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    Well thank god there is someone else feeling the same as i am!! Sent off my application for a PSCO on 8th Feb and still waiting for a reply.....sounds as though i will have a long wait ...., PANTS!!
  2. *Application Query*

    Bonjour... Quick question: I sent off my application for the Gwent PCSO and wondering does any of you out there know how long it will take for them to tell me i have/haven't made it through the paper sifting?? And do they tell you even if you havent made it?? Cheers in advance!! *sportschick*
  3. One Word Association

  4. PCSO - gwent!!

    HEY I have just applied for the gwent police for a PCSO. Has anybody else???? Totally excited about it, although i've heard that it can take a long time for them to get back.... Does anyone know how long i should expect to wait untill i hear from them, that is if i hear from them at all?? Thanks..... *sportschick*
  5. Change A letter.

  6. BMI ????

    Thanks for your advise, all of it is really appriciated I've just joined british military fitness again, hopefully this will get me back into shape eh! And Lavenda, losing 5 stone is AMAZING!! You must be so proud of yourself! xxx
  7. PCSO to Officer??

    Cheers lovely!!
  8. PCSO to Officer??

    Hey.... I am eager to get into the police and become an officer although i know the processing can take time. I would like to know if you can join as a PCSO and transfer to an officer. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey, when did you apply as am wondering when the next intake is for south wales. From Chepstow myself, by Newport, and am dying to get in!!

  10. Although there is a PUBLIC SERVICES course that selected college's for such careers like the police, military and firefighting. x
  11. BMI ????

    Cheers guys. Think i better get on the soup diet for a few months!! LOL oh, and by the way, BMI is 31 Cheers peeps x
  12. BMI ????

    Maybe it would be more uefull if i slimmed down into the healthy BMI range?????
  13. BMI ????

    Heyy.... Something is bugging me, I've been a podgy girly all my life although I am reasonalbly fit; my PB on the bleep test is 9.6. I want to know whether my BMI, as it is over 30, will affect me getting through selection?? Can anyone help??? xxx
  14. Training Program?

    Heyyy..... There is an amazing training programme on the link below, although it is based for the army, its simple to follow and is amazing how fit you get from following it!! There is also a bleep test cd which can be purchased from By the way, when is the South Wales recruiting as I live in myself and am keen to get into this awesome career! Good Luck!!!! x x x x