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  1. This may not happen, depending on where in the UK you live, and how under resourced the various agencies are in the area concerned. I reported a concern that a child was at risk from an alcoholic mother, and there was no action whatsoever. When I enquired further, I was told there was nothing that they could do, unless a family member reported it. This was in Cumbria.
  2. Mobile Speed Enforcement

    I am led to believe that the offence of obstructing a police officer by signalling a warning to oncoming driver, is only proven, IF the oncoming driver is actually speeding in the first place. In other words, if there is no primary offence, then you cannot obstruct an officer from prosecuting the individual that is warned. I don't generally warn other drivers - if they are speeding, then they should look out for themselves. I make an exception if I see a speed trap where drivers are being "enticed" into speeding - e.g. on a hill, leading into a limit which I feel is set low for no good reason. Recently there was a speed trap on my way to work where the limit is set way too far from the potential hazard... and drivers come off a hill which I know from experience if you simply lift off, you will NOT have slowed from 50 to 40 in time before you reach the limit sign... you HAVE to brake for no good reason.
  3. Dash cams and evidence rules

    A good few years ago, I reported a driver making very dangerous overtakes on bends of a narrow road. I was able to give a good description of the driver and occupants, and a few days later a policeman turned up at my home to ask if I would give a statement... which I did, along with my wife who was in the car with me. Eventually after a year, the case went to court - but the driver got off on a technicality - the NIP had been served verbally, but the written copy wen to the lease company that owned the vehicle and was not passed on, however we were assured that the driver was known to the police, and had another case pending which he would not escape so easily. From conversation I had with an officer at the court, it involved drugs and driving. I don't regret for a minute the time I gave up - and since that occasion I have reported a lorry driving at excess speed and dangerously - the driver was traced and spoken to, and I received a telephone call from the company that employed him apologising for his driving, I too am considering a video camera in the car, more for evidence in the case of a possible accident, especially abroad, rather than gathering evidence of bad driving, but if I did witness dangerous driving I would consider reporting, and would be happy to help in any way, including giving a statement and attending court.
  4. @ lucylemon I am not a policeman, but I HAVE attended a voluntary interview in January 2012, when a girl I last saw 24 years before, made an allegation that I had engaged in sexual activity with her in 1982 or 83 "when she was 13 and I was 27" I was visited at work by an officer who told me she had been trying to trace me since the allegation was made in July 2011. I was not informed of the exact allegations until I attended, so I had not taken a solicitor. I was offered the services of a duty solicitor which I accepted. She was helpful, but not as thorough as would have liked on taking notes - but c'est la vie! I was NEVER arrested or bailed at any point, and there were clear indications that my accuser had mislead the police - her dates and our ages didn't tie up, a witness she named denied her version of events, yet the investigation ran on for 5 months. I still have no idea what her motive was, but given her age at the time, I was facing a rape charge, despite she told them she had consented. That is the law. I strongly suspect that she was making a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme, as I did find out that her older sister had done the same thing a few years previously - against an ex-teacher, and had been awarded £6000 for stress and mental trauma!! Anyway, my point is that the interview is a good idea. You can avail yourself of the duty solicitor, and you are entitled to be treated reasonably - I asked for a cup of tea part way through as I was thirsty. I was told it is NOT disclosable, and you have a chance to give your story without the arrest part hanging over you in future. If you want to know more, just ask. I understand you not wanting to accept a caution - nobody likes to be falsely accused, and when nothing is done when the accuser is shown to be malicious, it does not help. Seek the help of trusted family or friends, otherwise this will take a toll on your mental and general health.
  5. New tax disc rules - new minefield

    Since none of the taxes are ring fenced for specific purposes, then all tax collected must ergo be distributed across ALL expenditure, so Earthman would be correct in stating that tax paid on fuel would end up being spent on the roads, albeit rather thinly spread! It would also put the tax burden back on the heaviest users be they foreign or UK residents, and remove the expense of another tier of collection - the £10 levy on foreign vehicles. VAT is HUGELY expensive to collect, with companies paying then claiming it back, with only the end user contributing if they are not VAT registered! Far better to simply tax the end user and remove all the other expense!!
  6. Hard-hitting footage of her son’s motorcyle death

    The biker in this video contributed greatly to his own demise by his speed and riding style, while the car driver turned too soon, and failed to spot the oncoming bike - which at 100 mph is perhaps excusable. Each group - riders and drivers will probably blame the other after watching the video, so as a road safety message, it will not be the success that was perhaps hoped. There should be a detailed analysis and explanation to give more impact to interested parties.
  7. New tax disc rules - new minefield

    While my son is away at University I occasionally use his car instead of my bicycle if I need to transport something bigger than my rucksack. I would have no way of contacting him most days in time to see if his vehicle is taxed. I just hope there is an app in the Android Store that keeps track for me!!! They should do away with road tax and just add the revenue to fuel costs. That way the most USED vehicles and therefore the most POLLUTING will pay the most. Any car that lives on a drive and never leaves, doesn't pollute... and if VED was covered by fuel it wouldn't pay.
  8. Motorcycle Filtering Collision

    Is it overtaking if the traffic being passed is stationary?
  9. Communications Act

    In Carlisle, a black footballer for the local team has been subject to racist abuse via twitter, but did not report it. However, others forwarded the tweets to Cumbria Police, but were advised that no action would be taken unless reported via cller using the 101 non emergency number - and an investigation is now under way. Personally, I think the footballer had the right approach - if no reaction is forthcoming, the authors of this abuse have no victory... as it is, the police have been forced to act, and will no doubt create a "martyr" from the perpetrator.
  10. First motorway pub opens at Beaconsfield

    I have visited the nearest Weatherspoons pub to me several times, and have driven each time. In fact I nearly ALWAYS drive to the pubs in my area, as the best ones are nearly all remote from my home by several miles, with no bus service, and taxi fares that require a second mortgage! I have never driven after drinking more than a small shandy, but mostly drink mineral water. Why would this pub on the motorway be different to any other pub - nearly ALL of which are located on... ROADS! Businessmen will no doubt organise their meetings with colleagues there, enjoy a meal and drive back home - but are no more likely to drink drive than at any other pub. Checkout the Brown Horse at Winster if you are ever in south Cumbria - great food, brew their own ales, as well as a host of good beers, and 95% of the customers will have driven OR BEEN DRIVEN there in cars... safely and legally.
  11. Traffic Police given target to fine 10 cyclists a month... I cycle to and from work along a foot/cycle path separated from a busy rural main road, I have no red lights to cross, but I simply wouldn't. The only exception is a temporary road work, where the lights did not leave enough time for ANY cyclist to negotiate them before they changed! Unable to see the waiting queue, I simply set off as long as I could see it was clear, knowing if any cars were waiting, I WOULD encounter them anyway! You can see clearly from the videos linked, and from simply watching, which road users endanger others or themselves, and which cross a light early in anticipation, and cause no danger. I am against setting targets, or making examples of certain groups of offenders - justice should be even handed. If there were to be a target, it should simply be to target ANY road user causing danger to others.
  12. Driving and using mobile phone - Caught on video

    One would hope so, but in any case, I was merely illustrating to the OP why further evidence would be necessary than just a video alone. a driver CAN have a good reason to use a phone while driving - and if that were the case, it would need to be brought to light.
  13. Driving and using mobile phone - Caught on video

    Isn't there an exception which allows drivers to use the phone to report a crime or summon help from an emergency service? If questioned, the driver might say that he was following a vehicle that was being driven erratically by a driver who seemed more intent on watching what was going on behind him, than in front, and that he was trying to alert the police immediately instead of filming it on his phone to report later...?
  14. Driving test age rise considered

    Northern Ireland has restrictions on new drivers already - let us look at THEIR figures, and decide if it works? I suspect that if we made the age at which you could get your licence 30, all that would happen would be more thirty somethings would be taking to the road for the first time, inexperienced, and having more accidents than they do at present!
  15. You might find google helpful... it turned up this There will always be factors that influence procedures - for instance somebody I know was scheduled to be interviewed, when some unthinking villains decided to snatch a safe from premises, and flee with it in the back of their vehicle, which proved inadequate for the task, causing it to crash. The officer who SHOULD have been conducting the interview was called to chase after the villains, leaving the witness waiting to be interviewed, because the officer who had been tasked with contacting them to cancel the interview was himself called away to yet another incident! As they say, rubbish happens!