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  1. Any intake dates?

    As previously posted by other members, if you’ve applied to Kent then your in for a long wait. I applied in October 2007 and have only just received my start date. All in all I will have been waiting almost 20 months. If you’re hoping to get in sooner I would transfer your application to the Met. You’re looking at significantly less than a year from applying to getting a start date.
  2. Disabilities

    I didn’t find out I was dyslexic until I went to university. They arranged for me to see an educational psychologist who diagnosed me. I was then presented with a psychologist’s report which stated what additional support I needed. Things like extra time in exam, and some technology that would help me with written work. Word processing etc. Police recruitment requires this report in order to accommodate your needs, such as a laptop for the written exercise or extra time for the maths and role-play preparation sections of the assessment centre. As I said before, they want you to pass and will do everything they can to help. If they don’t know you require extra help, how can they give it to you. Fairly straight forwards really. J
  3. Disabilities

    Hey, I to am dyslexic. I have just passed my medical and fitness with Kent police for a role as a PC, im just waiting for a start date now. I’ve found them completely understanding and more than accommodating to my needs. They really do want to do everything they can to get you through, so don’t worry about ticking that box. If anything you’re more likely to get through as you have a disability. As an equal opportunity organisation they have to employ a certain percentage of people from different backgrounds, be it race, sex, religion or in our case disability. Unfortunately once you’ve ticked the box they prefer you to attend a reasonable adjusted assessment centre so you’re not unfairly disadvantaged by you’re disability. As I said before, they want you to pass. In some cases it is possible to wave you’re need for a reasonable adjustment, but id only take that option if it’s taking forever to get an assessment date. I wouldn’t worry at all. Apparently dyslexic applicants are fairly common. Hope that puts your mind at ease. If you need any further information just le me know, or if its easier for you pm me. J
  4. A big thank you

    Hello all, Id just like to thank everyone for their help and support over the last year. I found out this morning that ive passed my second interview with Kent police and have my fitness next month. Its totally amazing, cant believe it. Just wanna say to anyone that in the middle of the application process. Don’t give up, keep going. Its taken me a year to get to this point so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to everyone though, really made a big difference. J
  5. Peoples good news

    Hello, Every time I’ve come on here over the last couple of weeks all I seem to read about is people failing their interviews or some other sort of bad news. Just wanted to hear some possitive thought and maybe, just maybe peoples good news. Need some positive mental attitude after my 2nd interview with Kent police yesterday. Bring on the good news people :-) J
  6. Result!!!

    They usually say between two to three weeks, if it’s been longer id give recruitment a call. I’ve been waiting two weeks my self and still no word. Good luck everyone, fingers crossed for some good news soon. J
  7. Automatic Failed?

    Mate, I wouldn’t worry about it, I have a close friend who recently (six weeks ago) had her A/C with the met and did exactly the same thing. She unfortunately couldn’t think of an example to give so she staid quiet for the five minutes. She found out two weeks ago that she passed with 62%. I would however worry about posting A/C questions on here, expect a blocking from a site invigilator pretty soon. j
  8. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone would have a definitive answer to this question. Do you have to pass each section of the A/C individually as well as reaching the overall pass mark (50-60 depending on you’re force)? Or it simply you’re overall mark that’s taken into account? Ohh and just to add, is it different for each force or is the same across the board??? Cheers J
  9. % that each section of the A/C is worth

    I had a reasonable adjustment assessment centre due to being dyslexic. During the first written exercise I wrote most of my notes and structure on a piece of paper. By the time id finished writing that I heard the five minutes left warning. I wrote as much as I could on the laptop during the remaining time but only managed to get half way through. I managed to complete the second one though with no problems. I know the pass mark for the written exercises with Kent police is 44%. I’ve worked out that even if I get half the marks for every section its still 50% providing I don’t get a D fro RRD!!! So I would get through to the secondary interview. It was a stressful day and it didn’t help that I had the written section first. I just feel like I’ve finished all my exams and I’ve failed them all. Time will tell I guess. Fingers crossed for a pass, Ill find out in a couple of week although the waits agony already. J
  10. % that each section of the A/C is worth

    Cheers for that mate, providing I dont Get a D as a fail I think i've done enough to pass. You have to be optimistic right!!!!!!! J
  11. Hello, I have just had my assessment centre with Kent police and frankly I’m quite worried about passing. I had a very poor written section and I think that’s going to cause me to fail. My question pertains to the percentage that each section of the assessment centre makes up. Are the interviews and role plays given a larger % of the overall pass mark? Also does passing the A/C relate to your overall mark, or do you have to passing each individual section of the A/C to pass the A/C??? Not sure whether I explained that very well but I hope you get the gist of what I mean. Cheers J
  12. Kent police November applicants

    Cheers searso, Revising lots at the moment, need all the help I can get I
  13. Kent police November applicants

    Hello, Thank you, I’m glad it’s finally moving too. Eight months waiting for an A/C doesn’t fill me with confidence in the speed of the recruitment process. Having said that its only taken eight months for your son to get this far, he’s definitely one of the lucky ones. Fingers crossed for the references and security checks to come through ASAP. The role plays are what I’m really worried about, I have four weeks to prepare. 14th of August is D day. So lots of revision and familiarising my self with all the information from the open evening At the open evening they suggested that if all goes well, there could be a chance that we start training in January/February. As with every stage of this process it seems to take so much longer than they let on so im not holding my breath. Whilst the process has been frustrating for me, the fact your son has one foot in the door is incredibly encouraging. I just hope some of his good luck rubs off on me :-) Will keep you posted on my progress, we are a unique breed us Kent hopefuls!!! Cheers I
  14. Kent police November applicants

    Hey sorry I haven’t replied for a while. Totally forgot i was a member on this site. Congratulations thats brilliant news, it all seems to be going so fast for your son. I only hope the same will happen for me. I attended an open evening last week and have finally got a date for my assessment centre, its only taken eight months to get one so I cant really complain Keep me posted on his progress, would be nice to hear that someone’s got all the way through the recruitment process. Any tips on the role play exercises??? Cheeky I know, but if you dont ask!!!! I x x
  15. Hey, Was just wondering if anyone applied to Kent police in November and at what stage their application is at now. I applied in November and have yet to recieve an A/C date. I