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  1. Current Employer Reference

    I work in such a small place thought mate, They can be quite funny etc. I am already a S.C and they know that I am eventually going to leave at some point. I'm not sure how to go about it...
  2. I received a phone call from my H.R department today stating that they are soon going to contact my current employer for a reference... So I'm left with the predicament of weather or not to hand my notice in before hand? I do not want it to look bad upon myself if I randomly let the H.R call my employer and ask for my reference with them having no prior knowledge of me leaving in the near future.. But also I am in two minds weather to hand in my notice in case there is some future problem? So what are your thoughts?Maybe you have been in this situation yourself? If so I would really appreciate your help! Thank you,
  3. Police Clubs

    Hello everyone! I'm going to keep this short and sweet! Basically I am just wondering if within the nationwide police forces weather there are various clubs that take place weekly? i.e Football, Boxing etc? I am currently undertaking my S.C training and am due to start in June. I was hoping that maybe there is a Boxing club as I am a keen boxer. Many thanks!
  4. Talking Blues Course

    Thankyou.. Recieved an e-mail today notifying me that the venue has been cancelled due to lack of numbers! I have re-booked for nottingham on the 19th june and notified the Lincolnshire Headquartes recruitment team that I would prefer the assesment after that date!
  5. Talking Blues Course

    Thankyou. I am going out of my head with worry. Maybe its time to stop worrying and wait until I have been on the course as I am on it on the 5th June. In the mean time I am thinking of applying for specials if all else fails! :)
  6. Talking Blues Course

    Hi everyone.. I am awaiting a date for my assesment center so in the meantime I have booked onto a 'Talking Blues' course. Has anybody had and experience of these courses?Maybe you have been on one or know of someone who has. I am really nervous about my assesment and hopefully this will settle my nerves and make me alot more confident on the day! Thankyou.
  7. Assesment Center Help..

    Hi, I am currently awaiting my A/C date and in the meanwhile I am absolutey bricking it! I just have a couple of quick questions to those of you who have maybe attended one before or have just attended. First off is the maths test... Is it true that the maths test only accounts for 3 of the possible 123 marks? And what sort of questions should I expect? Maths has never been my strong point! And finally, I am thikning of attending a Talking Blues course in the next couple of weeks.Has anyone been on oen of these? If so how did you get on and how did you benefit. Thankyou
  8. 6 Weeks On, What's the Progress?

    PASSED APPLICATION! i only found on on thursday.. justwa waiting for a assesment centerdate now! but first for my well earned 2 week holiday :)
  9. Any 1 heard back from Lincolnshire??

    Hi guys.. I have rang up the recruitment line for the past few weeks. my papers are still yet to be marked! really anxious to recieve my letter.. So not everybody has recieved feedback yet! I last rang today and the operator asked me to ring next week..
  10. Any 1 heard back from Lincolnshire??

    Dean0 where abouts are you from? also wat is there to be expected in the assesment centre. Can you give examples?
  11. Any 1 heard back from Lincolnshire??

    This is my second time applying. Tom,last time i was unsuccessful I recieved a letter informing me, However it had percentage of people who scored higher than me on every question with hints on what to put in. However they do say normally you do not recieve a letter.It used to be within 6 months!
  12. Hey guys I was just wondering if any 1 has heard back fom Lincs Police yet....? I am anticipating recieveing a letter!!
  13. Skegness Recruitment

    hi sorry for the very late reply! I have just re-applied for lincolnshire force. Lucky enough to get an application form.. I hope i manage to get accepted this time and then move on to the paper sift etc.. Can you give me an in-sight to what it is like afterwards , Interview,Medical,fitness etc.. Di you think that as I have applied before i shall stand a better chance than the people that have not allready done so? will they be able to tell by record that I have applied?
  14. Lincolnshire out of forms

    I was fortunate enough to get an application form. I did apply last time they were recruiting but did not make it through the paper sift. However i did recieve a letter basically giving me hints and tips of who scored higher than me and by how few a marks i missed out on. So hopefully i shall be succesfull and get through this time.. I rang a different number and got put straight through to the recruitment office..
  15. Skegness Recruitment

    Hi all.. i have only just registered on here.. well where do i start.... I first applied to join lincolnshire force last december.I sent my form off and i hoped for the best.I didn't hear anything so i assumed that i had not been succesfull.Then to my suprise i recieved a letter from the police force explaining to me why i hadn't got in giving me an insight on what to add to my application form to stand a better chance of being accepted next time round. This letter gave me a percentage of people i scored higher than and lower than on the main topics on the form. I thought that if you did not hear anything within six months then you had not been succesfull.Obviously this is not the case and i was wondering if anyone else has recieved a letter the same?? Lincs police have just started recruiting again so i am trying again and hopefully i shall be succesfull this time.. Thanks for you help..