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  1. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    Nope sadly Maybe tommorow lol (sun has appeared so im happy now, shame it will be gone when i finish work)
  2. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    im also tempted to give them a call, they didnt even ask for a name last time Im at work until 8pm today so wont get a chance to give them a call until tomorrow. Wheres the sun gone? Daniel
  3. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    Hey RIPPED, Thx for the reply mate. i kinda figured you applied to a different role or at a different time but it seems you didnt Maybe the postman in your area is better than most? hehe i can hope cant i? anyways the weather seems to have got worse today, suppose to be nice but its cloudy sadly. The post arrives at around 10:30am here so still hoping it may arrive today. Hope everyone has a good day Daniel
  4. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    Good Morning, i havent recieved anything of importance either so i am also stumped how one has recieved but noone else has. RIPPED - Did you apply for the April recruitment? or some other? and did you apply for regular, special or PCSO is also a question i would like to know? Thanks, Daniel
  5. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    ive done exactly the same! i go over my answers and think to myself i could have improved but to be honest thats human nature. At the end of the day the application is gone and there isnt much we can do except wait, no matter how many flaws we find we can only hope the assessors see it as simple mishaps. Im more worried about the fitness, something ive always been awesome at, but since i broke my Femur in a motorcycle accident a while back ive been incapable of doing the best i used to, i find my leg hurts before im even tired! so ive been going to the gym literally everyday and swimming 3-4 days a week to boost the muscle. to be honest for me the longer the process takes the better but i still find myself wanting to know the results of my application lol Daniel
  6. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    Age is pretty much irrelevant, think you find most of us are younger because its us who use the internet more. im pretty sure they would rather have an older applicant than a young one as like i was told on a previous application (4 years ago) i had lack of life experience and would need to live a bit. The Army tend to say the same about 16 year olds wanting to join.
  7. Police Life

    God that gets annoying after a while lol
  8. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    3 weeks?!? they told me 3 weeks late may lol, think they just say that to shut people up. think one of the A/C dates is 27.07.08 if i remember. Dont get your hopes up too much Amy. i know its hard but theres always other things out there. to be honest if you do fail then you could always apply next 6 months which is not long at all when ya think about it, plus you could always apply for Special, do that for 2-3 years then reapply for Regular . theres always something else you can do til then, i already considered that i might never get in and have managed to work as an Accountant for 9 months now. hate the job more than anything because i spend everyday in an office but its still my backup just in case. apparently if you cant attend a AC date then you will be given another but it could be month later or like 6months later so its best if you can make the first or you will most definitely fall behind.
  9. Number Plate Law

    Thank you very much for your reply and the PDF. much appreciated, time to order some new number plates i think
  10. Hello everyone, hope everyone has had a good day so far My question or query is: My boss got pulled over by a police officer recently because her number plate is somehow illegal. the plate itself is standard size with standard font but she has a little picture on the left hand side (when facing it) which is about the height of the plate and about 3-4 inches width so not anything massive (picture of horse) think she said she got the plates from demonplates, anyways the policeman said they were illegal due to the picture and no manufacturer on the bottom under the reg mark if that makes sense. he said no picture is allowed and if she wasnt to remove them fast he would give her 3 points and £60 fine next time he sees her. Now as far as i can find out she has not broken any laws and i assumed it was a £30 fine and no points? the reason im asking all this is because i too have a picture on my number plate almost exactly the same size as hers and no manufacturer on the bottom and ive started to worry if im next to be done for this. Thank you very much for any replys in advance Daniel
  11. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    lol, summer sunshine is about as rare as the post. havent recieved nothing as of yet, im hoping next week. and as for your story, kinda sounds like me. how sad is that Ive got a wedding to go to over the weekend so that should take my mind off things for a while i hope
  12. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    Fair enough, well its been about 5 days since i spoke to recruitment so we got about 2 weeks to go i would of thought. not long now, i refuse to get my hopes up though. just wait and see, the idea of reapplying in 6 months makes me feel ill but even if you pass the average time it takes to get through all stages with suffolk is 9 Months i believe. I'm signing off for the day, bah got work tommorow Enjoy the rest of Sunday Daniel Edit: yeah dont get your hopes up too much, i would rather fail papersift or A/C than Medical or Security Vetting as they go against you. hate to get all that way then be told ive ailed due to some Vetting
  13. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    Yup, theres no way im forking out over a £100 until i get the evidence to prove its worth it
  14. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    oh its nice to know im not the only person around the 20 mark, kinda figured it was going to be all 30+ and me hopefully we all pass . Kings Lynn? i had to drive there recently, actually really liked it up there. Wondered if any of you have considered one of these courses to assist in the A/C? (if passed the sift of course) ive heard they are really good but the closest one to me is birmingham which is a long trip, havent been to Birmingham since 2 years ago for the NEC Bike show. Enjoy your Sunday people! Edit: Amy, im curious why you have picked Suffolk and not Norfolk? dont suppose you can enlighten me ? I applied to Suffolk for two reasons, 1. Lowestoft is close to me which would be ideal however i also have family in the heart of Ipswich in case i would be there. 2. Norfolk wasnt applying at the time plus i was told that i should try and pick a different county because your views on certain areas can affect the way you work sometimes in a negative way, no idea if that is true but it kinda made sense to me.
  15. Suffolk Constabulary 2008

    Hey Amy, im from Great Yarmouth so gonna take me a while if i get through however im hoping to be based in lowestoft which is about a 10 minute drive from where i am. what about you? Im 22 by the way, quite young apparently lol Daniel