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  1. Finding out what action was taken

    Unfortunately I wasn't.
  2. Earlier today whilst driving my truck out of Reading I saw a car and looking in I saw the driver had an open can of lager between his legs and a mixture of empty and full cans on the passenger seat. I pulled over and dialled 999, the call handler was very happy that I'd called on this matter and that local officers would be informed. My question is this, is there any way I can find out if the driver was stopped by anybody and wether or not he was found to be DUI?
  3. I realise this is probably not a true story but if I was to do something like this what offence if any would I be charged with?
  4. Salisbury Police 'Penguin'?

    This morning on my way to work I was pulled over by a Police Officer as one of my headlights was out, as he was talking on the radio doing a vehicle check I heard him use the word penguin. Can anybody on here enlighten me as to what this word means?
  5. Girls vs Oncoming Truck

    Was the truck driver ok? I drive trucks myself and regularly have close calls with car drivers not respecting how big my vehicle is but if I was to hit a pedestrian I don't know how I would cope!
  6. I've already had the criminal damage along with verbal abuse, threats of physical abuse all from my next door neighbour. It seems I have had the misfortune to move into the unfriemdly part of the village as everybody else who I have passed is friendly and talkative.
  7. The cul de sac I live has 6 or 7 children living here ranging from about 6 to early/mid teens. During the summer the children, teenagers and even some of the adults leave a large amount of stuff just lying around on the pavements and in the road, clothes, toys, bikes, go karts etc. The stuff can lay un touched for days (even weeks) which says to me it isn't actually wanted. Is there a time limit to how long something can remain untouched before it is considered abandoned and can be collected by somebody else, taken to a charity shop and sold to benefit somebody who actually wants the product and the charity?

    Each week The Stig will be revealed as a different celebrity driver.
  9. Boy held over paramedic shooting

    I would have said clearly not. Scum! :furious3:
  10. Can you throw straight?

    14!I'm quite pleased with that.
  11. Santa

    Every Christmas Eve for the last 6 years I have sat in my front room throughout the night with my baseball bat determined that no fatso is going to sneak into my house! Yet to catch him but when I do I'll take him straight down to local Police and get him charged for trespass, possibly breaking and entering, anything else? I love Christmas, baaaah!
  12. What would you make an offence?

    Or the people who dress entirely in black but wearing white socks.
  13. 999-1

    Lee Enfield .303
  14. 999-1

  15. Just A Random Sign

    The Samaritans have set up a special phone line for distraught Chelsae fans to call, 0800 101010, thats 0800 one nil one nil one nil. :whistle2: