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  1. Pension Contributions

    brilliant, thanks for the information, I'll follow up further with the fed!
  2. Pension Contributions

    Apologies as I am sure this is covered elsewhere, but I haven't found it. I have 6 years in. I don't expect to do more than another 6 years (lifestyle change once kids leave home). I won't go into another employment, but maybe start a business. What happens to my pension contributions, do I have any options? I always felt as though as soon as they changed what we would get I should be able to get my contributions back, seeing as it was not as sold. If I am tied and they just sit in a pot diminishing with an annual management fee type rip off, would I be better off pulling out now? I literally know next to nothing about the pension set up, and what my rights, if any, are - can anyone help or point me to a previous discussion that would give me an idea. Thanks
  3. Constant watches question?

    As a custody skipper I can tell you it's a bloody nightmare. You don't want to waste officer time looking after people who are just being idiots/attention seekers/drama queens, and I think you develop a good nose for who is a genuine risk and who isn't - but the problem is that it is a numbers game - I could be right 99% of the time, but I book in hundreds of detainees, and eventually I am going to get one wrong - when I do I have to hope I or someone else nearby in the cell block is on the ball quick enough to stop the ligature/unplugged drug/secreted blade in time for my career not to be destroyed in 15 seconds flat. Because when it happens, there will be no recognition by the IPCC that the custody role is a hiding to nothing or that the cells were manic or that I had double the usual throughput - it will just be my fault. Although I try very hard not to do it, it's easy to see why some skippers just think 'sod it, why should I put my career on the line when I can just stick them on constant and be safe'. The Job is risk averse, but the good custody skippers have to stick their necks on the line, or they grind the shift down to a snail's pace and decimate numbers.
  4. You can't interview him as a voluntary attendance. West Mids is correct - in order to show you are not prolonging bail time (which is politik at the moment), suggest to the legal that they surrender bail at an earlier date (or at least give them the option), bring him in, clock restarts, interview, and bail 37(7) for CPS advice with or without conditions to his original date. If there is no issue with the clock then this saves getting into messy areas of whether or not the evidence you have qualifies for new evidence not available at the time sufficient to start a new clock on a fresh arrest. If they don't agree, reinterview on the scheduled date and either go to CPS direct there and then whilst he is in detention if there are no clock issues, or bail for a short bail date on 37(7) for CPS if the clock is tight - just a day or two rather than another month if you have already been rebailing them lots of times.
  5. I know we get unnecessarily suspicious around here, and apologies if I am wrong, but does noone else think 'Helen' is the offender not victim looking for some get-out advice? The victim here can be protected through a variety of mechanisms, and I am not sure would have the specific detail of act and sections for charge...maybe I am wrong, but gut says the OP is not genuine.
  6. I'd like to thank Mustard for giving me some proper laughs on a rainy sunday afternoon at half time of the football - and before a night shift in cells where I will deal with lots more people who have only the slightest association with perspective and who will tell me that they pay my wages, will have my job, and I will rue the day I put them in a cell. I still have my job. For a while I thought Mustard was trolling, but it appears that he simply is another one with a view and despite having no knowledge of law, policy, process, resource limitation and priority, he is not going to listen to any advice from people who could, and initially tried, to help him. I'm normally against locking threads, but in this instance we should can them, it will only lead to people getting more irritated at his delusional posts. It is people like this who waste our time with trivial rubbish and need to grow the hell up, so that we can spend our ever dwindling time and resource helping people who genuinely need it.
  7. ah. thanks for the update, which makes much more sense - another pissed uninsured menace on our roads. Deserves everything he gets, it could be any of our children he kills driving at that level. I can't imagine his account of insurance documents mysteriously being unavailable for court are any more likely than his original account! They should have put conditions on him not to be a front seat passenger in a car to help stop a repeat episode. Still something isn't right with what he is telling you - was he at work drunk? did he sink 4 pints straight after work and get in the car? If he had been sleeping you can assume he has dropped alcohol levels, which means there is every likelihood that when he actually started driving home he was anywhere up to 3 times the legal limit. I have no sympathy whatsoever with drink drivers, and along with burglars are some of my favourite people I lock up - you seem like a nice guy trying to help, but he sounds full of it, let him get what's coming to him.
  8. He would have had a legal rep available to him in custody free of charge, and will have again in court. As others have said, something isn't tracking right - he would not be locked up overnight solely for an insurance offence, so something else has happened or necessitated that arrest that you haven't been told. The polish guy should have copies of charge and bail sheets that might tell you if there were other charges. If it is simply insurance he is in court for, then he should just take the original and hopefully amended insurance documents with him and I can't imagine the court will do much about it. I can't see him getting the release fee returned, as sub seven is correct that it is his responsibility to ensure he is properly and correctly covered.
  9. oh. all very frank this morning. I guess you ask a question, you certainly get a straight answer. OP - here is the issue for me, although I do understand what my colleagues are saying, and their blunt and straightforward approach is fair enough. Is your sone a 'dealer dealer'? Is he buying in significant quantities of cannabis, and making money selling it wherever he can, which makes him an out and out drug dealer, and he needs to be nicked and processed if you can't find a way to get through to him (which from experience, if he is at that stage, then you probably won't). Or, is he a kid who smokes a bit of weed who buys half an ounce in once a month because he is the one who can get it, and he sorts out his 2 best mates at the same time? Make no mistake, in the eyes of the law, there is no difference, he is a drug dealer. From a parental and intervention point of view you will have much more success if he is the latter. But even so, if you go to the police, and I guess you would be aiming for your local community / disruption / diversion team, there will be consequences. Intelligence would be recorded at least, and you run the risk of a warrant, search, arrest if the officer you speak to is satisfied that is the right approach rather than a friendly chat and words of advice to help deter the activity. I think the approach you are hoping for might be applicable to a kid of 15 who has once or twice scored some weed and given some to his mate, but not for a 19 year old dealing drugs for profit. The best I can suggest is one of two options - you either threaten him with contacting the police, although this will likely just make him more careful and make your relationship strained, or you take the brave decision of recognising that in the long term police action now might be better than police action later when he has 5 ounces of coke stashed in a shoebox in his room, and you go to the police (with the request that they don't disclose it is you who has approached them). That decision is not one we can help you with, and would be a dilemma for any parent. Sorry we can't be of more help, good luck.
  10. Should/ can I sue the job?

    Quite understandably you may not want to disclose too much detail on a public forum - but I think it may help if you give a timeline from the first interaction with psd/occ health, with who triggered or requested that interaction, where the 'event' sits in the timeline which has caused the issue, and at what stages you and /or the job recognised the various problems. If that runs 'filled in a questionnaire sent to all officers, never went to gp or recognised i had an issue with ptsd, event happened that was deemed my fault and is 3rd visit to PSD this year, 3 months later i was diagnosed by GP with PTSD' then the likely advice and liability of the job might well differ from 'my skipper referred me to occ health for support, they sent me a question email instead of booking me in, I filled it in, never heard back for 3 months despite 2 emails asking to see them etc etc'. Good luck getting it all sorted out.
  11. Sgts OSPRE part 1 study schedule

    I think policepass publish one on their site, I'll have a look and see if I can find it - you'll probably find you work with either bullet point / crammer style, or blackstones reading, not both. I used blackstones and just read each one through once a month before the exam, worked fine.
  12. Custody forum?

    Seems a pretty positive response - Bakes, enough to create it? I've never worked in a job where there is so much rule and reg, so much to get wrong, and so much to know. The amount of day to day questions that pop up that are not covered by safer detention manuals or PACE are many, I'm sure our collective experiences would be well shared.
  13. Custody forum?

    more discussion the better I guess!
  14. Custody forum?

    Have we got many custody skippers/ex custody skippers on the forum? It's about as technical a role as you get in the job I think, so am keeping my fingers crossed for expressions of support for the idea :)
  15. Custody forum?

    Not sure if others feel it is relevant, but having not long gone into custody I would really see some value in having a custody section for officers only to discuss the very complicated and challenging issues of running a custody block. Very much an area where you learn by experience and could use the advice of those who know the job, but a lot of it is not relevant if its not your responsibility - any chance? Do we have many custody experienced users on the forum?