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  1. Got my SET Date Strathclyde

    Got my interview date today and also my first pay cheque for my new job, the police is starting to look less and less appealing, especially with everything I've been getting told by serving officers in my home division. Oh interview day is in the 11th of august but i'll be in spain then.
  2. Motorbikes

    As most folks have said here, bikes arn't dagerous, its the twats in cars that don't look out for you that are. And the twats in cars that do look out for you but go out of there way to stop you passing them.
  3. How offensive is the word 'pikey'?

    I'm of Romany decent and quite happily refer to myself as a tinker and don't mind when others do, but pikey is like calling a Black person the 'N' word that we can't say. As it has been taken and turned from a shortened name, as has happened with Pakistani shortened to Paki, to a word used by people to try and insult you for where you come from. My two pence, now if you don't mind i got a horse to feed and a caravan to clean out, anyone need a driveway tarmac'd? I got a load left over from a council job guv'
  4. Has Being An Officer Changed You

    Well this thread has just made me want to withdraw my application.
  5. Got my SET Date Strathclyde

    All done, Passed the mile and a half by a couple of minutes and I'm pretty confident I passed the 3 papers before hand too. Also met some Ukpoliceonline folks there as well as giving out the address to a few folks.
  6. 500 items not to say to a Police officer

    "Could you just hold this gun for me please mate?"
  7. New Job

    Pink tracksuit eh? well that decides it then. As I say though it might only be a summer job.
  8. New Job

    1) Getting the powerstations/water stations/Liquid Gas stations back up and running (just this week alone) quite satisfying 2) Usually finish at 4.30 ish so back in time to see the Mrs, unlikely to be two ships passing in the night. 3) Low risk of stabbing, high risk of electrocution 4) Wages, as I say this pays rediculously well, I'd be taking a pay drop for the first few years in the force and I'm due a pay rise at the end of the summer if I stay on. 5) Police pension is very tasty. 6) Small company so only way is up, most guys at retirement age. (I'm 24 and have brought the average age down to 47) 7) In my detached house, possibly in the garden getting my potatoes on the grow, with kiddywinkles annoying me.
  9. New Job

    I managed to blag a new job over the summer that could end up leading to a permanent position, the money is fantastic. Its an 8-4 5 days a week but with overtime and evening call outs. So left me in a bit of a pickle about if I should carry on with the police. Got my SET and fitness tomorrow that I'm still going to. Just might prove harder further down the line for time off and the like to carry on if I only go and decide at the end to stay with the Fitter job. Views/opinions/2 pences?
  10. Changes Again

    Almost, just going off to get my pasport photo's now. Had a dream last night that I forgot them and was late for the SET.
  11. Changes Again

    just got my t'internets back online, moved into hamilton and a stones throw from east kilbride now. Everyone all ready for thursday?
  12. Changes Again

    Everyone should see how good I look.
  13. What cars do you all have?

    Ford Ka because of the price of petrol.
  14. Picture of

    He he, don't get her started. It was a Birthday present, flew over Loch Ness for an hour.
  15. Picture of

    I'm a youthful 24, was going to say 25 there, my mind must be going in my old age.