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  1. Witness Statements

    Firstly the final bit about going to court - only say they are willing to attend if they prepared to do so. The way people are approached to give a statement is by the common request and some don't always realise that they may actually have to go to court and repeat what has been written in the statement. And of course there are others who may provide statements that can assist an investigation but would be seen as an unwilling or hostile witness - it helps the decision makers understand the weight of the evidence the case has. Proforma's area all well and good for very prescriptive information but they can also lead the statement taker to forget/omit information that specific witnesses may have to offer. You have probably already found that the space to include information on a proforma may be too small for what the witness wishes to say and conversely a large gap is left for just a few words. If, as you say, you are young in service as painstaking as it may seem perhaps it will serve you well to get all forms of statement taking done well and off pat so you can afford to use pro-forma at a later stage without missing what may be vital evidence. Remembering that the court's / jury's view on the quality of a witness may deteriorate / be challenged if they stand in the box and when giving live evidence 'suddenly' remember things. It can be less they have 'suddenly' remembered, more that they could have put it in the statement from the outset had it been taken thoroughly in the first place.
  2. Mmmm, more rather than less agricultural tractors would still be seen as motor vehicle and few machines would be classed as just being mechanically propelled - definition of agricultural vehicle in C&U starts off by saying " a motor vehicle ....."
  3. Mr daz

    A simplified reply would be that if you can see the lamp then you need the right colour, if it's only the light emitted from the lamp, then any colour - think about the lights to illuminate the underside. Like all these things, the closer you are to fitting questionable lamps the more likely you will be to getting stopped as an officer will be looking to check.
  4. Private land - not a problem. Don't even need the high fences etc
  5. So makes you wonder why they were going to hand over ANY addresses to aANY direct mail marketing company whether they were gun owners or any other group on their databases. Will the Met be advertising for anew media manager?
  6. There are "box cutters" that suit cutting wrapping etc, but not sure there is any knife For the SPECiFIC use of opening boxes.
  7. Big Decision to Leave Job!!

    There are pretty much two certainties - that initially the grass IS always greener on the other side, and you probably noticed that when you left your prev job to join the police. Secondly, by default, once you ave settled into the new job (Whatever it may be), the grass becomes less green and you start to find reason for fault or discontent. It reads as if you had a desire to join the job and then found it wasn't what you wanted - doesn't that remind you of choosing a new car, wallpaper, pretty much anything that you absolutely craved and then found reason to decide it wasn't for you after all. Its a bold, brave and in my view, sensible and brave person who has the opportunity and chooses their work to match the life/work balance. By the sounds of it there is no loss financially. In local government you may find opportunities for development / promotion in the future. within reason its a fairly secure, financially sound and structured place to work. There are lots of saying along the lines of regretting what you didn't do is greater than the loss of not doing it etc. What's the worst that can happen? Stay and get locked into 35 years in the hope of a pension and being miserable, leaving and getting "locked" out of the police. Do a quick internet search of SWOT analysis and do it for this decision. PM if you want
  8. Its entirely up to you / RAYNET what you wear, what I was trying to say but you seemed to miss, is to ask if you saw someone wearing the kit, would you see them as a police office or just someone wearing a hi-viz. Once you have decided on that, you can use that view if asked. The reason to ask, is if you align too closely with one of the emer services then you may cause confusion at a time when clarity is needed. Personally, its the label on the front/back that says what organisation you belong to rather than the fact its yellow or not. At least by opting for another colour you make yourselves immediately identifiable as well as compliant in terms of safety. If your wearing at an incident the chances of you being confused with being a police officer are truly minimal - lots of people have a radio/radios. As you say, its more to do with your actions and your actions are most unlikely to be interpreted as police either. Are you sure colour is a requirement? Consider how you can make yourselves stand out or differentiate from the rest. Nothing worse than trying to find someone amongst a horde of yellow hi-viz and having to rely on looking at their backs - just think, if you as RAYNET/other even had green collars, red hats or something, that reduces the confusion. Just a hi-viz could mean anything from someone from the media, street cleaning team or 'another' organisation.
  9. AFAIK there is no legislation about the blue/silver reflective markings on clothing , otherwise no issues. Put it another way, if you were to see someone in the kit your proposing, would you think it was a) a police officer, b) an ex-officer with old kit or c) someone who chose to buy/use second hand kit rather than buy what may be more appropriate kit? Out of interest, if your involved in RAYNET and likely to be outside, why not think of going for orange rather than yellow - yellow attracts flies & bugs whilst orange doesn't!
  10. Interview - Addressing Interviewers

    Avoid using too many sir/ma'am etc you can have a healthy, respectful conversation without using either their 'rank' or name. As the applicant is not yet a member of the thayer, using sir/ma'am can be a little squirmy in the conversation unless you're used to it. Be natural.
  11. Why not go back to that same lawyer and ask how to go about getting it removed?
  12. equally, a USP or niche part of the market is a provider selling not to companies, big players etc, rather they sell to the small scale consumer, with a law that is far from clear cut and clearly set out with opportunities for all involved to get it wrong.
  13. There isn't even a need as a purchased to pretend to be a catering company. No reason why I/they can't buy it for catering purposes (for example) and yet have no need to be a business, I may well want to have fluffy cream for a private function, I have absolutely no need to prove I'm a business/ catering company. Pretty slim requirements on the retailers to remain legit but it looks like our OP knows that already! Alas that can also mean pretty easy to circumvent those requirements.
  14. So, in brief, your looking to start your own business, not sure of the legalities which may DIRECTLY result in the loss of your business or be personally subject to fines, and whether its worthwhile getting your on, independent legal advise? Your supplier could/should provide some guidance, if nothing else, what are their T&Cs to you, if they don't have any or your thinking of buying from a less than legit source then perhaps your business plan is in need of a full review. The polite suggestion is to seek your own legal advise as it will affect you and your future business.
  15. Private Land

    If its anything like most allotments you see, the ability to drive any vehicle between the plots seems quite limited. You would e hard pushed to say its anything other than private land as far as car Ins goes (MOT doesn't apply at all on your allotment). If it gets taken onto the road then perhaps you might like to make a note of when that happens and inform the local police - that then is quite clearly public for MOT & Ins. Most allotments have a long list of rules they must comply with - is your tenant breaking any of them by having his/her car on there?