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  1. The guru of the Opsre part1 exams. Very approachable, knowledgeable and full of good advice.

  2. blackstones sergeant books

    Della, I understand why people are tempted by such offers and other similar ones on ebay and the like but I believe that this would be an unwarranted gamble. For the sake of a new set of Manual's (and depending on your force you could get these for as little as £44.00 for a new set) you could answer a question incorrectly and fail the exam in 2009 - is it really worth it? How would you feel if you scored 54.3% using those 2008's? It is not so much the 'new' material introduced to the 2009's that I worry about (although that is reason alone not to use old Manual's) - it is what I remove that should really be cause for concern. I cut over 100 pages of material from the 2008's that is no longer in the syllabus. If you use the 2008's then you will read this material. As a consequence you will be putting incorrect information into your head and also wasting your valuable revision time on material that will never come up (e.g. Corruption was removed for the 2009 syllabus but it is in the 2008's). I hope this helps. Paul Connor.
  3. Entering the Sergeant's Exams

    A phone call to your Force Examination Officer should assist. I echo previous comments re the closing date - although NPIA will have an absolute cut-off date, individual forces usually place their own restrictions on entry/closing dates so it always best to establish what the force policy is. Don't 'take as read' information given to you by previous candidates as the rules are subject to change and even a slight change can have significant adverse effects on you. Paul Connor.
  4. Sergeant and Inspectors Promotion Exam Help

    For all those studying for the Part I PC to SGT Exam in March 2009. Checkmate Training offers a FREE Study Centre for candidates to utilise. The centre can be reached by the below link: The Study Centre is a collection of FREE high-quality resources created by Paul Connor (Blackstone's author and the foremost OSPRE Part I authority in the country). There are no gimmicks, partial downloads or buy-in requirements for you to deal with. Simply download and/or print-off the below resources which have been specifically designed to assist you, the OSPRE Part I candidate, in your efforts to pass the examination. The Study Centre consists of: Study Advice The Study Advice section contains valuable information on the OSPRE Part I examinations and is regularly updated. There are currently three separate articles as follows. (i) Reading Speed (PC to PS syllabus) (ii) Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) Style (Oxford University Press extract) (iii) Revision Methodology (Oxford University Press extract) Answering Techniques - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) This section gives details of four approaches to dealing with multiple-choice questions - some are efficient, some are not. Myth, Rumour and Barrack-room Advice This article exposes the sometimes silly, occasionally ridiculous but always dangerous myth, rumour and barrack-room advice that abounds regarding OSPRE Part I. Reasoned explanations are provided to decisively rebut many firmly established but false beliefs about the examination. Sergeants' OSPRE Part I Study/Revision Plan This plan begins on 15th September 2008 and will ensure that you cover the whole Part I syllabus in ample time for the examination on 10th March 2009. The plan includes a general revision period at the end of the process. *** COMING SOON*** Sergeants' OSPRE Part I 'Ratio' Study/Revision Plan and Log This totally unique planning approach involves the analysis of the importance and frequency of syllabus material in the last five Sergeants' Part I examinations. The 'Ratio' plan is accompanied by a Revision Log. The ratio plan will appear on this site in October 2008. Study Time Logging Using 230 hours as an overall target, this table illustrates how much revision time (per week) would need to be given over to the revision process. There is also a free Study Time Log for you to download to help you keep track and measure the time you spend studying.
  5. National Investigator's Exam - September 2008

    Alli, I'm a little confused - Checkmate do not supply questions for the exam.
  6. National Investigator's Exam - September 2008

    Alli1981, Blackstone's Online is for PC to PS/PS to INSP as has about 1900 questions on the database. If you are doing the NIE thenabout 50% to 60% of the questions are not on your syllabus. Before you buy anything else why don't you visit: On the Study Centre (which is completely free) you will find loads of infoamtion etc about your NIE. Read the section on Multiple-choice question style before you invest in any other product. There are loads out there but they don't all conform to NPIA standard style and that can leave you in a bad situation in the exam if you expect one thing and get another. Have you heard of the Blackstones Investigators' Q & A or the Mock exam? about the
  7. Theft, Criminal Damage or both?

    1. It is not a burglary - but the original question did not ask about this issue so why bring it up? 2. They are on the roof with a purpose - to steal property (the lead) so this clearly supports a theft charge (although as they were caught this would be better charged as an attempt). 3. In the process they have caused 10K of damage - the issue here is recklessness (as per Cunningham + R v G & R). The 'value' charge. 4. In terms of arrest, either theft or criminal damage would be appropriate. In terms of a charge? CPS advice all the way. Theft is a max of 7 yrs and CD a max of 10yrs but realistically they won't get either. 5. Summation - as an arrest then either would suffice. As a charge? If economics rules the day then CD.
  8. National Investigators Exam

    No, that is not it. Of course a force can choose who to put on a course but that does not answer my question. If I score 50% I have passed the examination and achieved an agreed national standard in terms of my knowledge & application of the law. What happens to me then? Am I consigned to the rubbish bin or always put to the back of the queue when places on the CID course are allocated?
  9. National Investigators Exam

    May depend on the force, but Staffs want 60% pass rate in the exam before they will let you on the five week investigators course. (I know as I passed it, just ) That is interesting...what would Staffs do if you scored 50% (a clear pass)? They cannot make you take the examination again as this would clearly contradict the Service Level Agreement signed by all forces who are part of the ICIDP. I am pretty sure that NPIA do not know about this unofficial 60% barrier to becoming a detective. I don't doubt you but this is the thin end of the wedge...if Staffs can put a % mark in place then any force can and the 49% becomes a nonsense. How long has this been the case?
  10. National Investigators Exam

    Sujeewa, The pass mark in the National Investigators' Examination is given as 49% NOT 55% as was previously stated. However, the NIE contains 80 questions of which only 70 are marked (the other 10 are verification questions) which means that the actual pass mark is 48.57% as you cannot actually get exactly 49% from 70 questions. 55% is the pass mark for the Sergeant's examination. The problem with asking for advice on such matters is that you open yourself up to all kinds of myth and rumour from people who do not know what they are talking about but for some unknown reason feel eminently qualified to speak on the subject. If you want to look up more on the exam go to the NPIA site on the subject which is: You should also visit: Trixiefoo - perhaps you might want to have a look at these sites so that the next time you give advice, you might get it right?
  11. ICIDP

    My post has just been changed (again) and I'm now having to do the ICIDP. Does anyone have any hints or tips on what to study or where I can find some specific training material? - go to the 'Investigators' section.
  12. Part 1 OSPRE

    Tom Barron (Checkmate Publishing) are easily the best. For loads of advice and plans about exams there is the Checkmate website 'Study Club' on