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  1. BTP and other forces

    Hi Just quick one, can you apply to BTP and a Home office Force?
  2. BTP Vetting

    Hi all, Does anyone know if BTP do there own vetting or do they send it out to the local force where you live or will be based to be vetted? And is it SC or CTC level? Thanks.
  3. BTP Student Officer 2017

    Thanks scary100, I have not received an email as yet, but just logged into the BTP recruitment application part and my update says. you have been successfully shortlisted and we will be intouch shortly for the next stage of the process. However just above it in bold letters says, Application status under review. Does this mean it has passed but there is something on there which needs to be looked at further? Sorry hope this makes sense. Oh and I applied for C devision.
  4. Hi there guys and gals, Has anyone heard about their application for next years recruitment drive, had email like everyone else about the amount of apps received but just wondered if anyone had any news on their apps? Cheers.
  5. Application Timescales

    Well I have now got Assessment centre on friday 23rd september after a long wait in the system!!
  6. Application Timescales

    Hi Dark_Island, Thanks for that and yes I will do, however it is getting boring now day after day with no email and not really any positive information on the phone from HR. I don't want to keep phoning or emailing but it is at the stage where I want to, is it normal to wait over 3 months for your application to be processed by CNC? Is there anyone else out there like me going stir crazy waiting
  7. Application Timescales

    Well it has now been 3 months since my application was sent in, still no news on whether my application has been successful or not! Phoned HR on Wednesday 31st August for update, was told it is going forward just waiting for approval. (what ever that means) Then was told if ok I would be sent medical forms which need to be filled out and returned, if I can get them in A.S.A.P then I could be invited to assessment day at the end of september for the station I want to go to as there might not be another until the new year. However if I dont hear soon then I might miss the boat!!!
  8. Afo Harwell

    Hi Guys, Has anyone heard on their applications for Harwell, I phoned HR once only(as like everyone had the email not to call) and they were a little vague, just saying that priority sites are the first ones to get looked at. My app went in May, I know that nearly all sites are recruiting but seems to me the sites like Harwell are only recruiting a few officers were like sellafield are recruiting lots! Is anyone in the same boat as me?
  9. Questions Regarding Recruitment

    Spencer676 They say you need to have a full driving licence with no more than 6 penalty points, criminal records, well if you have a minor offence which is spent, i think over 5 years then should be fine, but check with HR. If you have a criminal record within 5 years then they will reject you, also any inprisonment or any serious criminal offence then it is an automatic rejection. Hope this helps.
  10. Application Timescales

    Dark_island I see that you say there is an am or pm slots for the assessment day, do you know the timings of them, when they start and finish? I phoned HR about my app for Harwell which I submitted 6 weeks ago and they told me that they have not paper sifted for Harwell yet! So still a waiting game for me :-(
  11. Application Timescales

    Dark_island Thank you for the information, I have applied to Harwell, I live 4 miles from the site and 5 miles from culham. I take it from your info that the assessment centre is now at culham and not the search at ryton near coventry?
  12. Hi all, Ok so i have an application in for the CNC sent on June 1st, does anyone in the application process know roughly how long it will be till I hear if I was successful or not?
  13. Ok can someone shed some light on this, I know you cannot apply to two home office police forces at one time, however what is the ruling on home office application and non home office like CNC together?
  14. Hi All, I see the City Of London Corporation are recruiting x2 Market Constables for Smithfield market, I know that they are not reconised as Police Officers, but does anyone have any more infomation on them, like what uniform do they wear eg, stab vests, hats etc. Cheers.
  15. Force Vetting Fail

    Hi All, I just had an email saying I have failed the force vetting, I have been sc level cleared in october 2013 and nothing really has changed. They say I can have a review but they wont tell me what I have failed on! Has anyone been in the same position as me and has anyone had a review and had it over turned? So upsetting after passing fitness and medical! :-(