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  1. This may not happen, depending on where in the UK you live, and how under resourced the various agencies are in the area concerned. I reported a concern that a child was at risk from an alcoholic mother, and there was no action whatsoever. When I enquired further, I was told there was nothing that they could do, unless a family member reported it. This was in Cumbria.
  2. @ lucylemon I am not a policeman, but I HAVE attended a voluntary interview in January 2012, when a girl I last saw 24 years before, made an allegation that I had engaged in sexual activity with her in 1982 or 83 "when she was 13 and I was 27" I was visited at work by an officer who told me she had been trying to trace me since the allegation was made in July 2011. I was not informed of the exact allegations until I attended, so I had not taken a solicitor. I was offered the services of a duty solicitor which I accepted. She was helpful, but not as thorough as would have liked on taking notes - but c'est la vie! I was NEVER arrested or bailed at any point, and there were clear indications that my accuser had mislead the police - her dates and our ages didn't tie up, a witness she named denied her version of events, yet the investigation ran on for 5 months. I still have no idea what her motive was, but given her age at the time, I was facing a rape charge, despite she told them she had consented. That is the law. I strongly suspect that she was making a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme, as I did find out that her older sister had done the same thing a few years previously - against an ex-teacher, and had been awarded £6000 for stress and mental trauma!! Anyway, my point is that the interview is a good idea. You can avail yourself of the duty solicitor, and you are entitled to be treated reasonably - I asked for a cup of tea part way through as I was thirsty. I was told it is NOT disclosable, and you have a chance to give your story without the arrest part hanging over you in future. If you want to know more, just ask. I understand you not wanting to accept a caution - nobody likes to be falsely accused, and when nothing is done when the accuser is shown to be malicious, it does not help. Seek the help of trusted family or friends, otherwise this will take a toll on your mental and general health.
  3. In Carlisle, a black footballer for the local team has been subject to racist abuse via twitter, but did not report it. However, others forwarded the tweets to Cumbria Police, but were advised that no action would be taken unless reported via cller using the 101 non emergency number - and an investigation is now under way. Personally, I think the footballer had the right approach - if no reaction is forthcoming, the authors of this abuse have no victory... as it is, the police have been forced to act, and will no doubt create a "martyr" from the perpetrator.
  4. You might find google helpful... it turned up this There will always be factors that influence procedures - for instance somebody I know was scheduled to be interviewed, when some unthinking villains decided to snatch a safe from premises, and flee with it in the back of their vehicle, which proved inadequate for the task, causing it to crash. The officer who SHOULD have been conducting the interview was called to chase after the villains, leaving the witness waiting to be interviewed, because the officer who had been tasked with contacting them to cancel the interview was himself called away to yet another incident! As they say, rubbish happens!
  5. Just the latest in a LONG line up of offenders prepared to pervert the course of justice and make false claims. It really ins't sufficient to treat suspects as though they were guilty unless there is strong evidence that they are, but that is often what happens. Then if the allegations cannot be proven, the perpetrator of them is allowed a "free ride" in case pursuing them puts off genuine victims from coming forward. As long as there is sufficient evidence that the perpetrators have lied, or hindered the investigation, then they SHOULD be investigated with as much vigor as the original investigation. There is a world of difference between a mistaken recall of events, and naming un-supportive witnesses, or lying about facts. The one thing that seems to be overlooked is that the victims of false allegations are not the only victims. Their families and friends become affected by the trauma too. If there was one thing that could help, I would say a dedicated team of investigators would help sort out the genuine from the false claims more quickly, and the CPS should be more considerate of the affect that any delays have on both victims of false allegations, AND genuine victims.
  6. Regrettably, there are reasons other than just mischief for making allegations. The Criminal Injury Compensation scheme provides a financial incentive for making false allegations. My accuser used wording in her statement that matched that in the CICA information pages exactly. Her older sister had made a similar historic allegation against an ex- school teacher and was awarded in excess of £5000. Under CICA guidelines, if the alleged victim is under 14, and there are several instances of (historical) abuse over a period of time, then the victim can make a claim provided they first report the incidents to the police. There is no requirement for the alleged perpetrator to be found or prosecuted, and no requirement for the allegations to be corroborated by medical evidence or witness testimony. The compensation is for mental trauma. I have a picture in my mind of the sort of behaviour a victim might exhibit if they suffered abuse, from information available online. My accuser has a Facebook page which is at odds with that picture, and my MP and nearly every professional person I have shared it with have been in agreement, and think her behaviour is also at odds with what would be expected in her professional capacity as a senior probation service manager! Unfortunately this does not warrant an investigation into her behaviour, and I am unable to find out whether she did indeed make a CICA claim, although after her allegations, she did splash out on a personalised registration for her new car! There is also no organisation set up to support victims of false allegations. I contacted Victims Support, and was pointed to a few online forums and told I was not regarded as a victim of a crime! You will not be successful in a civil case unless the police have expressed any concern that the allegations were not made with anything other than "good intent". Strangely (I am told) I was invited to a voluntary interview at a time of my choosing, NEVER arrested, and never recalled for any further questioning, yet the case was referred to the CPS, and reviewed by TWO senior CPS lawyers before the NFA decision was taken over five months after I was first interviewed.
  7. Not sure which threads you have viewed - I started at least one! I had a false allegation made of a very serious nature against me, and there is little you can do to get the police to look into it further unless they choose to do so. I was not in a position to prove I didn't carry out what was alleged, and more than my accuser could prove that I did. However, there were aspects of her allegations that were disproved, but not enough apparently to trigger an investigation into the reason for the allegations being made. Even now, I still know more evidence that disproves the allegations than the police, because they reached a point where they simply stopped looking. I should say the allegations related to events 30 years ago, but were only made in July 2011, and I was not traced until Feb. 2012. I later discovered that my accuser knew where I was but failed to reveal this to the police, and gave several spurious details which made it harder to find me!! She named a witness to one alleged event, but did not say where she lived - so I gave the police information which led to her being found - and she dismissed my accusers version of events - and again, I discovered later she was Facebook friends with the witnesses sister, yet kept this from police! My wife was under a lot of pressure and at one point collapsed and had to be taken to hospital. We spent a great deal of time investigating ourselves - visiting the scene of one alleged incident, and taking pictures with the owners assistance, to prove the events could not have taken place as alleged. Since the CPS decided there was no further action required, we have come to realise that we may well have been better off in court, where we might have had a chance to expose my accuser publicly. If you want to share any information, or ask questions, just google my user name, Ernest Marsh, Windermere and you should find enough details to contact me.
  8. Contact PayPal using the links on their site and report your concerns - but I fear you have been duped and it is too late to do anything about it.
  9. This act is not that of mad men. It has been carefully thought through, right down to the timing to get onto the news channels immediately. They have encouraged MAXIMUM publicity by remaining at the scene, and encouraging MoPs to film them on phones, guaranteeing that the footage would find it's way onto the net with no chance of being censored. They have then attempted to make themselves martyrs by rushing at armed police, hoping their deaths would encourage others to follow their example. At least one of them was university educated. Previous attacks were carried out by doctors. THIS should tell you something about the sort of people who are prepared to take seriosly damaging action, not just a half baked protest attack. The result already will be to threaten the morale of service personnel who will be feeling vulnerable on our streets now. We need to restore this by a massive show of solidarity - and some are urging a nationwide STOP during the funeral, including some suggesting that we should take action to force anyone not cooperating. The politicians need to tread carefully here - they risk alienating the people who feel appalled by this act, or those who face a backlash if they don't wish to engage in a public show of strength. The police risk being in between the two groups - so this needs addressing carefully - possibly by a nationally organised show of support, rather than allowing social media to drive the campaign. Assuming it will be a military funeral, I would suggest that one of the pall bearers at least should be a muslim. The majority of muslims are just as appalled as us by this act, and deserve the chance to show their respects without being targeted by right wing thugs. We are ALL targets of terrorists - but this soldier is the first casualty on our streets for some years, and we need to acknowledge that the security forces cannot possibly police every suspect 24 hours a day without resorting to a nationwide curfew! Our best defence is for us all to go about our daily routine without drama, but remain alert. We should also take more interest in the history of politics and religions throughout the years, so as not to allow the media and Facebook to tell us what we should be thinking! I had to remind some that Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims all worship the same god! Small wonder turnouts are so low at elections, and those who tick "christian" for religion on forms, often don't even know what time the services are at their local church! I am sure the perpetrators of this atrocity know where and when their services are, and they probably voted in all elections too!
  10. I actually know I should move on - and I also know that I have an advantage over the investigating officer, as she did not know if the allegations were true or not, while I had the luxury of knowing they were false. You can see that armed with this certain knowledge, it is harder to let it go. It also brings back the subject of motive. I know I wouldn't want to compromise efforts to get real victims to come forward - but as I have shown, this woman really should know better than to make such allegations. She cannot even hide behind the excuse that after so much time she might have been mistaken, as she introduced facts from more recent times... some of which were discredited by witnesses. I have resisted the advice of friends that I should contact her employers about her facebook pages, as I am certain one of her clients will eventually find it and expose her - and it would be better that way as far as I am concerned, but it worries me that she could cherry pick a potential victim from her clients and accuse THEM if the whim took her! Cumbria's chief constable is currently under suspension, and posted on his blog about the effect on his family of the investigation into allegations of wrongdoing on his part - so I posted back "welcome to my world". I hope the experience serves him well and makes him a better policeman if he is finally exonerated! I hope the OP has also been able to move on - but I fear it won't be so.
  11. It would be nice to think that... but the feelings after being falsely accused of such a sick crime linger on. I no longer feel comfortable alone in female company, especially if of a young age, yet my job often involves meeting members of the public visiting my place of work. I feel guilty when dropping my son of at school - we give a lift to our neighbour's daughter (I told them about the allegations right away) and I find myself wanting to get away from the locale before "somebody" sees me and thinks there are sinister reasons for my being there. Strangely, I see these "celebrities" who have been accused, and I don't feel able to condemn them until I can be certain they are guilty! In the past, I would probably have said "no smoke without fire" like many others. Ends well? No, not really!
  12. I agree with everything you have said above - were it any regular person in the street. But in this instance, it is not - it is a senior probation officer who I suspect has used her knowledge of the legal system to make a false claim for financial gain. A simple check to see if such a claim HAS been made would possibly convince others of the motives for making an allegation... but I am not in a position to make that check. I don't think I am the only one suspicious though. The officer investigating the allegations never arrested me, never called me back to answer any further questions after my first and only interview, and must also have been curious as to certain inaccuracies in my accusers story. I don't think the investigating officer was impressed by my accuser's Facebook page - which I brought to her attention after I was tipped off by a friend (I didn't have a FB account at the time). In her statement, aside from naming a witness who proved difficult to find (until I provided essential details), she also gave incorrect details abut me which had made it harder to trace me, yet I was able to show that she knew details about me that she could only have gleaned either from enquiring directly herself, or from one of her Facebook friends who still live in the area... where I am relatively well known... a simple google of either of my forenames, surname and Windermere will usually return a result with me at the top! My own surmising as to the naming of a potentially hostile witness, is that she was aware that IF it went to court the witness was sure to deny the accusers story because it wasn't true, but when making a claim for compensation, she could claim that the witness was influenced by her naming her as a shoplifter 30 years before. I will probably never find out for certain, but will forever have my life changed - view strangers and friends alike with suspicion. No more good samaritan gestures in case they are misunderstood, and a fear that when our 12 year old neighbour comes around to visit our son, that I feel the need to leave the room. No Further Action? No Case to Answer? No matter WHAT you call it, you cannot put that genie back in the bottle.
  13. Oh yes... determined villains can be easily deterred by seeing their victims jailed for trying to protect themselves. They might even give themselves up if in possession of a canister of CS gas, or knives etc.
  14. I think the OP acknowledged that - but queried why police officers are allowed to protect themselves with CS gas, while MoP are not. I was once attacked randomly outside of a nightclub by a group of youths of whom I had had no previous knowledge or encounter with, and to this day can think of no reason for it. I was sober - I was accompanying a learner driver and was able to make an escape from a nasty situation... with a broken nose and chipped tooth. My attackers were never stopped or questioned, and went unpunished. I therefore understand why the OP's brother felt concerned. Would I try to punish an attacker myself if I were attacked in future? No, but I would take all necessary steps to prevent myself from being even injured, as it was so costly the last time. The OP's brother HAS been convicted, and awaits sentencing. His sentence HAS already started... the loss of his job, so how far should it go? Are you of the opinion that his crime is as serious as a violent thug carrying CS gas with an intent to injure or maim? If not then the sentencing gives scope to acknowledge that if applied thoughtfully. Would you apply the maximum available, or the minimum, or somewhere in between if it were up to you?
  15. Perhaps some misunderstanding rowrow? I thought Rudi's post a little abrasive, but broadly correct. The OP is obviously upset that his brother has reacted to a regrettable attack and taken the wrong course of action, and been penalised as a result. However the OP accepts that the police have a job to do - but still feels concerned for the well being of his brother (and presumably others) were they to be faced with a thug who did not shrink from violence, and seeks some answer to his concerns. It IS a difficult dilemma for ANYONE who fears an attack, but especially for one who has experienced one... which is why I hope that sentencing reflects the victims real fear that led him to break the law. What is required is some good advice for those who worry, some guidance and, if appropriate, some practical help such as self defence classes. In this, I hope Rudi becomes more understanding of why people worry and feel concerned for close family members!