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  1. God that gets annoying after a while lol
  2. Thank you very much for your reply and the PDF. much appreciated, time to order some new number plates i think
  3. Hello everyone, hope everyone has had a good day so far My question or query is: My boss got pulled over by a police officer recently because her number plate is somehow illegal. the plate itself is standard size with standard font but she has a little picture on the left hand side (when facing it) which is about the height of the plate and about 3-4 inches width so not anything massive (picture of horse) think she said she got the plates from demonplates, anyways the policeman said they were illegal due to the picture and no manufacturer on the bottom under the reg mark if that makes sense. he said no picture is allowed and if she wasnt to remove them fast he would give her 3 points and £60 fine next time he sees her. Now as far as i can find out she has not broken any laws and i assumed it was a £30 fine and no points? the reason im asking all this is because i too have a picture on my number plate almost exactly the same size as hers and no manufacturer on the bottom and ive started to worry if im next to be done for this. Thank you very much for any replys in advance Daniel