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  1. Lothian and Borders Tattoo Policy

    Bear in mind that if you apply and are successful you will not be joining L&B but The Scottish Police Service. Who knows what their tattoo policy will be!
  2. Article in the Independent- "febs"

    I've done over 6 years with L&B and not experienced this once!
  3. Cheshire Shifts

    That's great, thanks. Same pattern as L&B.
  4. Transferee Interviews

    Thanks DM, My interview with Cheshire is on Wednesday. I've done alot of reading on the force and other stuff in the news. Also got some good examples, but my biggest worry is that it'll all drop out of my head at the time or they'll throw in a real tricky question that I haven't thought of. I suppose I'll find out soon enough what it's like!
  5. Cheshire Shifts

    Hi, can any serving Officer tell me what shift pattern response Officers in Cheshire currently work? Also would a transferee go straight on to response or would they need to start in Community or some other role? Thanks.
  6. AC 5th July

    Coming around soon. Good luck all!
  7. Transferee Interviews

    Hi, does anyone have any experience with transferee interviews, particularly with Cheshire Constabulary? Interview is looming and I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks
  8. Cheshire transferee

    Anyone get notification today? Fingers crossed for you that they are still contacting folk!
  9. Cheshire transferee

    I believe it is a bleep test to level 5.6 and push/pull of 35kg. That seems to be the standard for all English forces.
  10. Cheshire transferee

    Congrats. I'm on the 4th. Time to start swotting!
  11. Cheshire transferee

    They are phoning with results today. Just got the call. Beware, dates for interview are set and are soon! Better start preparing!
  12. Cheshire transferee

    Hopefully. Would make sense if they want to interview in July! Any idea how thorough/tough transferee interviews are? A quick casual chat or a proper grilling?
  13. Cheshire transferee

    I phoned yesterday to make an amendment to my form and was told they were expecting them back from marking that afternoon. No idea if notification is by post/email/phone though!
  14. Cheshire transferee

    I applied from Lothian & Borders. Anyone heard back yet? Apparently papersift finished today!
  15. Tulliallan March Intake

    Hiya, I'm starting with L&B at Fettes (Police HQ) tomorrow, then Tulliallen on Monday Anyone know how many will be starting in total on that date? I have about 30 from L&B and Strathclyde, and maybe the same from all the other forces, in my head for some reason, dunno why. See you all there.