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  1. Special Police Officer - Asked to resign?

    Having read this post - I just thought I would add my view. Your daughter should not be forced to resign as, based on what you have said, she has done nothing wrong. It could be something as simple as someone not wanting to train a new special (the training received is continued out on duty). Having been a special previously it is sometimes evident people do not want to help - although this is a stigma and wasn't the case at my station. Your daughter should raise the issue with HR as previously stated via post and send it recorded delivery to ensure they have received any correspondence. I would avoid phone calls as there is little evidence of it happening. It is important she raises this as, if like you said, she wants to do this as a future career - this could have a negative impact on any applications. It's important your daughter submits evidence (emails, phone call records etc) to support her case. Without sounding condescending - it is important she does this herself, perhaps with your support, but certainly she should initiate it. Best of luck
  2. what are your views on special constables

    I started training to become a special in November and was attested in March. Since then I have worked every Friday 5.30pm-4am. I work mainly with my Specials Sgt and Inspector. Although I have been present on blue light runs with regulars. PCSOs and regulars treat us with respect 99.9% of the time. However, some regulars will not offer to take you out until they learn you have their back. I say some - this is rare but some do it. Whilst some may disagree with this, it is, in my opinion, not that big of an issue. I do get asked my age a lot as I look quite young. One older lady asked if I was 16 and was shocked to learn I was over 21. Regulars were ready to support me with regards to this. The training is very basic and doesn't prepare you for anything you will come across on the street.
  3. Police civilian staff behaviour

    Perhaps before taking on a tenant in the future, you should do references with employers. That way it would confirm her REAL name and that she is of a good character.
  4. Taking without Consent (TWOC). Its not theft because theres no intention to permanently deprive.
  5. I'm not a Police Officer but have studied A-Level Law. If I remember correctly, there was a passage in a case study which is used as a president. "Just because the person with ownership of them item(s) has given up looking for them, does not exercise the right of another person to take it". Although slightly different, the principle is the same. Leave it or inform the local council.
  6. Tips for your Interview!

    Each force follows a different route. It would depend on which force you have applied for. I have applied for Lincolnshire Police and they have this order: * Application (Always the first step) * Assessment Centre * Interview * Medical / Fitness * Uniform Fitting Previous I applied to Lincolnshire (2008) and their order of running was: * Application * Fitness * Assessment Centre * Medical * Uniform Fitting
  7. Vetting

    Why are you not allowed to appeal? That sounds very strange.... Have you lied in your application or missed a significate detail out that could question your integrity? They usually write to your employer whilst waiting for security checks to be carried out. However, some forces do request them when an applicant is successful.
  8. hep b injections

    I wasn't allowed my 6 needles for some reason or another and therefore haven't had my TB jab. My brother didnt have to have it and neither did my dad. Do you think I should case it up? D
  9. Wow - gutted! (vetting again....)

    I wouldn't have thought it would be your dad that prevented your application being successful, because you haven't had contact with him - some forces will arrange a meeting with you to discuss it if this is the case?? (I am to understand...) The financial part sounded more probable. However - don't give up, because if you can prove you are on top of your debts and they aren't that bad - they may re-evaluate. Definately appeal, I would.

    If he has agreed that you keep these items, then they are yours as he has given up interest (ownership in legal terms) of the item(s). The problem would be if he disputed it and you couldn't prove the conversation was had. I think what this comes down to is a civil issue where the question: 'Whats morally right?' will answer your question to this thread.
  11. The same amount of time it took me to read your stupid reply...
  12. Valued opinion - although more are welcome :). D
  13. In our area, we have recently had a new venue (nightbar) open which has had flyers done. These flyers have the front of a £5 note on it (with some minor alterations) and then on the reverse is drink offers etc. It doesn't mention 'counterfit' or 'specimen' etc on it, although the verticle serial number has been changed to the pubs name and the 'EuR' circle has the pubs initials, and the serial number above the shiny area has been shortened. Is it illegal? They aren't setting out to defraud anyone or deceive people, just grab peoples attention. The manager of the bar has been round to tell neighbouring bars about them to cover that angle, but what about from a legal perspective? I'm finding this out because they are close friends of mine and wouldn't want them to get into trouble. Any information would be appreciated. Dean
  14. I think you've misread what the person above said, or mis-interpreted it. If I was a police officer and someone preached Acts to me, I can't say I would be pleased... Needless to say, if there were offences, I would deal with them by my means (i.e. I'll do what I think it right not what I'm preached to do).
  15. Photo's of everyone!

    For those people who do not know how to add a photo: Firstly, click the Reply Button: Then add your reply. At the bottom you will see the orange area. This is where you add attachments to your post (beware, that there is a limit of 500kb). The Red area is the colour you need to concentrate on for this part. Firstly, click on 'Browse'. (See Below) You will then be presented with the selection process You should now select your picture, and ensure it is in the FORMAT of JPEG (BIPMAP as displayed on the picture) will be too big for this forum. (See Below) Select it by clicking it twice or single clicking it and then clicking 'Open'. This will then give you the following page: Click 'Upload' Then press 'Add Reply' like you usually would.