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  1. If anybody has any original early police photographs for sale please can you get in contact with me. I have also got photopgraphs for sale on request. Hope everybody is okay! Dalec
  2. Good Afternoon ukpoliconline.co.uk Just a little post this afternoon to find out if anybody attended the PCSO open day on 10/01/2009, if so how are you getting on with the application form? Happy New Year to all on ukpoliceonline.co.uk Thanks Dale
  3. Hi Everybody! Wow! i'm so excited that i've passed, just a couple of questions from people who have been through this process...... What happens now with my application? Do they take a reference from your current or previous employers? or both? :) Thankyou A very HAPPY Dalec!
  4. Hi Everybody! I got through and PASSED MY INTERVIEW RE-SIT Thanks For Your Advice UK POLICE ONLINE!
  5. Good Morning! Just to say I attended my interview Saturday morning and met a great set of people there so just to wish them best of luck with there recruitment process. Thanks Dale
  6. Good Morning! As it said's in the topic title and topic description my re-sit interview is this Saturday morning at 09:45am. The main purpose of my post is to ask if there are last min tips for the interview. Thanks for all your great advice on here! Dalec
  7. Essex Special Constabulary 2008/09

    Got my RE-SIT interview on 13TH DECEMBER 2008!
  8. Essex Special Constabulary 2008/09

    Hey Em! Glad that you decided to get back on the recruitment train, i'm sure that you will do brilliant in the process. In regards to the P.I.R.T and interviews I think the best bit of advice is to learn your core competenties and think positive and you'll be prepared for anything. I know that this post doesn't really help much but i'm sure you don't need advice as you'll ride that recruitment wave till the end. Thanks Dalec
  9. Essex Special Constabulary 2008/09

    Well Done Matey! Keep Fingers Crossed For Me And My Recruitment Process
  10. Essex Special Constabulary 2008/09

    Anybody currently applying for any other force?
  11. Good Morning ukpoliceonline.co.uk I've not posted on here for while (DaleC)but i'm back for good (like Take That sung in 'Back For Good') Anyway jokes aside and on to the purpose of my post, is anybody currently riding the Essex Special Constabulary recruitment process wave and if so how are you getting on? I'm just waiting for a date to re-take my interview hopefully at the start of 09. Hope everybody is well and having a great 2008 and good luck to everybody currently on the recruitment process. Thanks Dalec
  12. 1 Week To Go!...................

    Good Morning! The area which they said I didn't do as well in was 'Effective Communication' I've started revising for my second interview as we speak. Thanks Dalec
  13. 1 Week To Go!...................

    Good Morning, I have just had the results of my assessment centre, they arrived yesterday morning. PIRT - Successful Interview - Unsuccessful What would you guy's and girls do to help me through the interview next time, do you know of any example questions they may ask? Any help would be great! Thanks again Dalec
  14. 1 Week To Go!...................

    Hey Everybody! Just a quick update i'm still waitingfor a reply from recruitment, i'm being very patient, keep your fingers crossed Thanks Dale