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  1. I would also go with this. The national recruitment plan states that a requirement for A levels for all recruits, although currently I think only TVP enforce this. Good luck with whatever you do! Jon
  2. I grade = 15 minute S grade = 60 minute E grade = 24 hours (in theory) R grade = whenever, if actually deployed, usually referred to other people or appointment etc Jon
  3. The Winsor Part 2 report which was ratified by the Home Secretary the other day gives a power to the Commissioner to vary the London weighting within parameters. So he can set the London weighting to whatever he wants upto the maximum of circa £6k (the current level) It's all up in the air at the moment.
  4. We work 2x2x2 then 4 off. E..E..L..L..N..N..R..R..R..R Sometimes we lose a rest day at the start of the pattern for a tasking day to make up the hours, they usually coincide with football matches. Which means it looks like: E..E..L..L..N..N..R..R..R..T E = Early 0630 - 1430 L = Late 1430 - 2230 N = Nights 2230 - 0630 T = Tasking 0800 - 1600 We have 5 teams.
  5. It's basically because it's technically a recall to duty. Ie. working from one day into the next. I've also had it when I've had a cancelled rest day with plenty of notice, and started duty at 0430. I was paid as if I started at 0130. Our working day is 0630 to 0630 so they had technically cancelled a day and recalled me.
  6. The current pay system allows 4 hours for what is technically a cancelled rest day and they also give you travelling time which is always an hour. They pay you 5 hours minimum when you have a cancelled rest day. Or when you work into a rest day from a night shift. The only caveat is you must go at least 75 minutes into your rest day to get what we call the 4+1.
  7. In the Met we have our "amazing" automated duties system. But for all it's failures if you book on and off correctly it calculates overtime automatically. This morning I finished 2 hours into my rest day. The duty system showed me as 4 hours overtime plus an hours travelling at time & half. Looks like minimum hours still applies, just at the new rate instead of double.
  8. Now I'm off to do my Level 2 in the Met very soon and have been informed it's the bleep test to 6.2 the shield run still takes place but is as a serial and there's no pass or fail on it.
  9. Had this happen a few times, including today when I was attempting to issue a drinking ticket to a customer who said I couldn't do anything cos I can't arrest! My answer was to say, "Maybe not, but I know a man who can" and proceeded to call a PC colleague who happened to be around the corner. He was promptly arrested for failing to give me his details! Jon