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  1. Thanks For Reminder!

    Thanks for dropping me a line which has reminded me that I 'logged in' ??yrs ago?? (Frightening how fast time goes by!) After 'joining' I realized that most others were in training or preparing to join police etc,. I don't have the necessary qualifications to join the police force, but have an instinctive nature to want to help avoid the traumatic effects of people becoming victims of burglary, assault, and theft of precious (and often only) possessions they have such as cars and motorcycles. While having these concerns, I would not like to let my feelings and experience distract others from using this space to further their careers etc,. Do people like myself have a progressive role to play on UK Police on line? Regards, Chris.
  2. i am a new one

    Hello sweetheart. I actually work very much behind the scene and only wear my uniform in private depending on the case.
  3. Evening all!

    AAAAH! Now I know why I can't get past 4th gear on motorway slip roads! (Instinct functions correctly!)-Seriously though (oh yes!)- must get off this slip road and see what lies ahead! VROOOM! PS-Does BlackRat ride a motorcycle?
  4. Evening all!

    Afternoon all.I don't want to talk to the cigarette machine so I hope you don't mind. I'm sat at desk with faithful rotty 'Zeus' by my side. (long tail as he is less than 2 years and I wouldn't have it any other way).I've tried to 'curb' his militancy yet he is naturally a super guard dog, in house and on lead. I'm single at present so am resposible for his welfare 24 hours. He does his job quite naturally, but my skills, habits, faults etc, are spread rather thinly. I've worked with language, teaching, underwater, on boats, printing, publishing, (Including security at 'Guardian Newspapers-Horseferry Rd,.lol') writing, military envoironments, 'driver-body-guard'(voluntary), and so-on. I appreciate- it sounds like fiction or boasting to some, but for me, it's a genuine 'problem'. I have this 'inbuilt' inexaustible urge to do 'whats right', what I'm good at, in a way that enables society to get the best out of me etc. I'm tired of working on my own. The few small results become quickly unrecognizable. I'm named after my aunt Chrissi who throughout the 2nd war was responsible for Rudolph Hess's psychiatric welfare, (in UK)- then at N.Trials before dying shortly before Hess's suicide at Spandau. This type of nursing runs in the family and I now feel slightly compelled to get involved also. I also have a developing interest in Islamic history (capital I?? lol) plus some practical experience at home and abroad. SO MUCH STUDY involved in taking these things forward. I do love the 'security stuff' and as infantile as it may sound, would love to include my dog. Anyway, one of the lessons from this 'stuff', is that If I hang around, static, in one place for too long or long enough, I begin to attract too much, more, or not enough, attention! I hope this post is seen as further 'introduction' to myself. If anybody would like to see forum threads relative to this post, I will gladly point you in the right direction. P.S.-A good old fashioned 'signature' might come into operation- THE DEVIL MAKES WORK FOR IDLE HANDS!. Regards-Krissi.
  5. Evening all!

    LOl-Go-on then! And what's MIRC? :clapping:I Should also ask que cosa 'Hato', what does it stand for?. Sorry, I don't want you to feel as though I'm shining a lamp in your face. (I've been up half the night laughing at the need to ask all these questions. Regards-Krissi.
  6. Evening all!

  7. Evening all!

    Pardon my ignorance-Whats IRC? (apart from 'irritating repeated crashing' noises coming from my neighbour)!
  8. Evening all!

    If I get banned via my ip address, can I come back under another username? :whistle2:
  9. Evening all!

    I'm (just) a little more worried about my lovely neighbours at this moment in time!
  10. Evening all!

    I might need your moped for a little while, but I would certainly love the substance stuffed in it! (How much per litre?)--Va bene!
  11. Evening all!

    Hello all. Fairly fit and well and succesfully fighting off the results of murder attempt several years ago. It still seems like yesterday. Computer on-line, (pet) guard dog and re-entry into the world of motorcycling have made a great medicine. Worked for a workers newspaper for many years which included a few breathtaking and romantic visits to E.Europe working mainly amoung newly emerging 'democratic' trade unions in Hungary and Kosovo (mineworkers). Worked (contract) for U.S. Navy as translator cum-english teacher at U.S. Navy Exchange, Agnano S. Italy. Iv'e also lived in the U.S. for just over a year. My present interests are motorcycle theft in the U.K., and the effects of international heroin trade.
  12. Much Appreciated!

    I would like to thank the ununiformed officer who on Sunday 30th, evening was nipped by my dog on Gorton Lane. He becomes very 'protective' when out at night due to a series of incidents with local 'hoodies'. Always will be muzzeled in future when in this situation. Thanks for your understanding! P.S.- Dog is still 'pup'.!(R1551.