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  1. Bonjour... Quick question: I sent off my application for the Gwent PCSO and wondering does any of you out there know how long it will take for them to tell me i have/haven't made it through the paper sifting?? And do they tell you even if you havent made it?? Cheers in advance!! *sportschick*
  2. Lubricant
  3. HEY I have just applied for the gwent police for a PCSO. Has anybody else???? Totally excited about it, although i've heard that it can take a long time for them to get back.... Does anyone know how long i should expect to wait untill i hear from them, that is if i hear from them at all?? Thanks..... *sportschick*
  4. CROWN
  5. Hey, when did you apply as am wondering when the next intake is for south wales. From Chepstow myself, by Newport, and am dying to get in!!

  6. Although there is a PUBLIC SERVICES course that selected college's for such careers like the police, military and firefighting. x