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  1. Thanks, I hope I do. I'm Sheffield based.
  2. This is an interesting post for a new SC such as myself. The way I see it is that the key role for SC's at busy times at weekends (when the majority of SC's turn out as you say) is to increase police visibility in town centres, ASB hotspots etc. I'd therefore like to think that I would use my discretion as much as possible i.e. use of FPND, Section 27's for D&D etc. Some SC's are gung ho I'm sure (I can think of a few who are going to jump in like Rambo after our training has finished), but so are many new regular probationers. It guess it depends on the mindset of the officer. For me, I joined the job to keep people safe and get involved in local issues; if I lock someone up to do that then so be it, but I want to spend as much of my time volunteering out on the streets as I can meeting people and getting involved, not in custody kicking my heels. Just my two pence worth...
  3. I work with a number of officers who joined in their 30's. Given that people now will be required to work until they are much older, there is no reason why you could not achieve a full & varied career in the service at the age of 31. The changes to police pay & conditions proposed by the current government also means that the old 30 year career & pension will be a thing of the past so age becomes even less of a factor.
  4. Spot on Scouse Bobby - I'd sign up for that. PCSO's in my force have been ring fenced for two more years. With elected Commissioner's to be introduced after this time, I can't see many pledging to keep PCSO's and will use the money for additional police officer's instead.
  5. Hardly! We only get 8 hours a month! With the cuts taking place throughout the force, I might not have a staff job for too much longer! Which district do you hope to serve in? I'm soon to be moving to Snig Hill so will ask to work from there hopefully and just leave my kit under my desk!
  6. I'm police staff at Sheffield district. Nothing exciting, but it's good experience whilst I wait to try and join as a regular. They let us have paid time off to be a SC too which is good!
  7. Well done to you too. Feel free to PM me nearer 19th June. I already work for SYP so if you've got any questions just ask!
  8. I believe so. The training is not 6 months before you start working as a SC. Module 1 takes 10 weeks before you are assigned a tutor constable and start work in your SNA. Training is then ongoing whilst serving as a SC and you work towards independent status when you have completed module 2 and 3. How quickly you work through these will be up to your efforts and the hours that you put in. I received a phone call from recruitment a few backs to say that my induction pack would be in the post soon.
  9. Hi, my signature below should give you some idea how long the process takes. Expect anywhere up to 12 months, but given that recruitment for regulars is on hold, SYP are trying to recruit more Specials at the moment which will go in your favour. I start my training on the 19th June, so feel free to ask anything.
  10. Interesting to be told different from what I was told by one officer. I would have thought it also depends on the forces geography. I would have thought forces such as North Yorks and Lincolnshire have a higher ratio of ex-armed forces?
  11. I was once told by a police officer that they positively try not to recruit firearms officers with an armed forces background - they're considered too trigger happy. The police want firearms officers who hate guns, and would only ever reach for their own as a last resort. Not sure how true this is, but it's seems like a good idea to me. For the OP - if you're serious about joining the police in any role, particulary as a Special, I would go and find out what a normal day as a regular/special police officer involves. I think you will be disapppointed. Sorry to be fickle, but the only "firing" of weapons you will be doing most days is with a stapler. Best of luck though!
  12. James C, the only gripe I'd have with this comment is this. The majority of applicants now looking to join the Special's or have recently started are only doing so because we've had our application as regulars deferred or scrapped. I don't expect to be doing the job of a regular officer when I start in the Special's, but to be fair, I did't fill in my form 3 years ago to do the job for free. I think the OP only wants to see what opportunities there will be as a Special, because like me, they have long term aspirations to be become a regular. If they're put on a driving course now, it could be money saved later on. Perhaps the standard of SC recruits will improve now, if they're as bad as you say some of them are, as most will be trying to jam their foot firmly between the door for when recruitment starts to roll again in the next few years. Just my two pence worth.
  13. My comments about hours was perhaps a little fickle but the point I was making is that finding 4 hours a week is not difficult for the majority of those who seriously want to join the police in the future. I do however accept that it is an unfair obstacle for many (jobs, family as discussed above etc), but in a time of no money and very few places up for grabs as a regular, forces will cherry pick exactly who and what they want. Given that the recruitment process so far has driven me to despair, as I'm sure it has others here, if I can be doing anything to give me a better chance in the future, and to give me something to work towards, then I'll happily give up my Friday evening in the pub to do so. Not to mention that I do want to go out and help people (which is why I filled in the regulars application form in the first place!) Recruitment will change and people will have to adapt if they really want to join.
  14. Or to put it another way Trouble01, 4 hours = 1x Eastenders Omnibus on a Sunday afternoon 2x Champions League football matches in the pub 1x Saturday afteroon being dragged round Topshop by the girlfriend
  15. Chris, have you thought about joining the Special Constabulary? This will give you some good experience about the job and may help you join as a regular in the future. As you can see from my signature below, even when recruitment does start again, it it can be a very long process! Best of luck.