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  1. New PCs

    Just a quick note, no steel toe caps allowed in the Met except for Level 2 boots on Level 2 Aid
  2. Transferee

    No idea, it just mentioned it on an internal article about recruitment and promotion
  3. Transferee

    Yes, it has been mentioned recently internally that advertising for transferees is imminent
  4. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    All I will say is, welcome to the Met!! Get used to bad communication and lots of waiting!
  5. Transferee - Shift Times

    Shifts for response teams across the Met are being standardised as part of the local policing model to 2 earlies (0700-1600), 2 lates (1400-2300) and 2 nights (2200-0700) then 4 days off. SNT and LPT shifts vary. There are some slight variations on start times.
  6. Abstractions for Big Events

    Good question! Knowing the way the Met do stuff you'd probably be expected to do the training again, you'll soon find out we do everything slightly differently in the Met!
  7. Abstractions for Big Events

    It's not difficult to get L2 training at all. The new model has 50% of a response team being L2 trained and they are pushing it as the way for all officers to be honest. Aid is supplied as required, comes as L2 or L3 depending on its nature. A request for a serial us sent to your borough who fulfill the request. In my borough they supply from wherever they can including SNT and response.
  8. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Yeah, not gonna happen I don't think. My response team has been told to expect to deal with our own jobs once LPM comes in
  9. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I wouldn't count on being posted to response. Although most response teams are under strength once the LPT comes in response teams will be smaller anyway. In my boroughs case down to the current size! LPT is where the big uplift in numbers is going to be. To be honest recruitment have little say in where you are posted to on borough. The borough itself makes that decision based on operational need. Good luck to all.
  10. New uniform

    Actually doesn't look too bad!! Tunics were still personal issue last I heard!
  11. New girl, nice to meet you.

    I would also go with this. The national recruitment plan states that a requirement for A levels for all recruits, although currently I think only TVP enforce this. Good luck with whatever you do! Jon
  12. MetPol Shifts and Rail Concession scheme

    I grade = 15 minute S grade = 60 minute E grade = 24 hours (in theory) R grade = whenever, if actually deployed, usually referred to other people or appointment etc Jon
  13. Public Access Officer

    A Public Access Officer is what used to be an SRO (Station Reception Officer) or SPCSO (Station PCSO). You'll work in the front office dealing with the public. Not surprised they've finally advertised it, we are massively short of front office staff at the moment. Vast majority are being back filled by police officers
  14. Met London weighting?

    The Winsor Part 2 report which was ratified by the Home Secretary the other day gives a power to the Commissioner to vary the London weighting within parameters. So he can set the London weighting to whatever he wants upto the maximum of circa £6k (the current level) It's all up in the air at the moment.
  15. New uniform

    ^ To be fair the new uniform is cost neutral and the old uniform will still be available as it is required for court. If you don't like it you don't have to wear it.