIRT last Saturday and had my interview on the same day and this time I passed the interview so I've been provisionally accepted as a Special Constable. I've got a few concerns though and I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out with them: I've heard (not seen it for definite) that during the medical examination they asses your BMI and that it has to be below 30. The problem is mine is currently 31.2. I'm 5"11 and weigh 224lb. In the past month I've dropped down from 239lb. I've been hitting the gym really hard and sticking to a balanced diet. My only concern is that I'm going to fail my medical based on this. I'm hoping to get my BMI down to 30.7 by the time of my medical but without risking my health I don't think it's possible to get it down anymore. If anyone could offer their views on this I'd be really grateful!
  11. A real important topic: BEER

    Can't beat a good ale in the local! Arkells Wiltshire Gold - puts hairs on your chest!
  12. Morning All

    Everything seems to have changed! It's a bit like getting a new car, less the cost.
  13. Application pack sent off yesterday so fingers crossed I'll be okay this time! I applied a few years back when I was 17 and I didn't pass the interview which was pretty gutting but also understandable. Hopefully with a few years of working behind me and a bit more life experience I'll be okay this time! Anyone else out there applying to Wiltshire?
  14. Speed camera man!

    Good to see you knocking around still!
  15. Morning All

    Evening all, Some of you may remember me from a few years back when I caused a bit of trouble. I'd just like to apologise for that and to assure you all that real life has smacked me square on the face and I'm a much more grounded person now. On top of that I'm currently in the middle of applying to become a Special so, fingers crossed, I'll ace the interview this time! Hope you're all well!