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  1. This question reminds me of the chap in this video, he seems to take things too far in my opinion. a
  2. Fair enough,.....COULD be or SOUNDS like? I'd say that both those terms mean unsure/maybe. All I'm saying is that it's best to clarify especially considering the consequences, not doing so could certainly cause him more harm in the long run.
  3. So why are you assuming that it's a liner lock from that description? How have you come to that conclusion?? Yeah, that sure would be one design of a locking knife, again not illegal if you happen to have a 'good reason' at the time, one that a court of law can agree on. I hope Countyfan comes back and provides a picture/link to the exact tool in question, then we'll all know for sure.
  4. Sorry to hear about this, it sounds like the tool that you have has a similar design to the one in the link below, where folding the handles together would prevent the blade from fully folding,.....In my opinion it sure wasn't designed to be a 'lock knife' especially if there is no button or slider to move to disengage an actual locking mechanism. Get yourself a good lawyer, hopefully one who knows a bit about knives/the different designs, best of luck.
  5. Just don't even think about taking it on a plane.
  6. The answer is no,....and your point is?
  7. On your punching example, fair enough but on the carrying a knife all he would have needed to add is 3 words, 'without good reason', that really too much to ask? If it is then I'd say don't make such sweeping statements in the first place. Remember, these Officers are somewhat high profile, they are watched by many, some of which are general law abiding viewers who have zero contact with the Police in the real world,.....I have since been contacted by two other local middle aged chaps who I go bushcrafting with, they are now worried/fearful that they are breaking the law whilst carrying their lock knives to the events we go to. I dare say that many of you still won't see my point, like anything that's knife related on here, there's never a 'for' or a good word said when it comes to a citizen carrying a knife. Not all citizens see knives as weapons or use them to commit crimes.
  8. Sorry but it is misleading,it certainly sends out the wrong message to the general public or anyone who's new to camping etc. It's certainly not factually correct to those people who pursue those hobbies or workmen, even if they are the minority.
  9. It's more about why some Officers are giving out incorrect information I'd say!
  10. Why you having a pop at me? Look, I have no problem with an Officer arresting someone who has a knife/tool and is up to no good, that may have actually been so in this case, a group of young lads wondering the streets in the early hours, just don't give us campers, bushcrafters, workmen etc the impression that we are breaking the law when we have such a knife on us because we do have 'good reason' in those instances. In general those Officers on 'Police Interceptors' all have around 10 years or so experience in the job, not being funny but surely he should know the knife law fully, is that too much to expect? And if he does really think that "it's illegal to carry a lock knife on the streets period" what's he going to do when he sees every camper/workman, arrest them automatically??
  11. Just watched tonight's episodes on channel 5, an Officer said that it's illegal to carry a lock knife on the streets period. Why no mention of 'good reason'? This sort of incorrect information gives everyone the wrong idea, not just members of the public but other newer Officers I guess. What other incorrect statements have you heard on such documentary programmes?
  12. Wow, steady on now, firstly no chip honest,....maybe I could have used better words, sorry, had that phrase on mind after looking at other links. Yes, I have no doubt that real knife crime is a huge problem, sadly there are so many young people today who think nothing of taking mums kitchen knife and using it to commit serious injury, that must be a horrible thing for an Officer to deal with day after day. I'd say that that's in a whole different league to these other cases that I'm on about.
  13. Aye, common sense seems to have gone out of the window, in many cases. The whole justification aspect has been strained too, there have been many a debate on the knife forums etc, you have said, some seem to think that you have to prove that you were about to or have used that lock knife/fixed blade at the very time your questioned about it, or at least within a few hours shall we say. Other's disagree,......for example, a friend of mine who's a general home repair man/decorator, he keeps a Stanley knife in his tool box, it get's used on many a things some days, others it doesn't get used at all,.....if he knows that he's spending the whole day with a paint brush in his hand, some say that he should remove that item from his tool box that morning. I'd say that's crazy but considering the consequences if you happen to run into an Officer who thinks differently,....who knows??
  14. Well there are far more than just two cases I'm afraid, those were just off the top of my head. What do you consider to be a 'huge' problem? I dunno, in number terms it may not be up there with other certain offences in general but the fact remains that it would appear that some citizens who are in the main honest/law abiding have had to face such chargers, unjustifiably. If an honest/law abiding citizen isn't clued up on the knife laws and just rolls over and accepts that charge, he/she will end up with a criminal record, which will affect employment prospects etc for the rest of their lives,.....I'd say that that's a HUGE problem.
  15. Well no, I would hope not but after Marralass comments, who knows? If he truly believes that such campers don't have 'good reason' for such tools. Here's just a couple of these somewhat dubious cases that I were referring to, do you see my cause for concern now?