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  1. U plates

    This afternoon I saw two cars whose registrations began with the letter U. The first UU11 MAR was a white Mercedes but isn't showing on but a black Audi I saw 2 minutes later UK11GAV is, I didn't think U was a local mnemonic.
  2. Watching a film whilst driving

    Would the Police still be interested if I were to e mail this to them?
  3. Watching a film whilst driving

    I've just put this vehicles registration into vehicle check site and it's not showing on the dvla database!
  4. As I was driving my little truck around Portsmouth today I pulled up behind a car with a phone mounted front and centre on the front windscreen. I realise he is committing an offence by putting anything on the front windscreen that obscures his view but I was shocked when I realised he was actually watching a film (or other programme) on it! As he slowly pulled away from me i briefly debated whether to call 999 or 101 when a Police van overtook me, I expected it wouldn't be very long before the Police van saw the car and would have dealt with it so I didn't call either number. If I had notified the Police of this should I have dialled 999 or 101 and is this something that gets reported or seen very often?
  5. Reg Plate Question

    It doesn't show anything for the letter J. I saw 3 or 4 cars in and around Southampton today with the J area tag on their registration plates.
  6. Reg Plate Question

    Last week I saw a truck with the local area code JM, despite my searches I can't find any reference to which area J corresponds to. Can somebody here help?
  7. What Happened At Chieveley This Afternoon?

    I did have look on t'web before I posted this question but for some reason this story eluded me! Thanks.
  8. This afternoon at 14.45 as I pulled in to Chieveley services I was followed in by 2 fire engines with their blues and twos on. The truck overflow car park had a couple of guys in hi viz stopping people from getting in with a few Eastern European artics parked in. When I came out of the services 10 minutes later there was now a total of 3 fire engines, a fire operational support trailer, 2 marked and 1 unmarked police cars and a 4x4 ambulance. Does anybody know what had happened?
  9. Finding out what action was taken

    Unfortunately I wasn't.
  10. Earlier today whilst driving my truck out of Reading I saw a car and looking in I saw the driver had an open can of lager between his legs and a mixture of empty and full cans on the passenger seat. I pulled over and dialled 999, the call handler was very happy that I'd called on this matter and that local officers would be informed. My question is this, is there any way I can find out if the driver was stopped by anybody and wether or not he was found to be DUI?
  11. Reg plate question

    I'm really asking for clarification, X is described as for eXport and it is still in UK 9 years after being registered but prefix XX (according to a website) has never been used.
  12. Reg plate question

    it was a black Jeep that is showing as such on
  13. Reg plate question

    Today I saw a vehicle with it's registration beginning XX51, my understanding is that the X tag is for export vehicles but checking on net it shows there has never been an XX registration tag. Can anybody clear this up for me?
  14. Caravan / trailer parked on the road.

    I understand that but what would happen in the event of a collision?
  15. Caravan / trailer parked on the road.

    My query was really about a 'vehicle' being parked on the public road but not showing any form of registration so the owner is unknown what is the legal side involving any form of collision should the caravan roll in to a car. No this hasn't happened to me or anybody I know.