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  1. Taser

    The taser has became popular here in the states within the last year and really hasn't been legally challenged yet. Most of our depts. if you are found to be using the taser in a unreasonable force manner, you could be suspended without pay and or sued in civil court by the person tasered if found at fault. Most of the depts., that I know of are not using the cameras, mainly do to the cost. However, here in the states everyone has a camera cell phone with them and most depts. now have dash cams in the squads. I no longer carry my OC spray, it stays in the car for back-up. I just don't have the room on my duty belt to carry it all. We carry just a few more items then what you officers are custom too.
  2. Taser

    Our dept. here in the states purchased us tasers about 4 months ago, and I think it's the greatest tool to hit law enforcement. No more wrestling to handcuff a subject out of control and no more messy OC spray, which you usually ends up getting on you. I've pulled the taser out 2x at someone, but have not fired it yet. Once the subject sees that red light pointed at their chest, they have complied 100%. Unfortunately there has been a few idiot's abusing it, which may eventually ban them here in the states. Just like the "sap gloves" lead lined knuckle gloves are illegal here in the states. If you get the chance to be issued one enjoy your certification, they hurt especially if you take the full 5 seconds shock.
  3. I'm a police officer from the U.S., and maybe one of you can answer this question for me? The custodian helmets that UK officers wear, are they an issued item from the dept. or a personal purchase? Another question who is the manufacture of the helmets? Final question just reading some of your postings, do you purchase uniforms from uniform shops or are they supplied?
  4. new 2 the room

    Hello, to all of you fellow UK police officers. I recently found this discussion forum and hope to get the chance to know some of you. I'm currently a 15 yr veteran police officer in the United States, even though I was posted as a student officer. I really do admire you, basically do to the fact alot of you do not still carry firearms. I guess that's what make our two countries still different (civilized and the wild west). Be carefull out there!