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  1. Tasers. The uncomfortable truth.

    Hmm, wrenches would be quite a deterrant... :wink:
  2. Tasers. The uncomfortable truth.

    It's a shame that the TASER shotgun cartridges didn't work out, as they could have been made more accurate and smaller, so that they would fit more shots into a handheld device. TASER, if you use this idea, I want money!!
  3. Where is the issue with going to this type of call? Core responsibilities of the police are saving life and property... Ambulance are even more stretched than the police most of the time, and like Westmidscop says, police dump on them just as much! The real question is why Fire don't offer to train staff to assist with things like this. How many times do you go past a fire station and see they are all tucked up inside whilst you're blatting about here there and everywhere helping Ambo?
  4. The sad fact is privatisation is here to stay. How long will it be before each shift has x number of response cars with civilian response drivers to chauffer PC's around, as it is cheaper to train one person and have them stay on the car, then to train each PC. Response times would be better as there wouldn't be a lack of response drivers! The next step will be private prisoner vans transporting prisoners into custody blocks and booking in the prisoner rather than a PC doing it. As for non police investigators, well, they're already here. There are even private bomb disposal companies in the UK now! I was a PC for over 10 years before getting cast out on a medical pension because I suffered with PTSD from a serious assault at the start of my career, but before I went, I was able to work in a number of different roles including the local intelligence unit, and in the control room. Non warranted staff are cheaper, but they don't have the full range of skills that a warranted officer has, as they have never done the job, so they don't think outside of their role. As a PC, I could see the bigger picture and so was much more effective, and therefore better value for money. Is this the right way to go? Absolutely not, but sadly too many empires would need to be pulled down to fix the problems. In fact, the only way to fix the problems that exist now would be to rebuild a force from the ground up, and that's not going to happen. The current state of the police is down to the forces trying to evolve to meet new problems without effectively planning ahead. Police officers are paid more because they know more, are more effective, and are better value for money than their private colleague. If you pay peanuts, you get G4S!
  5. Tasers. The uncomfortable truth.

    Having just read this, there is one other tool that has not been mentioned, and that is the Pepperball/ FN303 type weapons. AEP combined with incapacitants, greater range and accuracy than Taser, but it is designed for a different use. It is much more favourable than baton rounds for riot control, as it doesn't use an explosive propellant. They do make different types that can be belt mounted, for example, Pepperball do a torch launcher, and FN Herstal do the FN303P. When compared to Taser, there are advantages and disadvantages. Range is better, larger magazine, but would it drop someone as quickly as Taser can? The big question is does it need to? They are very effective if used well, but equally they are lethal if used by those who don't know how. IMHO these are a better option for UK police, but that is just my opinion, as they offer more shots, are cheaper to purchase, and can take a variety of different ammunition. Sadly there is no magic 'stun gun' out there yet, and it is unlikely there ever will be. Of course, if you want a personal weapon that fires AEP, you could always give everyone a handgun loaded with Simunition, that would make people stop!
  6. Any ideas???? My brain hurts.....

    No, you have given a defence to an offence of theft, which then makes the offence null. Up until you prove ownership, the offence is complete. As for saying something has always been yours, that doesn't preclude you from having stolen it from someone who was in possession of it, even if it does belong to you (R v Turner 1971). In this case, there is a specific defence to the offence of stopping on a zig zag, making what I have said correct.
  7. Stories of lost equipment?

    I agree, never lost a single thing myself, although I have seen others drive out of the nick with their paperwork on the roof... well, for a few minutes anyway!
  8. Any ideas???? My brain hurts.....

    But in order to use a defence, you have to acknowledge that an offence took place, making it more than a mere allegation. In this case, it is fairly clear that if the vehicle stops on the zig zags, then the offence is made out. It would be for the court to take into account whether the defence is appropriate.
  9. Dale Farm

    Good point Meditate, but don't forget they are also "tree surgeons". And by not paying taxes, they have plenty of money to pay for solicitors! As for the costs of the operation, the council was forking out about half, with central government making up the rest. If Essex had to pay for it, they'd send a PC and 2 PCSO's (oh and maybe a special or two)!
  10. Dale Farm

    The council have been trying to deal with it for 10 years. Not sure why it has taken quite so long but I'm guessing the travellers got their solicitors to stall it. As for them not living in ordinary houses, one of them said they feel trapped in them(?!) Maybe it's a bit too much like prison... :whistle2: But they are travellers in spirit! I won't say any more on that as I'll get banned from the site! As for where they could go, there are hundreds of sites in Essex alone. What I don't get is if you could live anywhere like they can, why would you want to live in Basildon, on a grotty site like that, when you could live by the sea, or somewhere equally as beautiful. Desmata, I'm shocked at your cynisism! I mean, anyone would think you've actually had dealings with travellers!
  11. Any ideas???? My brain hurts.....

    I would suggest it would depend on whether the crossing was still in use. If it has been closed, then no offence, if it was still fully functioning, then there would be an offence. As for there being case law to support the defences mentioned, this actually supports the question of whether an offence is committed, as in order to used a defence in law, an offence must have been committed in the first place. Yes, this is a technical point, and maybe I'm being a bit pedantic in my old age, but the question asked was is there an offence, not would a prosecution take place or be successful.
  12. Dale Farm

    So the eviction has (finally) started and has turned violent... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-15357932 Is anyone really surprised by this? Already the Travellers are claiming that the police are being heavy handed, yet police are being pelted with bricks.
  13. Why do some police carry 2 radios?

    They may also have come from an operation nearby, so have one radio for one channel, and another for the main channel. Especially if there isn't anyone monitoring the ops channel in the control room as the use of the emergency button may not get picked up.
  14. Favourite piece of kit

    Without doubt, Pro boots are the best you can get. I've tried all the usual Magnums, 5.11's etc but nothing was ever as good as my pro boots. They were also the only ones that never squeeked and allowed me to move about in near silence.
  15. Good point, I thought they were developing a licence with more than one catagory on it to cover this, although that would require a degree of common sense!