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    Applied for strathcylde police awaitin entrance test so fingers crossed. Currently a Finance Assisant in Ayr. Luv all sports expecially hockey.
  1. Strathclyde police

    Hey just wanted 2 say good luck 2 all of u startin training 2moro at Tulli or Jackton!! Wish is was me!! Hope u r all not 2 nervous!! Kazza
  2. The highs and lows of 2008

    Well Kenners where do i start!! I have had lots of highs best bit must be meeting some great people on this forum that will never forget or get the chance to!! They are now true friends!! Also getting accepted to start the recruitment process for Strathcylde was a great achievment for me but unfortunatly illness won again and had to withdraw!! But it has helped me as a person grow and set goals in my life!! And Futures I aint had best time with love life either so hopefully next year will b better on romance front!! lol Karen
  3. A VERY Special birthday.

    Lol u can always trust u kenworthy!! Happy Birthday!! Hope u had a gr8 day!!
  4. Strathclyde - Vetting and background checks

    I have heard there is a back log and have staff working overtime just to try and clear them!! hope id doesnt take 2 long but with xmas round the corner who nos how long it may take!!
  5. Strathclyde police

    u forgot 2 letters there y!! IN!! u r INsane thats why u get on so well with me!!
  6. Strathclyde police

    u sane sorry need 2 ask u a serious question y!! r u jokin??
  7. Strathclyde police

    Yeah she is a goody 2 shoes!! well in some ways!! but she neva drank at all when i met her but now she does sometime!! think i drove her to it!! haha
  8. Strathclyde police

    I dont no what u r talkin about i am not gettin worse shrink says i am gettin beta!! :whistle2:
  9. Strathclyde police

    1 : I do give u some abuse sometimes!! hehe 2 : i thought bells would b gd as it is xmas 3 : u would b fine u would just drink urself sobber again!! haha thats what i do!! oh AA meetings goin ok my shrink says that goin 3 times a wk is a great acheivement compared 2 5 times!! still gettin away with injecting vodka into an orange!! ps happy hours rock!! hehe
  10. Strathclyde police

    pmsl aww i can see y u will a gr8 time with this lot!! haha I am not going to have to phone u every nite and give u abuse as u will have plenty!! u wont b sitting in bar urself as if no1 comes just give me shout n i will b there with bells on haha
  11. Strathclyde police

    Yeah she has to put up with uz!! she needs patient of a saint!! Yeah n now there is me n u!! mikkyo vanished n so did bee!! Kazza Yeah she has to put up with uz!! she needs patient of a saint!! Yeah n now there is me n u!! mikkyo vanished n so did bee!! Kazza
  12. Strathclyde police

    U expect me 2 rememba!! haha now ur jokin!! It was ment 2 b then rememba i had 2 cancel that and new date was aug!! i think!! shhh i ok south it is!! lol its amazing y u have got that used 2 me talkin on msn i aint getting into trouble for my typin!! hehe Canny believe its is the topic we started in june!! well done all for keepin it goin!! Kazza
  13. Strathclyde police

    Yeah has bn a while since i was on!! lol still had me down as waitin for resit how long ago was that?? Aww thought u would of bn missing him so had 2 say it!! :whistle2: yeah livin in ayrshire aint good!! lol every1 nos where it is!! middle of world!! Kazza
  14. Strathclyde police

    Well mummy y i can see that there r goin 2 b plenty of folk at tulli 2 keep u on ur toes as i wont b there!! !! Can i call u shortarse now!?!? haha I have known u longer!! ps dont kick my arse 4 this!! hehehehe
  15. Alton Towers Dates

    Auch weeshed daps!! I dont think we could every disown each other now!! lol