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  1. Hi guys, I have recently been accepted for the MET and also start on the 8th of september. I tell you after all the worry and waiting it is has been such a relief to know that the one thing in this life I have always wanted to do is now becoming a reality!!!! Well done to all who have passed this very intensive selection process. Oh has anyone had theier letter yet informing them of what will happen next? Regards Wardy
  2. MET Warrant Cards/Pay Day

    Hi se01ps, First of all congratulations on getting through! After reading your post I thought it might be worth getting in touch as I live in Reading and have my start date on the 8th too. It may be worth while getting in touch and maybe making the journey together by car. I know it's a pain with traffic and all but would be considerably cheaper paying for petrol , well at least until we have our warrant cards! Anyway it is just something to think about possibly doing. Either way if you think it may be a good idea get in touch through this and we can go from there. Kind Regards PCWardy (David)