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  1. Final Interview Board

    hello, i don't know whether you remember at the briefing work shop (which i think you were in!!!), they said the majority do pass, but if worst come to the worst, they will usually defer you and tell you to come back in few months. so at least you dont have to do the assessment centre again, but again it depends how you actually do in your interview. i have mine the same day as you. just be confident and yourself, and you will be fine. :)
  2. Leicestershire Constabulary FIB

    im on the 14th july as well for leicester.
  3. Leicestershire A/C

    I was in that assessment centre on Saturday. My assessment date is the 11th June in Birmingham!!
  4. cool i know Syston. hmmm...i will try and find out some info for Birmingham assessment. I have some training in the week so will see if i can find out some info. will let u know. Jodie
  5. Mine is in the afternoon!! no i have got mine coming up on the 31st, had to re-arrange because i'm special, and i was in some training then. Birmingham FHQ looks a nightmare to get to. I was under the impression it was going to be at Ryton. I live up the road from FHQ Enderby, what about u? You will have to let me know how you get on on June 11th! that bit was meant to say 'i'm a special constable' not 'i'm special' LOL
  6. Hi, I have my assessment the same day as you in Birmingham!! what time is yours? what force are you applying to? sorry just read your post and it does say you've applied to Leicestershire. Same as me!
  7. Pass marks and final interviews

    leicestershire 60% & Final interview...
  8. Brief assessment test

    Hi there! I went to the leicestershire one a good few weeks ago now, and i've handed my application in. The seminar will consist of talks from various people and also at the end is a suitability's nothing to worry about, it's not something that you can revise for. It's a quick 15min test of english & maths, and it's multiple choice. It's just general english & maths. At the end of the night they will take all the tests in and normally they assess them the next day/ If you are successful you will receive an application pack a few days after. I hope this helps!!! Good Luck!! Jodie
  9. Police pass mark

    i know leicestershire is 60% if anyone is applying there....
  10. Application Form - Leicestershire

    Yeah it is horrible!! i started my specials training yesterday, and the application process for that was reasonably quick!!!
  11. Application Form - Leicestershire

    thanks for your reply. Mine is a paper application. thanks
  12. Hi All, I'm new to the forum! I know a lot of people have probably already asked this question...but when you send off your application, will you be told if you have been unsuccessful? Or will they only let you know if you have been successful? I'm pretty sure i've done ok... Also how long roughly does it take them to inform you after you've sent in your application? I start my training as a special constable tonight, but thought i would start the regular police application form, as this is what i really want to do and i'm told it can be a long process!! thanks